Dreams: Totally lost By Teardroplet Oh lovely Husband, where shall we go? What shall we do?

With our minds wandering to a distant realm, And where our dreams will fill? Where no one enters and our hearts shall flutter, into the night. Will you be my shiny knight? Dressed to save, and be forever brave? My night, And your knife, Shall weave, And receive. The life of light, Will now take flight. Forever, and always.

Wandering Zypher By Teardroplet

Colors that meld,

Lives that are held, wander through valleys of time, and they feast upon meals of thyme, So much as the five. The sisters of lives, Breath, and play together, Like the people that they teather. Foever playing with our minds, and seeking out other kinds. We wander forward, More so than any coward. For they do not seek what we do, Or have ever been through what we were through. These snowy mountain tops, To your silky button ups, Show me that I want more, Possibly more than I could endure. These wishful thoughts, Only bring on dreadful droughts. In these lands, everything, And nothing, Can happen, And will happen. Forever unconcious, But never in conciousness, Have we ever seen these days to come. I will be happy to come along, and guide you now.

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