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August 5, 2005 Chicago Board of Education Arne Duncan Chief Executive Officer 125 South Clark Chicago, II, 60603 Dear Mr, We are pleased to submit this funding request to Chicago Board of education for the amount of $25,000. Out of the eighty Chicago Public Schools we were in last year, we anticipate an eighty-five percent request for additional training to other grade levels. As our country continues to prepare for the possibility of terrorist attacks the Save A Life Foundation is a committed leader in preparing families and communities by teaching basic Life Supporting First Aid skills to children. We are excited about maintaining our partnership between Chicago's Board of Education and Ronald McDonald House Charities. Our youth need the services we provide and your support will continue to sustain our communities with vital life saving knowledge.

Carol J. Spizzirri Founder & President

C: Dane Neal, Nattonal Pollcy Director Mekazin Alexander, National Program Director

Grant request by:

Schiller Park, IL From Chicago Public Schools August 2005
Proud partner of U.S. Homeland Security



Save A Life Foundation's Mission


Save A Life Foundation's Mission "Training and developing "Bystanders", especially children, as volunteers equipped with Life Supporting First Aid skills (LSFA) to aid in an emergency". HISTORY Save A Life Foundation was established in 1993 in the aftermath of a fatal motor vehicle crash involving Christina Jean Spizzirri who bled to death because first responders were not equipped with basic skills to maintain her life until professional help arrived. Christina's mother, Carol Spizzirri founded the organization to prevent this tragedy from happening to anyone else. In 1994 Carol's efforts lead to the passage of a Illinois state mandate requiring all police and firefighters to be trained in life supporting first aid skills prior to graduation from their academy and the passage of federal appropriations to pay for that training. Meanwhile, joining Spizzirri's cause to train the masses in Pre-EMS skills were world-renowned emergency experts Peter Safar, M.D. (Father of CPR), Henry Heimlich, M.D. (Heimlich maneuver) and other emergency medical service (EMS) professionals to establish SALF's Medical Board.

Injury remains one of the top killers in America, effecting over 2.4 million children who needlessly die each year. 50% of these lives could have been saved if prompt aid were administered prior to emergency medical service arrival. Lessons learned early in life establish the behavioral patterns of a lifetime and become a part of a person's core beliefs and values. SALF has chosen to focus on teaching young people basic life support techniques which includes calling for the ambulance (without abandoning the patient), use of an automatic external defibrillator (AED), clearing a deep airway obstruction, external hemorrhage control, positioning for shock and unconsciousness (coma), CPR, infectious disease and biological precautions. The goal of the SALF is to heighten public awareness of the critical importance of early intervention in any medical emergency. To promote LSFA training techniques with youth who can use these practical skills to perform the necessary interventions. Therefore significantly decreasing mortality and morbidity due to injury or illness and reduce the astronomical costs to society in caring for injured or ill patients. The SALF programs help produce more responsible young people by providing them with knowledge, confidence, and a desire to come to the aid of others in traumatic situations. 2

All of SALFs programs have been carefully developed to provide age appropriate learning and have been evaluated for accuracy. SALF student educational programs deliver a high quality product at no cost to the child. SALF monitors the effectiveness of its training by having each student answer test questions on a Scantron card which is then processed into SALF's data collection system for comparison. Through this process, we have found that after three months the average child retains 97 percent of their training skills and a 57 percent increased desire or willingness to assist others in a medical emergency. The Chicago Board of Education discovered the effectiveness of SALF's training in 1998 and passed a Resolution to include SALF's programs as part of the school's curriculum. In 2000 Congress identified the need to prepare children to deal with injury and the treatment of injuries until emergency medical service providers can arrive on the scene of an incident. An appropriation was granted through Centers for Disease Control to expand SALF's training. Since that time the Foundation has taught nearly 1 million children and has been endorsed by many medical groups, national associations and hundreds of school officials. In 2002 SALF became an affiliate of Illinois Homeland Security and in 2003 a partner of the Office of U.S. Homeland Security's Citizen Corps and Medical Reserve Corps. SALF continues its partnership with the U.S. Conference of Mayors, many state municipal leagues including Illinois Municipal League and works with community leaders to prepare their children and citizens against unexpected man-made, natural or personal disasters. The SALF has developed a plan of action to expand its programs by being incorporated within hospital emergency departments, fire and police departments, county public health departments and major universities throughout the state of Illinois. Currently SALF has three Illinois branches, St. James W.R. Albrecht Hospital, Pontiac, IL, Alexian Bros. Medical Center, Hoffman Estates, IL, Anderson Hospital, Maryville, IL and in the state of Wisconsin, Florida and Pennsylvania. We anticipate successful achievement among the youth involved in this project and upon completion they are better prepared to identify, and when called upon apply SALF's practical Life Saving First Aid training skills to real life situations. No child or adult is excluded from the possibility of an emergency occurring in his or her lifetime as witnessed on 9-11.


Executive Summary
SAVE A LIFE Foundation - Mission Statement


"Training and developing "Bystanders", especially children, as volunteers equipped with Life Supporting First Aid skills (LSFA) to aid in an emergency". The Save A Life Foundation is requesting the financial assistance for its on-going work to provide professional training of life-support first aid skills for 10,000 grade children within the Chicago Public Schools. The scope of this request would include: 1. A supportive grant of $75,000 to SALF from the Ronald McDonald's House Charities for. continuing its work in training Chicago Public Schools children to be emergency prepared should they face an unexpected man-made, natural or personal emergency with life supporting first aid skills. 2. The target audience of 10,000 grade children in diverse areas of Chicago's 75% Hispanic, African American and 25% socially mixed communities, with a one hour presentation and hands-on skills practice i.e. recognizing an emergency, activating Emergency Medical Service (9-1-1), Scene Safety (including blood borne pathogens and bio-hazard precautions), Opening an Airway, Rescue Breathing, Heimlich maneuver for infant, child and adult, and introduction to an Automatic External Deliberator (AED). SALF's instructors are fire fighters and EMS certified; bi-lingual, racially mixed and have passed an Illinois State Police background examination. 3. Training will be scheduled between school and a SALF staff person, The Instructors will report to the principal's office 30 minutes prior to training time, to announce his or her arrival and proceed to the first class for training. 4. Instructors will give each student a program book, and review each step of instruction followed by hands on practice application of each skill and when applicable use a mannequin until the student feels comfortable in their own performance. 5. An examination will be given immediately following the class, (average class size 30), with each student placing their answers on a Scantron card. Instructor will collect these cards and the classroom teacher completes the Class Evaluation Sheet. Evaluation Sheets and cards are entered into a data web base system and complied by the number of questions answered correctly, school, teacher comments and Instructor. Data and Recap reports will be available 60 days after the end of this project. 4

6. SALF is continually looking for opportunities to bring this life saving training to children. With continued Congressional support, securing SALF's efforts in the state budget, SALF's partnership with U.S. Citizen Corps, a community that has a Citizen Corps Council can receive funds for SALF's program, and continued support from business leaders. All have an investment in emergency preparing our children, our community, and our country. 7. SALF's on going monitoring has reflected a child's interest to volunteer his or her new skills in saving the lives of many of their teachers, family members and fellow students. By having the Instructor from the ranks of an Emergency Medical Service, some of our past students have changed their career direction from crime to becoming a Chicago Firefighter, EMS and or Police officer. We anticipate this success to continue with continued bi-yearly training, which creates better citizenship. SALF is a unique grassroots organization that coordinates local resources of emergency trained professionals and its programs in an educational setting. SALF is a registered vendor for the Chicago Public Schools and Instructors are encouraged to offer this training to school staff for a minimal fee. These fees generate revenue to help support additional child training for free, while the teachers receives Illinois State Board of Education approved (1 for 1) continued education credit hours in addition to the EMS Instructor receiving the same to do the training. 8. The total cost of this project will be $100,000 of which SALF requests $37,500 RMHC $37,500 Global $37,500 and $25,000 from the Chicago Public Schools. SALF is a non-profit 501 c(3) organization that specializes in proving essential emergency training for children and adults in life supporting skills. SALF was the second national organization recruited by U.S. Homeland Security as a partner with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Citizen Corps and Medical Reserve Corps for its Pre-EMS experience. The foundation works closely with local municipalities in an effort to prepare it's citizens against emergencies, starting at the school age level (K-12), by recruiting its own EMS, fire, police officials, nurses and other health care professional, with CPR credentials as SALF instructors. SALF actively promotes the need for emergency training and chronicles life-saving stories of citizens in their everyday lives -— by helping their fellow citizens in their time of need. Since 1997 SALF has received funding through the State Department of Public Health. Recent state budget cuts has caused SALF to be excluded, which has become a tragedy. In turn many state legislators are appealing to return SALF to that department while Congressional Delegates again support SALF's initiative by passing FY05 funds through the Centers for Disease Control and corporations begin to join in support by "Adopting" SALF methodology for their community school children.


PROGRAM/PROJECT BUDGET Emergency Preparing 10,000 Chicago Public School Children 2005-2006

SOURCE Government grants
Chicago Public Schools

$ $ $ $ $ 25,000 37,500 37,500


Amount %FT/PT


RMHC Global RMHC Fundraising events

Project Coordinator

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

10,000 12% FT 2,500 12,500 71,000 13,000 1,000 1,450 1,000 50

Insurance Benefits/taxes Subtotal Child training materials w/ Scantron test/processing Inst. Training Supplies/ Eqpt, manikins/lungs Travel

Membership income $ In-kind support Sub-Total Revenue
$ $ 100,000

List Top Donors CPS RMHC Global RMHC
$ 25,000 $ 37,500 $ 37,500 $ $

Printing & copying Telephone & FAX Postage & delivery

Total Income

$ 100,000 Total Expense $ 100,000 0
Difference (Income less expense) $


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