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basic answer scheme for ct1

basic answer scheme for ct1

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Published by: Ng He Li on Feb 28, 2011
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a) when the speed of river is low, (give data) more transportation and deposition process will take place

. when the speed of river is high (from 100m/s and more), more erosion process will take place. Note: data has to be given b) differences between traction and solution: traction involves large particles and these particles roll and slide along the river bed while Solution involves dissolved minerals which are carried in water. Note: linking words important! c) Hydraulic action – fast flowing water will break down the rocks from bed and bank Corrosion/abrasion – rock fragments will grind the river bed and banks Attrition – rock fragments will collide into each other Solution – river water react chemically with soluble minerals by dissolving them in water d) Elaboration of the following points: Factors affecting volume of river: - presence of vegetation - permeability of rocks - climate - size of drainage basin Factors affecting speed of water - gradient of channel - roughness of channel - wetted perimeter Discussion - even when volume of water is much, when gradient of river channel is gentle, energy of river need not necessary be high.

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