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Zolotukhin Reservoir Engineering

Zolotukhin Reservoir Engineering

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Assuming pairs of immicsible unconfined fluids the following phenomena, as illustrated in
Fig.6.6 can be observed, depending on the sign of interfacial tension:


σ< 0


Figure 6.6: Formation of interface as function of the sign of the in-
terfacial tension in pairs of immicsible unconfined fluids.

• When the surface tension is positive, σ > 0, confined molecules, have a preference for
keeping their own company. The surface against the second type of molecules is min-
imised and in the case of small droplets, spherical interfaces are formed.

• In the cases when σ ≈0, liquids are classified as "truely" miscible. In these cases no
preference with respect to mixing of the two fluids is observed. (However, diffusion will
lead to mixing of the two fluids.)

• When the surface tension is negative, σ < 0, molecules of one type will prefer (have
affinity for) the company of the second type of molecules. We may observe a chemical
reaction where the final state is stable in time. An example of such a process is the
hydrophilic ability of pure ethanol to mix with air more or less instantaneously.

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