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Another Day

Another day,

Not any other day;

Something not quite the same.

A cold breeze tickles the leaves of the poplar tree,

Green woodpeckers pecking at the lawn;

Tight-packed news on the digital screen.

Airports throb with angry queues,

Holidays are not the same;

The satnav’s gone insane,

Cul de sacs and narrow lanes

Crying out for hints and clues

Another day,

Something’s the same.

No-one will take the blame.

Ice holds all in its thrall.

No point in the bat or the ball.

The sun lathers a distant sea,

A lake, a river, a mountain peak.

Letters, e-mails, headlines, pleas:

Resistance falters, limbs begin to creak,

Hope collapses on its knees. feb 2011