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HOW America EATS 2010

Despite legislation, food bans, product reformulations, new product introductions, menu adjustments, endless hours of debate and millions of advertising dollars to promote healthier eating, nothing has worked: the majority of America’s consumers continue to be overweight.

Companies and policy makers fail to understand the dynamic of FOOD CULTURE and EATING OCCASIONS that absolutely affects change in eating behavior.
HOW America EATS 2010 syndicated study builds on The Hartman Group’s foundational 2004 report, Obesity in America, providing unique new revelations into the roles consumers expect food companies, policy makers and health care providers to play that will lead them on the path toward healthier eating habits and lifestyles. www.hartman-group.com Study Timeline Qualitative ethnographic and quantitative research conducted Q4 2010 Final report delivered Q1 2011

The Hartman Group has examined the Culture of Food in America for more than 20 years and is the undeniable leader in providing a better understanding of food consumption behavior inside and outside the home. Since 2004, when The Hartman Group conducted its foundational study on obesity in America from the consumer perspective, much and little has changed in the marketplace: hundreds (perhaps thousands) of products and many policies have been introduced targeting weight management yet the number of overweight Americans has not declined. Looking through the lens of food culture the 2010 HOW America EATS syndicated study will provide fresh new perspectives on consumers attitudes and behaviors surrounding healthy weight management and the role they expect food manufacturers, retailers, restaurants, food service companies, marketers, health care providers and policy makers to play in helping them attain their weight management aspirations and goals. How America Eats 2010 will be your guide to help navigate the murky waters of weight management. It will provide new revelations that will shape the future of: • Food and beverage product innovation • Menu items • Policy-making • Marketing and messaging
59% of adult eatings are Instrumental Occasions (those occasions when consumers are often distressed or bored and given to mindless munching)

Non-obese consumers (BMI under 30) eat foods popularly known as “junk food” as frequently as obese consumers

Primary Research Areas
How America Eats explores weight management within food culture in a wide variety of topic areas. Study areas may include: • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Source: Hartman Eating Occasions Compass Study, Jun 2010

World of Weight Management (how do consumers define obesity and being overweight; self-assessment; dieting and exercise habits; quality of life; consumer understanding and use of BMI) Kids (parental and/or peer influence; kids own views on obesity and overweight; decision-making) Consumer expectations (of companies, health care providers, marketers, policy makers, etc.) Consumer behavior and aspirations (eating occasions aligned with obesity; eating in isolation; snacking anytime) Demographics and culture (income, ethnicity, parental and/or peer influence) Products and brands (help or hinder) Packaging (portion control size; nutritional information) Ingredients (seek or avoid) Information sources (most influential, trusted or misleading) Marketing and messaging (believable or hype) Shopping (retailers and retail experience; in-store cues) Dining out (nutritional information on menus/menu boards, portion sizes and healthy options) Policy and legislation (level of government involvement: federal, local)

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Have a Specific Question or Area of Interest?
For those with specific interests there is the option (for an additional fee) to ask proprietary questions, which will not appear in the general report, but will be presented in a customized supplemental report. For example, we can do data runs by key retail customers (e.g., Walmart, Target, Kroger, Walgreens, etc.). Costs will be determined based on complexity and scope of the request. Among other factors, this can include oversampling for a specific demographic group (e.g., Boomers, Hispanics, etc.) or in-depth querying on a narrow product/ingredient category (e.g., fiber, whole grain). Contact us for a quote on the following types of proprietary questions: Qualitative Closed-ended survey question Open-ended survey question Oversampling

Methodology & Timing
How America Eats surveys over 1,500 adult U.S. consumers and integrates ethnographic research from two major market areas. Qualitative ethnography is scheduled to begin October 2010.* Online survey will field approximately six weeks from the beginning of qualitative fielding. Final report, including in-depth analysis and strategic implications, will be published early Q1 2011.
*Please note that a minimum number of sponsors will be needed in order to field this study and follow the schedule as outlined above.

Cost & Deliverables
As a syndicated study, How America Eats has evolved over the years and builds on the 2004 Obesity in America research. Its purpose is to provide current, comprehensive consumer data and deep, relevant insights that inform, influence and inspire. How America Eats 2010 is available to clients according to the following sponsorship site license levels: Global Corporate site license (multiple brands and business divisions) Single User site license (single company, brand, consultancy or agency) Institution site license (academic or government agency) Sign up by August 31 and save $5,000 off the cost of a site license Benefit of early sponsorship (in addition to cost saving) is input to help shape study scope and questionnaire design to insure your areas of interest are covered. Final full report deliverable is a high-impact PowerPoint detailing the qualitative and quantitative findings (with accompanying data tables in Excel format) with executive summary and strategic implications supported with key visuals. Final deliverable includes a summarized version of the report as a PowerPoint presentation.
About Hartman Group Hartman Group, the predominant consumer consultancy, located in Bellevue, Washington, blends leading-edge customized primary qualitative, quantitative and trends research with a unique brand of analysis to understand the subtle complexities into how consumers live, shop and use brands, products and services. For more than 20 years, Hartman Group has been listening loudly to the underlying motivations and behaviors to deliver the most comprehensive insights that inform and inspire innovation, strategy and, most of all, move the needle for clients. For more: www.hartman-group.com.

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To participate in this syndicated study, please fill out the form below and email/fax back to: Blaine Becker Director, Marketing & Communications FAX (425) 452 9092

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