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The American Colonial Period

The American Colonial Period

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The American Colonial Period


Influences of American Music
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but the Filipino opera was born only with the staging of La Alianza Sothe Filipino opera was born only with the staging of La Alianza Sonada or Sandugong Panaginip (Dreamed Alliance).History The European opera was introduced in the latter part of the Spanish regime. a collaborative effort of librettist Pedro Paterno and composer Ladislao Bonus who hailed from ´Little Italyµ knowned today as Pandakan. .

counting then Governor William Howard Taft and Phillipine Constabulary Band conductor Major Walter Loving in the audience.OPERA Sandugong Panaginip It was staged at the Teatro Zorilla on August 16. . 1902 and was performed ni less than five times.

Pedro Paterno .

Ladislao Bonus (Father of Filipno Opera) .

Operas from 1960-1980 Binhi ng Kalayaan(1961) ± Eliseo Fajardo Noli Me Tangere & El filibusterismo(1962 & 1970) ± Felipe De leon Florante at Laura(1973) ± Lucino Sacramento La Loba Negra(1984) ± Francisco Feliciano .

.Francisco Santiago and Bonifacio Abdon. From simple folk form. the kundiman would now be made up of two parts or more with the corresponding dual modes. they stylized the kundiman into an art form. The minor and the major.KUNDIMAN Nicanor Abelardo.

Francisco Santiago Nasaan ka Irog?(1924) ± Nicanor Abelardo Mutya ng Pasig (1926) ± Nicanor Abelardo .Kundiman as art form Anak Dalita(1917) .

Nicanor Abelardo (Father of Sonata Form) .

Francisco Santiago (Father of Nationalism) .

Musical Groups Rondalla (Comparsa) it was begun during the latter part of Spanish period. but proliferated only during the entire American period. . Widely known as the native string band. octavina. guitar and bajo de unas. such as banduria. the rondalla is composed of plectrum instruments. laud.

Victorino Carrion ± vocal teacher who headed the Comparsa Cecilia Jose Silos ± leader of the Rondalla Apollo .Musicians Antonio Molina ± founded and directed Rondalla Ideal.

The surviving members of the band were regrouped and placed in the service of the Phillipine Army. especially around in Manila. The pre ± war Philippine Constabulary Band was a symphonic band founded by Walter Loving on October 15. Many of the marching bands in the provinces. developed into symphonic bands. . By the death of Loving did not put an end to band music.Bands Marching or symphonic Rose its popularity in the 20th century. 1902.

Pop Music Pop Rock Jazz Disco Ballad Folk .

birth of Pinoy rock and rhythm which quite succesfully attempted to merge the rock beat with Filipino lyrics of decidedly local color. and ³Luneta´ by Rico Puno. Samples are ³Hahabol ± habol´ by Bobby Gonzales a local version of the rock n¶ roll in 1950¶s. . if not complete imitation of current hits.History of Pop/Rock It started as an adaptation or translation. In 1973.

Filipino Rock Bands Juan Dela Cruz ± Pepe Smith. Wally Gonzales. Mike Hanopol Maria Cafra Sampaguita .

Semi Folk ± Semi Ethnic Singers Yoyoy Villame ± ³Magellan´ Freddie Aguilar ± ³Anak´ Fred Panopio ± ³Turistang Bilmoko´ .

. Hotdogs. Although the Manila Sound flourished only for a few months. producing love songs with a contemporary appeal. Rainmakers and Apo Hiking Society are some of the exponents of this sound.Manila Sound It is a definite contribution to the world of pop with its Filipino lyrics sung to pop melodies. its style continues to be popularized by groups like Apo hiking Society. Cinderella.

Ballads & Disco Music BALLAD Boyfriends Rico Puno Basil Valdez Celeste Legasipi Hajji Alejandro Anthony Castelo Ernani Cuenco ± ³Gaano ko ikaw kamahal´ George Canseco ± ³Ngayon at Kailanman´ .

. . and the Macho Group Hagibis. the songs of the VST and Co. the theme song of a movie bearing the same title. the local counterpart of the Village People.DISCO Reached a measure of popularity from the 1970¶s to the 1980¶s with such hit tunes as the Hotdogs¶ ³Annie Batungbakal´. which are actually local version of the songs Bee Gees.

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