By: Roger Troisfontaines

€Inescapable €Part of Life €We cannot explain it because it is ´inexperienceableµ €We fear death and we use all our strength to forget it. .

Death ² Rupture of a certain mode of union with the world.€Fear - Separation Always connotes suffering. misfortune. with beloved person. . sorrow. with his own body. pain.

€Rises up as a criterion of our affections. . €Our reaction to it differs according to whether our attachment is made heavy with the ´FLESHµ or lifted to the spirit.

and it will cease to be the greatest of all suffering. will not look on death as a hopeless rupture.´I shall pass my heaven in doing good on earthµ. Paul) . Theresa of the Child Jesus) ´I wish to be dissolved that I may be with Christ. (St. (St.

€ The lowest depth of Hell will be that in which the being centered on himself in isolation. in a communion of love with all reality. will wholly exclude the others and wish himself without them. € The highest degree of Heaven will be that in which the being wills itself wholly with the others. € We enter REALITY nevertheless depends on our liberty. . not an ENDING.€ Through the example of Christ we know that DEATH is a PATH.

Egoism . and the attitude gives the action its character.€ With - ² Without A choice between these two attitudes is at the heart of all our actions.Charity .

We create ourselves as a free ¶person· only in meeting another.PLATONIC Formula: -Life. . the Apprenticeship for death The act of liberty essentially answers an invitation. only in corresponding with the grace of god.

is once the test of love and the condition of liberty. because liberty has no other deep significance than that is permits love. € It € Death . it will not destroy anything. will merely change the form of their love. and reveals the depths of hearts.€ Death calls forth liberty.

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