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African Proverbs Worksheets

African Proverbs Worksheets

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African Proverb

An elder’s handbag is never completely empty.

Uganda and Sudan

Elders are the source of wisdom. An older person always prepares for difficult times.

A fish is the last to acknowledge the existence of water


A fish is always in the water, but until it comes out of the water, it doesn’t recognize the water exists. Don’t take things or people for granted.

If you provoke a rattlesnake, you must be prepared to be bitten by it.


Mistrust can lead to conflicts among friends.

The camel does not see the bend in its own neck.


Some who find faults in others are not looking at their own mistakes.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Achievement in life depends very much on determination and learning. Aim high in order to achieve in life.

A selection of African Proverbs


African Proverbs & Critical Thinking
A Selection of African Proverbs

Proverb Pyramid

“A Tree is Known by its Fruit”

What is one word that describes the tree in this proverb?

What are two words that describe the “fruit” of this proverb?

What are three words that describe talking in this proverb?

What are four words that describe the importance of deeds in this proverb?

What are five words that describe this lesson about deeds and words?

What are six words that describe a real life example of this proverb?


African Proverbs & Critical Thinking
African proverbs are short sayings that contain a lesson or a moral. Many of these proverbs have been translated into English and are sayings that we use today! Just like folk-literature from many other cultures, many African Proverbs we passed down orally from generation to generation (meaning they were said aloud instead of written down). Today there are stories told that are rich with proverbs. Now that you know what a proverb is, and how to interpret one (find its meaning), it is your turn to create a proverb of your own. Below you have a space to write your own proverb and then you will have to explain your meaning behind it. You will be doing this as a group so have fun and be original! Everyone must write out the proverb and meaning on their own paper!

Create a Proverb _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Explain your Proverb _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Teacher Notes On African Proverbs Section

After explaining what African proverbs are and how they were used, use the Proverbs worksheet as both a handout for students to complete as well as for use to scan and work on together on the Smartboard as a class. Use the activities to further explain/ reinforce what they are and then use their own proverb creation to asses if they understand what a proverb is.

➢ Possible answers for the Proverb Pyramid (this can be used as a guide if students are stuck) One Word: “people” Two Words: “deeds and words” Three Words: “Talking is worthless” Four Words: “deeds make a difference” Five Words: “deeds mean more than words” Six Words: “Abraham borrowed and returned my pen” • Then have students create one of their own, working in groups of four, as well as their meaning behind it.

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