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The Create Accounting program produces the Subledger Accounting Program report

that shows you the subledger journal entries created for successful accounting

events. Compare this report to the Journal Entries Report (run in Posted status mode)

and verify that they match. Use the same General Ledger date ranges for the Journal

Entries Report and the Create Accounting program.

Create Accounting will generate a report which details the transferred transactions,

transactions in error etc.

Once transactions and receipts have been transferred to the GL tables, Oracle

Receivables regards these items as having been ‘posted’ within the sub-ledger.

Oracle Financials E-Business Suite Release 12 Period End Procedures


Account balances for transactions and receipts can be reconciled by generating the

Sales Journal by GL Account Report, the Receipts Journal Report (in ‘transaction’

mode) and the Journal Entries Report for posted items. The account totals in the

Sales and Receipt journals should match the corresponding account balances in the

Journal Entries Report.

Attention: The ‘Detail by Account’ version of the Journal Entries Report may

be the most useful for reconciliation in this case.

When running any Oracle Receivables reports that display accounting involving

transactions that have been posted to GL, the following statements apply:

If SLA final accounting lines exist, then SLA accounting is displayed. If SLA

accounting lines do not exist, then AR distribution accounting is displayed.

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