Sounds in English Alphabets

Compiled By: Wamika Mehra BBA (Sec.A)

What are sounds???     There are 44 sounds in english out of which 19 are vowel sounds and the rest 25 are consonant sounds. Basically. . which we refer to as phonograms. Each individual sound is sometimes referred to as a grapheme or phoneme. sounds represent the ways in which each vowel or consonant is spoken. There are over 70 ways to spell these sounds.

5 short vowels 3. 3 dipthongs 4.Vowel Sounds  Vowel sounds comprises of the various heads under them: 1. 4 µr¶ controlled vowel sounds . A long and a short oo (2 sounds) 5. 5 long vowels 2.

gate.cake Long /e/ .nice. 5. 4. The following are some of the long vowel sounds and their usage in words: Long /a/ .cube .bike Long /o/ .5 Long Vowel Sounds  1.yoke. 3. Long /u/ .feet Long /i/ .need.

dock Short /u/ .bed Short /i/ . Short /o/ . Following are some of the short vowel sounds and their uasge: Short /a/ .bat. 5. 3.5 Short Vowel Sounds Short /e/ .bit. 2.

ou.3 Diphthongs A dipthong is a combination of two sounds. oi.mouse ouowow. au. each with different spellings.Paul auawaw.noise oiowow.boy  .  Examples: 1.crawl 2.cow 3.

book . 2.A Long and Short OO sound 1.moon Short /oo/ . Long /oo/ .

4 ¶r· controlled sounds  1. 2. 3. 4.bore.chair .core ar . These sounds comprise of a vowel alongwith the µr¶ sound.her air .fair.more. Such sounds are: or .car.alarm er .

gate 5.hat 6. /m/ -mop 10. /n/ -nest 11. /b/ . /p/ . /k/ .kite 8. /g/ .jump 7. /d/ .pig 12. /h/ .rock . /r/ .dog 4. /l/ -leaf 9. /j/ . /f/ .bat 2.Consonant Sounds 1.

/ th/ . /zh/ .treasure 25.yo-yo yo18. /ch/ . /z/ .thumb 22. /v/ . /s/ . /sh/ .the 23 /hw/ .top 15.vase 16.zebra 19.shark 21. /ng/ .wheel 24.13. /th/ . /y/ .cheese 20. /w/ -wagon 17.ring . /t/ .sun 14.

The letter c can be represented by the phonemes /k/ or /s/ as in cent.q and x are not used as sounds???  Examples: 1. The letter q can be represented by two phonemes /kw/.  . 3. 2.Exceptions You must be wondering why the letters c. The letter x as in fox can be represented by two phonemes /ks/. www.Bibliography 1.about. .englishalphabets. 2. www.

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