REASSESSMENT OF FITNESS FOR DUTIES A man complained that he had been rejected for selection in a trainee position with

a Commonwealth Government agency because a medical assessment had been given that because of lymphodoema ( A condition causing swelling) in one of his legs he would be unable to perform the required duties. ASSESSMENT OF DIABETIC WORKER A man who has diabetes complained that he had been rejected for qualifications required for the transport control position he had been training for and had been dismissed as a consequence ADJUSTMENTS IN INTERVIEW PROCESS A man who has a vision impairment complained that when he applied for a telemarketing position, no adjustments were made in the testing process, such as large screen or adaptive software for computer based testing, despite notice having been provided of his needs for such adjustments Complainant claims she applied for a job with respondent company. Complainant says she met the criteria but respondent advised it had never had women operating machines previously and respondent would have to build a special ablutions block for her because all the men showered together at the end of the shift. Complainant claims refused employment as electrical engineer operator with respondent State Govt. because he did not disclose previous criminal record conviction. Complainant claims application form only required disclosure of convictions within past 5 years and his conviction occurred 7 years ago. Conviction was for assault. Complainant commenced employment with respondent Commonwealth organisation as a human resources consultant. Complainant was on a 12 month contract. Complainant’s contrast was extended for 12 months. Respondent advised complainant was groomed for a more senior role which would be advertised and be a permanent position. Shortly after contract extinction complaint ant advised respondent of her pregnancy. Another employee was later promoted above the complainant into the acting senior role. Complainant went on maternity leave. Complainant says the senior job was not advertised in as planned. In each case discuss , the case. What could the respondent organisation have done to stop these issues arising in reference to their policies, procedures and practices? Use these cases to ascertain any general issues or questions arising from each case which could be applied to other situations .e.g. if conviction had been for embezzlement in a bank

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