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than the offense has to be a decent pass team. defending sideline to sideline with multiple formations and sets. University of Utah. Force the defenders to cover the entire field. Base Run: The base run play is the inside zone.The Spread Offense Running Game Introduction: Dan Mullen. Currently the Head Coach of Mississippi State University) Philosophy: The theory behind the offense is to attack the defense every play. which branches into the zone-read option. Number of Safeties = Success: The number of safeties will alert the offense to where they can be successful. then the quarterback will his reads and runs to accound for the extra defender in the box. ( Would move on to the University of Florida as the OC. If a defense shows a two high safety look. If the defense has no safeties high. with the deception of the pass. The basis of the option attack is to provide the threat of a run. then the offense knows the matchups in the box are in their favor. to take advantage of matchups. If the defense shows one safety high.Dan Mullen . Quarterbacks Coach. Also force the defense to spread across the field. protecting against the run and pass. 14/ .

Receivers: If on frontside of play. then Ccarry out Fake. PST .14/15 Read With the inside zone play being the base play. If on the backside of the play. most of the run plays use the same blocking schemes. If End is blocked give.Combo the 3-tech to the mike. Meaning block nose to inside number. the Center can make his reads and 3scoop directly to the Mike. He may make a "man" call which will Bblock through the DE to Sam.Open and read backside C-gap defender. block as if the Q keep . reading the 1st DL passed the Center QB . TB . blocks as if the play were inside zone.Aiming point is the outside leg of the PSG. Therefore base zone rules are used.Has to block the B-Gap defender.Base on Nose BST .Base block the 5-tech 5PSG/C . BSG .

15 Read FS SS C S E T M T E W C R .

15 Read v. 6 Man Box FS C S E M T W T E SS C R .

(C-Gap defender turns down the LOS chasing the TB) then run and TB has to keep his hands together for fake.QB opens to TB.QB's heels are at 5.Practice 10 minutes every day.Combo to Mike BSG/BST . ready for snap .Basees C/PSG .Combo BSG/C . TB is responsible for getting to mesh. 15 Read .QB's hands always up.Combo BST . the QB will make the play a more true read play.Will open and read BS C-Gap Odd D: PSG/T .Adjustments versus other fronts: 6-man Box: In a 6-man box. reps occur for each play .Always practice read plays with the read . the quarterback has to make the read. TB toes at 5 1/2 (stacked behind tackle . and takes ride step . second step is to aiming point. pause step allowing blocking progression to occur. The PST .TB takes a lead.Combo to backside linebacker QB . . extends.If QB gets a pull read.B-gap Defender Ball Mechanics for 14/15 Read: .

It depends on the defense each week. to the playside linebacker PSG .Rip through the inside shoulder of end. It can be run to either the 3tech side or the shade.step up and make exchange and naked away.sifts up to Mike QB . the naked will hold the end TB .Blocks back PST . Either way it is designed to be a quick hitter.block man on with inside zone rules Typically the QB & TB cheat up their alignment slightly. To the 3-tech: C .10/11 Trap 10/11 Trap is not always used as a weekly play.step up and at the center's near leg.Traps the 3-tech BST .influence pulls to the DE BSG . no need to run-fake away. WR . run downhill and take handoff. . reading trap block.

11 Trap FS SS C S E T M N E W C R .

11 Trap To The Shade FS C W E M N W SS T E C R .

Aim at the outside shoulder. . PST . Needs to be 5x1. with Tackle.Sit and block outside numbers of defender. sink the hips.will attack and pitch off C-gap defender. "Capture the shoulder. then up and flat to the safety QB . attack and cut anyone they can. 5 yards outside and 1 yard back. then follow" TB . and pitch ball to the back.Secure the Mike.Veer release to near backer Rest of the line will full zone block to the play side. if get pitch try and circle the field WR . seal the defense off from inside-out #3 WR .8/9 Speed This play is run to counter the defense tightning the box down to stop the inside run.Keep good pitch phase/relationship.

attack the outside shoulder and pitch. IF the pitch key runs straight up field. so the Sam backer will more than likely become the pitch key. IF the pitch key is fast-flowing and attacking the QB. then pitch as soon as there is leverage. . Pitch phase has to be kept at all times. This done by pitching off the C-Gap defender and stretching the field horizontally. This alerts the line to all reach-out block. IF the pitch key is a stationary player on the LOS. and the blitz is coming from the field. TB should expect the pitch early. The C-gap defender still is the key. Ball Handling and Mechanics for Speed This play is trying to stress the D. then attack it.IF the defense is heavy blitz or zone pressure team. The tackle makes a "gang" call.

9 Speed FS SS C W E N M T E S C R .

Gap-Back BSG . The pitch man could be the frontside WR.keep pitch relationship.goes down on Nose Center .Shovel/Pitch off of the C-gap defender.Needs sprint flat down the line TB .wants to come and block the middle to BS backer PSG . If defender is upfield. getting into to position via kick-back movement at snap.Pull to frontside LB BST .6/7 Shovel This is triple option play.Hinge QB . . shovel underneath. may receive pitch. Shovel Player . PST . If defender squeezes down to take shovel away then run speed. or a WR in motion from the backside.

7 Shovel FS C W E Motion SS M N S T E C R .

It is a gap scheme to the frontside. block backside DE QB . PST . follow tackle through the hole .Base DE C & PSG .Combo shade to backer BSG -Base 3-tech BST .Pull to frontside backer TB .QB Wrap This play is the counter to the base zone read play.Come across and give good zone fake.Give quick fake to TB.

QB Wrap SS FS C W E N M S T E C R .

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