Semester: III
Entrepreneurship Development
1. Objective: The objective of the course is to 1. To make the students aware of the importance of entrepreneurship opportunities available in the society for the entrepreneur. 2. Acquaint them with the challenges faced by the entrepreneur 2. Course Duration: The Course will have …… (check) sessions which are divided into four modules. Each module consists of seven sessions of 60 minutes each and carries a weightage of 20 marks. 3. Teaching & Examination Scheme: TEACHING & EXAMINATION SCHEME
Semester I Teaching Scheme- Hours Examination Scheme Mid Sem. Exam (Theory)/ Internal Evaluati onMarks/H ours Practic al/Term Work/ Viva ExamMarks/ Hours

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Entrepreneurship Development









3. Total quality management issues for small enterprises. Need. Franchising Leading The Growing Company And Planning For Management Succession: Leadership in the new Economy. Development of Women Entrepreneurs . Rural Industrialization in Retrospect. Term-loan. Management Succession: Passing the Torch of Leadership Sessions 7 Marks 20 7 20 III 7 20 IV 7 20 . Relationship between Small and Large Units. Significance. Functions of Entrepreneur . Rationale. SSIB. Concept. Human resource issues.Small Entrepreneurs: NSIC. Problems. factors. Entrepreneurial Motivation Concept. Formulation. Objectives. Growth of Women Entrepreneurs. Intellectual Property. Project Formulation: Meaning. Project Selection. Institutional Finance To Entrepreneurs. Rural Entrepreneurship: Concept. Opportunities for an Entrepreneurial Career. functions. SIDCs. I Introduction: ENTREPRENEUR: Evolution. SSICS. Growth strategies in small businesses. Project Appraisal Concept. Problems. Financing Of Enterprises Need for Financial Planning. Building the Right Organizational culture and structure. Export Finance. DICs. Preparation of Business Plans. Methods of project appraisal. Characteristics. SIDO. EXIM Bank Institution Support To Entrepreneurs: Need for Institutional support . Specimen of a Project Report. Network Analysis. SISI. Problems of SSIs II Project Identification And Selection (PIS) Meaning of Project. Common Errors in Project Formulation. Growth of Entrepreneurship in India. Sources of Short-Term Finance. Capitalization. Industrial Estates Specialized Institutions. IFCI.Distinction between an Entrepreneur and a Manager. Theories. Planning Commission’s Guidelines for Formulating a Project Report. Course content: Module Modules/Sub-Modules No.Recent Trends. SIDBI. Venture capital. sickness in small businesses. small enterprises in international business Export Documentation And Procedure For Small Enterprises: Electronic commerce and small enterprises. TCOs Brief introduction about Marketing of products and services. Growth of Business Ideas. LIC. Commercial Banks. Types. Scope. IRBI. Sources of finance. NGOs and Rural Entrepreneurship Women Entrepreneurship . Entrepreneurial Competencies Concept.Concept. Project Identification. How to Develop Rural Entrepreneurship. Hiring the Right Employees. UTI. Capital Structure. SFCs. Contents. Other financial institutions like IDBI. Major Entrepreneurial Competencies Small Enterprises: Definition. Role of small Enterprise in Economic development. Characteristics. Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development. the challenge of Motivating Workers. ICICI.

M. Khanka Thomas W. No. Natarajan Coulter Name of the Book Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Development Entrepreneurship in Action Publisher Oxford Himalaya PHI Edition and Year of Publication Latest Edition 2008 2nd Edition 5. Growth. R1 Author/s Name of the Book Publisher Edition and Year of Publication Oxford Latest Edition P. R. v. E. Vidya Hattangadi Vasant Desai Dr. S. Scarborough Dr. Angadi. T1 T2 T3 Author/s Roy Rajeev. Gordon & K. No. C. Zimmerer & Norman M.4. Basic Text Books: Sr. Cheema & Dr. S. H. Jain Handbook For New Entrepreneur Entrepreneurial Development Essentials of Entrepreneurship and small business management Entrepreneurship Small Scale Industries and Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship. Reference Books: Sr. Dr. and Economic IntegrationA linkage R2 R3 S. B. Chand PHI Latest Edition 4th Edition R4 R5 R6 Himalaya Himalaya Himalaya 2007 2008 2009 . Das S.

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