Catherine Coulter There are 73 fiction books for Catherine Coulter Title The Autumn Countess Beyond Eden

Blindside Blowout Born To Be Wild Calypso Magic Chandra The Countess The Courtship The Cove The Deception Devil's Daughter Devil's Embrace Double Take The Duke Earth Song The Edge Eleventh Hour False Pretenses Fire Song The Generous Earl The Heir The Heiress Bride The Hellion Bride Hemlock Bay An Honorable Offer Impulse An Intimate Deception Jade Star KnockOut Lord Deverill's Heir Lord Harry Lord Harry's Folly Lord of Falcon Ridge Lord of Hawkfell Island Lord of Raven's Peak Lyon's Gate Mad Jack The Maze Midnight Star Midsummer Magic Moonspun Magic Night Fire Night Shadow Night Storm Type RG CR PD PD RS HR HR HR HR PD HR HR HR S HR HR PD PD CR HR RG HR HR HR PD RG CR RG HR RS RG HR RG HR HR HR HR HR PD HR HR HR HR HR HR Date Jan-1979 Jan-1992 Jul-2003 Jun-2004 Aug-2006 Apr-1988 Jan-1984 Nov-1999 Feb-2000 Apr-1996 Oct-1998 May-1985 Aug-1982 Jun-2007 Nov-1995 Sep-1990 Aug-1999 Jul-2002 Oct-1988 Dec-1985 Jul-1981 Oct-1996 Jan-1993 Nov-1992 Aug-2001 Dec-1981 May-1990 Apr-1983 May-1987 Jun-2009 May-1980 Jan-1995 Dec-1980 Apr-1995 Nov-1993 Apr-1994 Jul-2005 Feb-1999 Jun-1997 Jun-1986 Dec-1987 Aug-1988 Feb-1989 Aug-1989 Feb-1990


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Title The Nightingale Legacy The Offer Pendragon The Penwyth Curse Point Blank The Rebel Bride Riptide Rosehaven The Scottish Bride Season of the Sun Secret Song The Sherbrooke Bride The Sherbrooke Twins Split Second Sweet Surrender / Evening Star TailSpin The Target The Valcourt Heiress The Valentine Legacy Warrior's Song Whiplash The Wild Baron Wild Star Wizard's Daughter The Wyndham Legacy Aftershocks Afterglow The Aristocrat Type HR HR HR HR PD RG PD HR HR HR HR HR HR T HR RS PD HR HR HR RS HR HR HR HR CR CR CR Date Dec-1994 l=2 Oct-1997 Jan-2002 Jan-2003 Sep-2005 Dec-1979 Jul-2000 Jul-1996 Jan-2001 Oct-1991 Feb-1991 Apr-1992sb=1 Mar-2004 Jul-2011 Oct-1984 Jul-2008 Apr-1998 Oct-2010 Aug-1995 l=3 Mar-2001 Jun-2010 Apr-1997 Nov-1986 Dec-2007 Jan-1994 l=1 Dec-1985 May-1987 Sep-1986 FBI 1 CoveTheCove PD 1996-04Apr-1996 Buy 2 MazeTheMaze PD 1997-06Jun-1997 Buy 3 TargeTheTarget PD 1998-04Apr-1998 Buy 4 EdgeTheEdge PD 1999-08Aug-1999 Buy 5 RiptiRiptide PD 2000-07Jul-2000 Buy 6 HemloHemlockBay PD 2001-08Aug-2001 Buy 7 EleveEleventhHour PD 2002-07Jul-2002 Buy 8 BlindBlindside PD 2003-07Jul-2003 Buy 9 BlowoBlowout PD 2004-06Jun-2004 Buy 10 PointPointBlank PD 2005-09Sep-2005 Buy 11 DoublDoubleTake S 2007-06Jun-2007 Buy 12 TailSTailSpin RS 2008-07Jul-2008 Buy 13 KnockKnockOut RS 2009-06Jun-2009 Buy 14 WhiplWhiplash RS .

2 1 Devil's Embrace HR 2 Devil's Daughter HR Related Books .3 1 Aftershocks SIM-0121SIM-121 CR 2 Afterglow SIM-0190SIM-190 CR Related Books .The Legacy Trilogy 1 The Wyndham Legacy HR 2 The Nightingale Legacy HR 3 The Valentine Legacy HR The Magic Trilogy 1 Midsummer Magic HR 2 Calypso Magic HR 3 MoonspunMagic HR The Night Trilogy 1 Night Fire HR 2 Night Shadow HR 3 Night Storm HR Related Books .4 1 The Wild Baron HR 2 The Offer HR 3 The Deception HR The Sherbrooke Brides 1 The SherbrookeBride HR 2 The Hellion Bride HR 3 The Heiress Bride HR 4 Mad Jack HR 5 The Courtship HR 6 The Scottish Bride HR 7 Pendragon HR 8 The SherbrookeTwins HR 9 Lyon's Gate HR 10 Wizard's Daughter HR The Song Series 1 Chandra HR 1Warrior's Song HR 2 Fire Song HR 3 Earth Song HR 4 Secret Song HR 5 Rosehaven HR 6 The PenwythCurse HR .1 1 The Rebel Bride RG 2 Lord Harry's Folly RG 2 Lord Harry HR Related Books .

The Star Series 1 Sweet Surrender / Evening Star HR 2 Midnight Star HR 3 Jade Star HR 4 Wild Star HR The Viking Series 1 Season of the Sun HR 2 Lord of HawkfellIsland HR 3 Lord of Raven's Peak HR 4 Lord of Falcon Ridge HR .

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