CHARTERED JANUARY 10, 1850 401 West Grand River Ave., Howell, Michigan (517) 546-1460 “You've got a friend in our Lodge!”

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Jay Drick, PM Treas. (517) 546-5601 William New, PM Sec (517) 546-8564 March 2011

Gordon Hicks, WM (517) 552-6201 Hello Brothers:

It continues to be a busy year at Howell 38. We have two brothers scheduled to be raised to Master Mason on the 30th March, a new candidate to receive his Entered Apprentice degree on the 9th, and a third brother waiting for his Fellowcraft degree that has yet to be scheduled. Please make an effort to come out and welcome these newcomers to our organization. Officers of Howell 38 please take note that there is a Lodge of Instruction scheduled at the Fowlerville Lodge for the Master Mason degree on April 19th at 7:00pm. This is a great opportunity to get answers to any questions we may regarding the conferring of the Master Mason degree and especially timely for our lodge as we have several candidates interested in joining this spring. Also keep in mind there is an Informational scheduled on March 14th at the Fowlerville Lodge to be hosted by our Board of General Purposes Representative Gerald Blomquist to discuss the upcoming legislation at the next Grand Lodge session. The Trestle Board is as follows: March 2nd March 9th March 14th March 16th March 30th April 6th April 9th April 19th 6:00pm/7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 7: 00pm 6:00pm/7:00pm 5:00pm 7:00pm Temple Board Meeting/Regular Meeting Entered Apprentice Degree Informational at Fowlerville Lodge Master Mason Degree Practice Master Mason Degree Temple Board Elections/ Regular Meeting Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser for ARC of Livingston Lodge of Instruction, Master Mason Degree at Fowlerville Lodge

A reminder that you can help the Lodge keep costs down by subscribing to the Trestle Board electronically on our website Fraternally, Gordon Hicks, WM

From the Secretary
From the Secretary Happy Birthday to these March Birthday Brothers Paul A. Cartwright; Jay R. Drick PM ; William L. Feaster Jr.; James E. Field Jr.; Michael R. Grove; Mark A. Harris PM; John Hoose; Roland T. Jakimowicz; Mathew J. McClanahan; Michael Murphy; Thomas M. Slick; James A. Vanderheaghen. Congratulations Brothers Brothers, third dues notices are in the mail, would you please remit as soon as possible, also please include any address changes, and there are a number of members that for some reason their spouses name has never been recorded. Please include that information also. Lodge is moving along this year, we have just advanced two brothers to Fellowcraft, have an Entered Apprentice to advance, and two in waiting for their first degree. Please don’t forget that in April, the Temple Board has its’ annual meeting and election of board members which will follow the April Regular Lodge Business Meeting. This is the time to voice your concerns, and suggestions, and have your questions answered. Also, on March 14, at 7:00 pm there will be a meeting held by the Board of General Purposes representative Gerald Blomquist PM at Fowlerville Lodge to discuss upcoming Legislation for consideration at the next Grand Lodge Session, all Lodge members are invited for their input. Fraternally, William New PM. Secretary

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