³Winners don¶t do different things They do things differentlyµ .

ACTION PLAN Rules to live by for building an honorable character .

you characterare judged not only by the friends you have but also by the company you avoid .Become a person of integrity.borrowing without permission stealis stealing Friends determine your labeled integrityas trustworthy Don·t cheat Don·t steal.

Friends are not bought.stay away boughtfrom people who do that Associate with people of highest character Choose the direction based on thing which are right Go the extra mile.always give more milethan expected .

go out happinessof your way to do something for somebody Confidentiality fosters trust .Commitments should be kept. not control Altruism leads to happiness.don·t keptlet others down Seek responsibility.

it shows poor character Keep your conscience alive Don·t prejudge people based on their lifestyleslifestyles.they can be deceptive Be yourself.Don·t speak ill of people behind their backsbacks.avoid being phony yourself- .

hard arguments.Helpfulness is incidental to friendshipfriendshiphave the attitude to help Mistakes are certain.they are proudcounting on you Use soft words. misery is optionaloptionallearn from your mistakes Make your parents proud. Not the reverse .

it is a sign of strength gentleSelfSelf-worth is more important than net worth .avoid phony pleasantries stylePractice good listening Be gentle.µ Please· and ¶Thank you· never go out of style.

It is relaxing Read a good book often. It is enriching . Don·t make fun of others even when the occasion arises. Stay occupied. Develop hobbies.Keep your conversation on positive tone.