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Ensure that all transactions have been entered for the period being closed

Enter and book all orders

Schedule orders

Enter and book return material authorizations

Run the Generate Pre-billing Acceptance Program for Pre-billing, Implicit


Confirm shipments and optionally, the creation of install base entries for shipments

Confirm OM-shipping transaction for the period

Sales order acknowledgments

Cancel backordered included items

Respond to workflow approval notifications

Confirm that invoice interface (OM-> AR interface) has been completed

Optionally, confirm that service contracts for warranties and extended warranties

have been created

Close orders

* Closing orders that are complete enhances performance, since many programs,

windows and report queries retrieve open orders only. Orders marked as closed are

not selected, increasing system speed and efficiency. Closed orders are excluded

from many of the standard reports available in Order Management, so reporting can

be limited only to the active orders.

* Close lines and close orders are implemented using workflow. Order Management

provides seeded close line and close order workflow sub-processes to close the order

header and line, respectively. These processes, when included in the order header or

Oracle Financials E-Business Suite Release 12 Period End Procedures


line workflow, close the status of the eligible order or lines. Once an order is closed,

no lines can be added or changed.

* The order header close order process checks at the end of every month to see if all

the lines associated with it are closed. It closes the order header if it finds that all the

lines are closed.

Attention: Be sure to include the standard sub-processes of close line

and close order at the end of all your line and order flows to ensure

that your orders and returns close once all prerequisites have been


Close Order Lines

* An order line is eligible to close when it completes all of the line-level activities

within the workflow process. Order lines can close independent of each other. Once

an order line is closed, no changes can be made to any fields except the descriptive

flexfield, for which you can define processing constraints.

Holds Effect on Eligible Lines

* The close order and close line workflow activities will close order or lines if only

generic holds are present .If orders or lines have activity specific holds present, they

will not be closed by workflow activity.

Attention: If MOAC is enabled for the Order Management

responsibility, perform the above tasks for each operating unit.

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