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Role Of Information Technology In Economic Development Of Pakistan

Role Of Information Technology In Economic Development Of Pakistan

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Published by: Mohammad Mohsin Jalil on Feb 27, 2011
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Role Of Information Technology In Economic Development Of Pakistan

The importance of information technology in the present world can not be underestimated as it has dominated almost all the fields of business and industry including the service sector and one having no touch with this technology would not be able to make any progress in the century to come. The Petroleum industry is capital intensive and technology drive. It has traditionally been faced with difficult technological problems that it has managed to solve through innovative abilities. It has been an eager promoter and consumer of modern technology. For example, the first super computer was designed for an oil company. At the moment our foreign exchange reserves have not yet crossed the limit of even $2 billion and that too, is due to a number of debts and loans extended to us by a number of loan giving agencies, which in their turn would also drain our national resources to a great extent Through the development of this technology we can well be in a position to earn a lot of foreign exchange which would not only suffice our needs but also add much to our foreign exchange reserves and thereby we would be able to get rid of foreign debts which are to the tune of $30 billion with an annual addition of $1.5 billion… On the other side, the internet system is getting popular and every now and then new internet providers are coming up which is a positive sign that the people are taking more and more interest in this newly discovered information technology. However, there is much room for accelerating its pace.. Taking into consideration the foregoing factors it is imperative that our youth give proper attention to this technology and adopt such a course of education which may help them in getting rid of poverty and acquire a respectable status in the society. Apart from the government, all our NGOs and privately run educational bodies and organizations should take certain concrete steps to divert the interest of our youth toward computer technology which shall certainly go a long way in opening the doors of prosperity and respectable place in the society. This is the work worth doing, of course, through proper thorough planning.

com/p/articles/mi_hb092/is_n3_v24/ai_n28625037/ http://www. IT education and training should be planned in such a way that makes it most effective. And it is clearly understood that investment in MANPOWER with special reference to the INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY is the best investment for Individual Community and the Nation as a whole and as such it needs possible maximum of our resources to be employed therein as early as possible.CONCLUSION Information Technology (IT) is the language of 21st century and without learning it no progress and prosperity is now possible. this is the crying need of the hour. References http://findarticles.html .highbeam.com/doc/1G1-13977958. Of course. most economical and most convenient and accessible to every Pakistani and young Pakistanis in particular.

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