Ram Chandra Pandurang Tope was popularly known as Tantya Tope.

He was a great fr eedom fighter in the year 1857. K Shripathy Shastri said, His very name made the mighty English general's tremble. Deceived by his friend, he faced death like a hero, for the sake of his country. Brief history Tantya Tope was born in the village Yeola in Maharastra. He was the only son of Padurang Rao Tope and his wife Rukhmabai who was an important noble at the court of Maratha Peshwa Baji Rao 2nd. His family shifted to Peshwa to Bithur. It gave an opportunity to build up a good relation with Peshwa's adopted son, Nana Dhon du Pant popularly known as Nana Sahib and Maharaja Madhav Singhji. Tantya Tope launched a successful guerrilla campaign to avenge the Briti sh. Tantya Tope became the sworn enemy of the British when Lord Dalhousie depraved N ana Sahib father's pension in the year 1851. In May 1857 he established authorit y and became the commander in chief of his forces when the political storm was g aining momentum by winning over the Indian troops of the East India Company, sta tioned at Kanpur(cawnpore). Tantya Tope was badly accused by the British imperialist for helping the orchest rate, the mass murder of Hugh wheelers entrenchment after promising them safe pa ssage to Allahabad at the Sati Chowra on the Ganges river. According to the Brit ish records it shows that the first shoot was fired by the panicky British as th e boatmen who were supposed to take them to the safety refused and left the boat s behind. The boatmen left but the boat was not destroyed. After the separation of Kanpur from Nana Sahib, Tantya Tope shifted his headquarters to Kalpi and joined Rani L akshmi Bai for a greatest revolt in history. He headed towards Betwa, Koonch and Kalpi, but reached Gwalior and declared Nana Sahib as Peshwa with the support o f Gwalior contingent. He was defeated by the Hugh Henry Rose, 1st Baron Strathna irn in a memorable before he could consolidate his position Rani Lakshmi Bai was killed in this battle while leading her forces against the British assault on G walior. Tantya Tope launched a successful guerrilla campaign in the Sagar and Narmada re gion, Khandesh and Rajasthan to avenge the British. The trial period The British forces failed to subdue him for a long period. However he was badly betrayed by his trusted friend called Man Singh, chief of Narwar, while he was i n a deep sleep in the camp of Paron forest. On 7th April 1859 he was captured and defeated by British General Richard John M eade's troops and was taken to Shivpuri where he was tried by a military court. Tope admitted the charges saying that he was answerable only to his master Peshw a. On April 18, 1859 4 O' Clock in the afternoon a smiling charming prisoner was br ought out of the prison. His hands and feet were chained and was taken to the ha ngman's post. He stepped towards the post fearlessly without any hesitation upon the platform. As it was a custom to cover the eyes with a scarf, when the soldi ers stepped towards him he smiled and made a sign saying I don't need all this . H e did not allow his hands and feet to be bounded by rope. He himself put the noo se around his neck, tightened the rope, at last....... there was a bull..... Wit hin a moment it was all over. It was a heart rending scene which moved the whole country to bitter tears.

Not ev en a single drop of blood was shed.Being a very noble and dignified man his death was different from others. He himself sacrificed it as he met with his fate as a humble gift to his motherland. .

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