How will I be a teacher? This question is very difficult for me to answer. If I had answered this question in my childhood, I would probably say “I will be a perfect teacher, every student will understand me very well, I can teach everything easily… etc.” But now I understand that being teacher isn’t easy as I imagined. I see that I have to study very hard because being a good teacher needs sacrifice. After two years, I will be a teacher but I’m still insufficient to teach “English”. English is a language and different background, culture. As a teacher, to teach a new life to the students is very difficult in Turkey where everybody speaks Turkish. It is very hard to succeed this. For this reason, firstly I have to improve myself as whole. In this term, I can’t do and manage what I imagine and think in my childhood. In spite of all, I like being a teacher and I think I am in this world to teach something because children, teaching something make me happier than anything. I believe that being eager helps me to manage my dreams. However, I need self-confident to do it so I think I will get it after my experiences in real schools. To do my best, I will study very much after this moment. If I’m here, in the university, I’m not inadequate in getting my answers.

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