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HR practices and policies

HR practices and policies


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SUBMITTED TO Ms Sukhjinder Baring

10. Child labour HUL¶s recruitment policy doesn't permit engagement of child labour directly or indirectly. Part-time work and Career Breaks.9% voluntary attrition amongst managers and 9% amongst officers in 2009. Our company follows a collective bargaining process while finalizing long-term settlements in all supply chain units. Rights of indigenous people HUL haven't witnessed any violations of the rights of indigenous people and none of their sites are at risk of violating such rights. demise. HUL encourage employment of local residents in our manufacturing operations depending upon availability of skills.210 variable manpower including 800 fixed-term and temporary contract employees.HR practices and policies HUL¶s total employee strength. In 2009. All the workmen at the supply chain units are organized and are represented by various unions/authorized representatives in their units.018 employees were covered under collective bargaining agreements across manufacturing operations and offices. Diversity HUL is committed to maintaining diversity in their working environment. We have witnessed 4. 2009. Career Break. HUL also had 18. Forced or compulsory labour The Employee Relations Policy and business principles adopted by the company prohibit such practices and this is upheld in letter and spirit. Sabbaticals. HUL have a number of gender-friendly policies such as Maternity Benefit. .466. The total rate of employee turnover (total exits due to resignation. The rate of turnover for workmen in our operations was negligible. Our employee relations policy recognizes the freedom of association and collective bargaining. Agile Working from remote location. Their eight-member management committee has a woman member. Regular audits ensure compliance at their own sites and at third party locations/sites. retirement. 19% of HUL¶s managers and 9% of our officers were women. Flexi-working. as of December 31. early retirement) in 2009 was 10% for managers and 14% for officers. was 15. HUL aggressively pursue the target of increasing the proportion of women in management cadres. In 2009.

is conducted at six-month intervals in the years when a GPS is not scheduled for managers Ur Say: an online portal through which employees can give suggestions addressed to the Management committee on any aspect of the organisation FM-Connect: All factories have FM-connect meetings that invites participation from all workmen Hamara: Our in-house magazine provides a platform to employees to connect. Employee engagement HUL maintain good communication channels with employees through company based information and consultation procedures. and promotion which ensure that the best person gets the job. safe infrastructure and washroom facilities. No incidents of discrimination or complaints have been reported in 2009.HUL¶s formal employment and fitment policy absolutely prohibits gender-based discrimination. HUL have several processes instituted to ensure a twoway communication channel. webcast to all sites Annual Review: All managers are invited to the Annual Review in four major metros Young Managers Lunch with CEO: Every month the CEO meets about 10-15 young managers and has informal chat sessions about the organisation and receives their feedback A Global People Survey (GPS) of all Unilever employees is conducted every 2-3 years. Certain benefits extended as a result of collective bargaining agreements are available only to those groups of workmen covered by the agreements. irrespective of contractual status. In 2009. independent of subjective considerations. a refined version. safety training and equipment. they began an employee engagement programme to ensure that employees are involved in Unilever's vision and plans for the future. Communication with employees y y y y y y y CEO report back: Quarterly performance updates from the CEO to the employees. inspire and express . Notice for operational changes The minimum notice period for any operational change with respect to terms and conditions of service is 0-3 weeks. 'GPS-Pulse'. Conducted at the Head Office. subsidized canteen facility. Facilities for full-time employees Benefits are provided to full-time employees. while that for any restructuring activity is 3-6 weeks. such as basic access to above-minimum wages. bond. HUL is a merit driven organization and this is reflected in the policies concerning recruitment. training.

HUL Endeavour to constantly strengthen their team's capabilities and develop innovative business solutions for a competitive. Over the years.Build the capabilities of people . Every step taken by their team boosts growth exponentially. To facilitate learning. a young manager is designated for informal connect and support. HUL develop people and build structures to help them advance towards their new vision.Instill values . they choose the best business schools and engineering colleges in the country and select promising talent to join us for the programme. It is essential for them to: . ensuring employee health and safety.Develop responsible Human Resource (HR) practices and policies Building capabilities Developing and retaining the right people is going to be crucial for growth strategy.Ensure health and safety . HUL have clear action plans aimed at building responsible leaders. It provides exposure to the various functions in a large organization. and promoting sound human resource practices and policies.Employees: Building responsible leaders Building responsible leaders HUL employees are their biggest assets. each trainee goes through crossfunctional stints. their approach towards nurturing leaders has been very successful. a rural stint and an international stint (in another Unilever business). During this 15-18 month structured programme. and a tutor is assigned to every trainee. a senior manager is appointed as a mentor. . What they do is It is vital that HUL have people with the right talent and supporting systems to meet our growth ambition. Business Leadership Training programme HUL s Business Leadership Training programme grooms young managers and makes them business leaders. and sustainable future. Each year. HUL consistently nurture talent and promote leadership practices that develop a strong team of leaders. profitable.

rigorous and well-executed HR planning processes.Leadership development Leadership development is a strength HUL has built over decades and it is jointly owned by line managers. marketing students got an opportunity to go through real life business cases and display their thought process and devise solutions with the advice of those in the industry.000 hours of volunteer work. our 75th year in India. their employees volunteered more than 48. HUL clocked more than 115. Leadership Differentiation Toolkit (a matrix that maps high performing and high potential individuals based on an objective evaluation process every year on the 'what' and 'how' of performance). Rural Programmes for Managers: Business Leadership Trainees are required to go through a rural stint and spend time working on projects that address the concerns of the rural population. In 2009. In 2008. Through this initiative. Hul Sankalp: This is HUL formal employee volunteering initiative. the Functional Resource Committees. It also supports our approach to governance and corporate responsibility. providing diverse experiences through challenging roles and job rotations every 2-3 years.375 hours. Instilling values HUL code of business principles describes the operational standards that everyone at HUL follows. Engaging future leaders In 2009. psyche. 37 trainees were sent for such projects. right from attracting the best talent. HUL have a rural programme for managers as well as the HUL-Sankalp volunteering initiative. a high performance culture.375 hours of community service. In 2009. They interacted with the rural consumer and understood their profile. India immersion In order to connect employees to the rural population and bring them closer to the social and economic challenges India is facing. and lifestyle. Some of their talent processes are considered industry best practices. which collectively meant 27. It was a series of Inter Business School marketing challenges. The entire process is holistic and well integrated. These observations are then used to devise strong career and development plans for managers. . HUL is a key source of talent for Unilever and currently 195 HUL managers are on international assignments with Unilever. strong capability building plans. They also gained an understanding of the Shakti micro-enterprise model. HUL and CNBC TV 18 started 'Lessons in Marketing Excellence'. In 2008. which includes career planning and international opportunities within Unilever. HR and employees themselves. HUL s employees committed to volunteering one hour for each day HUL has been in India. for example.000 hours against a target of 27.

A complementary sustainability awareness e-learning module was developed in 2009. Such training also includes anti-corruption awareness. HUL policies and programmes are based on the values as set out in HUL Code of Business Principles (CoBP).Code of Business Principles People. Violations of the CoBP are reported in the quarterly communication bulletin to enhance sensitivity of the employees to CoBP compliance. The course is open to all managers across the business.Building mutually beneficial relationships . A copy of the code and a detailed report about reported cases is accessible to all employees via the company intranet. HUL R&D function has developed a three-day sustainability foundation course. and values have always been central to HUL and will continue to be so. Ensuring its implementation requires a workforce that is aware of the wider impacts the business has on society and the environment. .Formation of trust and respect . This describes the way we treat our people and also the high standards of behaviour and integrity we expect of them. These courses aim to show how one can deftly weave sustainability into our business strategy as a means of achieving a competitive advantage.Engaging in responsible management practices To deepen the understanding of this code awareness/re-iteration workshops and reinforcement programmes are also carried out regularly in a structured manner by the members of the management committee and leadership teams. All new employees receive the entire code as part of their initiation kit. integrity. These reports are also translated into the local language. It is the moral framework that guides us in HUL day-to-day operations and establishes an unshakeable value system. This code is founded on three basic principles: . Responsible leaders Sustainability is now even more closely tied to HUL business strategy.

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