Rubric for Presentation of Original Poem

Advanced Proficient Basic

Name __________________________

Below Basic

A logical sequence is as follows:
1. Introduction / Inspiration 2. State poem title 3. Read / present poem 4. Identify techniques

Student presents information in a logical, interesting sequence that the audience can follow.

Student presents information in a logical sequence that the audience can follow.

Audience has difficulty Audience cannot understand following presentation presentation because there is no because the student jumps sequence of information. around.

Sounds and/or visuals explain and add to Student's sounds and/or listener’s understanding of visuals relate to poem. Visuals
the poem.

Student's sounds and/or

Student uses sounds and/or Student overdoes sounds and/or visuals that don’t make visuals or uses none. sense with the poem. Student looks at audience less than at notes (e.g., SMARTboard, computer, poster, etc.) Student's voice is low. Student incorrectly pronounces language. Audience members have difficulty hearing presentation. Student shows little enthusiasm for poem and presentation.

Eye Contact

Student clearly knows Student maintains eye content and presentation contact most of the time. without the use of notes. Student uses a clear voice Student's voice is clear. and correct, precise Student pronounces most pronunciation of language words correctly. Most so that all audience audience members can members can hear hear presentation. presentation. Student demonstrates Student conveys some passion and interest in his emotion and enthusiasm or her original poem. in presentation of poem. Poem comes alive.

Student seems to ignore audience.


Student mumbles, incorrectly pronounces language, and speaks too quietly for students in the back of class to hear.


Student seems disinterested in poem and presentation.

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