MY ACTIVITY PLAN Group:10 students Gender: 5 males, 5 females Age: 12 to 14 Level: Intermediate Material: a pinpon ball Time: 10 mins

Interaction: Ss to ss OBJECTIVES  The students will have got to know each other in an enjoyable and funny way  The student will have learn that they could use these activities in their future life STEPs  At first, T ask the students to say their name  Later T asks all the students to come in front of class  T tells what to do with the ball in his hand  A student throws the ball in air and say another student¶s name  When the other student catches the ball, he says a name and throws the ball to he/she  f he hits the student, the student get out of play  f he can¶t hit the student, the one who had the ball will get out of play  This activity goes on until all students are hit

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