Negotiation Skills Workshop

In negotiation you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate !


Seminar agenda

Your business challenges today Case study one Golden Rule No. 1 and No. 2 - Initial demand - Answering concession requests Case study one, part two Golden Rule No. 3 - Concessions and Trade-offs Golden Rule No. 4 and No. 5 - Go back in smaller steps - Lead the customer to a conclusion

What keeps you awake at night? Write down the three major business challenges that you face in your job today 123- .

Objectives for this training session Facing your customer as a equal partner in negotiations To know and apply the relevant rules for negotiations To work on Adecco specific case studies and receive supporting feedback To have an overview of the Best Practices in negotiation .

Philosophy of Negotiation PLEASE MENTION THE MAIN TOPICS 5 .

not on the people Choose your own style of communication • 6 .Philosophy of Negotiation Win-Win Efficient Creative Positive attitude Understanding of needs and motivations • • • Build trust over time Focus on agreement areas Be tough on the issue.

A method to prepare the negotiation 123456- List possible negotiating points Prioritise them Define objective – desirable position Define bottom line – essential position Define initial demand level – Optimum position Prepare to explain selling points adapted to customer requirements 7 .

Variable Optimum Desirable Essential Selling Points In the most difficult situations: 1 . announce the price you initially decided 8 .Whatever happens.Make at least one unacceptable request on a minor point 2 .Whenever possible. present an offer which cannot be compared 3 .Your Negotiation Matrix Ensure that this matrix becomes part of your preparation for customer negotiations.

Preparation 10 min – Meeting 5 min – Feedback from observer 1 Observers Scoring system 9 .Game (Case study One. Part One) 1 x Account Manager 1 x Customers 1 Coach Agenda 10 min .

10 .Golden Rule #1 "You must have the courage to start with a high initial demand".

develop counterarguments to refute them! 11 . 3) At last. develop arguments against your position. 2) Then.Resisting the other party Inoculate yourself 1) Develop supporting arguments for your position only.

you must first answer with a defence of your offer” Use your selling points! 12 .Golden rule # 2 "When the opposition requests a concession.

Keep the negotiation away from your own goal Seller’s goal PRICE REBATES CONDITIONS NEEDS QUALITY PRODUCTS SERVICES Buyer’s goal to keep the danger away to become the strongest psychologically to keep ahead in the score 13 .

Take into account their motivations 3 – Provide proof for each selling point that you present 4 – Present the selling points to appeal to their personal motivations 14 .Building up a Value Proposition matrix Motivation Advantage Proof Benefit 1 .Remember your buyer will only remember 3 to 5 elements they exchanged during the Meeting ! 2 .

Preparation 10 min – Meeting 5 min – Feedback from observer 1 Observers Scoring system 15 .Game (Case study One. Part Two) 1 x Account Manager 1 x Customers 1 Coach Agenda 10 min .

” 16 .Golden rule # 3 "You will only make a concession if you can obtain a Trade-off in return first.

It stops the risk of ‘rolling concessions’ 4. It improves the profitability of the agreement 3. It supports the credibility of your initial demand 2. It gains you self-respect 17 .Why should you secure a Trade-off first ? 1.

then possibly." counter-offer "Under those conditions... would you consider the following point…” opening "If you (. I can offer.). Prepare using the negotiation matrix 234checking question "And yourself.Proceed in four steps 1 ...It is vital that you can support each negotiating point..." 18 .

s of payment •Reduce GM vs new business across outher countries •Exclusivity on 1 site •Cross selling (LHH. Permanent placement…) •Different prices vs Volumes •Provide consulting activity (legal. admin…) •Extention or reduction of garanties for permanent placement •Consistancy in service •Lenght of contract vs smaller prices •Pre payment for permanent placement •Training •Smaller short list vs smaller prices in permanent •On site •B to B •Client brand advantage •Exploit the direct hiring •Co supplier introduction •Master vendor 19 .Trade-offs •Get exclusivity of the orders for the first 24 OR 48 hours •Have access to the CV’s client database •Reduce prices for correct ter.

do it in small and decreasing steps" 20 .Golden rule # 4 "If you have to go back.

Key points about giving concessions 1Reduce what you offer with every additional concession “Think about what you think it will take to get the deal and offer half of it” 2Increase the time before giving each additional concession 3Don’t hesitate to ask counterparts that we know the buyer won’t accept 4Resist the temptation to go straight for your essential position by pushing the attack aside 21 .

How to push the attack aside Resist the temptation to get caught negotiating on the same point if you have got close to your essential position. I can however make a proposition…” 22 . I can’t do anything. Try to push the ‘attack’ to one side by raising a new Trade-off and concession: "On this particular point.

Golden rule # 5 “You will lead the customer towards the conclusion” 23 .

Are you happy with that?” Isolate areas of agreement from disagreement. if we come to an agreement on this point.Pre-closing to lead the customer to a conclusion Example: Initial question: "Beside this point. we can come to a full agreement on the contract. do we fully agree on everything else?" Leading question: "So. Focus on the positives and talk in terms of finalising the agreement 24 .

When asked for a concession you must defend your offer first 3. do it in small decreasing steps 5. If you have to go back. You must have the courage to start with a high initial demand 2. You will only make a concession.The 5 Golden Rules Summary 1. if you can obtain something in return 4. You will lead the customer towards the conclusion 25 .

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