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Japanese Business World I²CAREER 1) Graduates begin their work careers in April when large companies start their hiring 2) Interview process involves a) An examination b) A tough interview c) Need to maintain a detailed personality profile .

Japanese Business World II²HIRING PROCESS 3) Once they are hired a) They need to learn the company song b) Maybe housed in company apartments C) Permitted to use a company car D) All employees are bachelors at this time and are expected to live a spartan( simple) life .

Japanese Business World III.THE BOSS 4) Employees are expected to show A) Great respect and deference to their boss B) They are looked at as father figure C) Bosses advice is always sought D) He also provides family counselling .

Japanese Business World IV²The COMPANY LIFE A) Company life is that of a µ large family¶ B) Genuine mutual respect for each other and superiors C) Same pay for same positions D) Promotions are given to everyone at the same time E) But many Japanese companies are experimenting with new pay systems that reward performances .

Japanese Business World EMPLOYEE EXPECTATIONS A) They have to be very competitive B) Have to think up unusual services to attractand keep the customer .

Japanese Business World MARRIAGE A) Average age of marriage for men is 27. women 25 B) The woman may not be a graduate. the woman is likely to be paid much less than her husband even if she has an identical position D) She is expected to quit her job when she has her first child . may have attended a speciality college ( like Home Science in India) C) If working.

Japanese Business World MARRIAGE E) The wife is considered as the primary care giver of the family F) This leaves the husband free of all home duties G) He is expected to devote all his time to his company and work .

sightseeing trips D) Company pays most of his health insurance E) Company employees are his main friends F) Former colleagues organizes his funeral once an employee dies .Japanese Business World COMPANY PATRONAGE ( after retirement) A) The employee retires at age 55 to 60 B) Wife and employee well looked after by the company C) Invited for picnics.

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