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Zolotukhin Reservoir Engineering

Zolotukhin Reservoir Engineering

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Published by: sotork on Feb 28, 2011
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Another producing reservoir withcomparable characteristics canbe used asapossible analogue
for the reservoir under consideration, either by a direct well-to-well comparison or on a unit-
recovery basis. This can be done by determining an average oil or gas recovery per well in
the analogue reservoir (e.g., 100,000 bbl/well) and applying a similar or adjusted recovery
factor to the wells in the reservoir considered. The unit-recovery approach refers to a recovery
calculated in barrels per acre-foot or Mcf per acre-foot.
In an analogue approach, one has to consider similarities of well spacing, reservoir rock
lithofacies, rock and fluid properties, reservoir depth, pressure, temperature, pay thickness and
drive mechanism. All possible differences between the analogue reservoir and the reservoir in
question need to be considered to make a realistic adjustment of the recovery estimates.
The use of an analogue may be the only method available to estimate the reserves in a situ-
ation where there are no solid data on well performance or reservoir characteristics. However,
an analogue-based approach is also the least accurate and little reliable method of petroleum
reserve estimation, simply because perfect analogues can seldom be found.

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