What do you understand by Need Pay-off Questions? . ‡ Q3. What do you understand by Implication Questions? ‡ Q6. What are Problem Questions? ‡ Q7. ‡ Q4.QUIZ ‡ Q1. Expand SPIN? ‡ Q2. Mention the points that need to be kept in mind while opening a sales call. List out the stages to a sales call. What are Situation Questions? ‡ Q5.

SPIN Selling The SPIN Technique ‡ Situation ‡ Problem ‡ Implication and ‡ Need-payoff .

the basic raw materials out of which a customer's Explicit Needs will be defined. .The Keys of Successful sales ‡ Situation Questions: Fact finding questions to establish a mutual understanding of the customer¶s present operation. ‡ Problem Questions: Questions about a customer difficulties or dissatisfactions. These questions uncover Implied Needs.

These questions help the customer clarify the benefits which a solution could provide.The Keys of Successful sales ‡ Implication Questions: Questions about the effects or consequences of a customer's problems. ‡ Need-Payoff Questions: Which are about the value or utility the customer sees from proposed solutions to problems. . These questions are particularly important for ensuring shared understanding of a problem's severity or urgency..

Using Questions Successfully ‡ Use Questions you can anticipate an answer ‡ Do not ask questions that lead you into a situation from which you cannot escape ‡ Pause or wait after asking a question ‡ Listen .

The Keys of Successful sales .

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