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By Kamala Nair 30 32 34 37 42 46 48 50 52 Mailbox Our readers write What's Hot! Dispatches from the world of design Giorgio Armani takes Fifth Avenue." page 106. D.. By Helen Yun and Lindsey Nelson Trend Alert Captivating coral. "Capital Idea. which was designed by Vicen1e to New York News Flash Desi.I i Left: A view of the Pacific from Annette and Stan Cook's Malibu house. On the cover: George Stephanopoulos and Alexandra Wentworth's living room in Washington. ~DECOR Depar trncn ts Edilor's Page By Margaret Russell Our Crowd This issue's contributors. By Tim McKeough Sensational stores from Dall. Photography by Simon Upton. styled by Anita Sarsidl. By Jim Shi 14 ELLEDECORGOM .gn Dossier Chic tents and much more. By Anita Sarsidi 54 Insider Trading What's new in the showrooms 56 58 Shortlist Catherine Malandrino plays favorites. By Charlotte Druckman RSVP Diamonds meet David Lynch at Cartier's Miami bash.C .


The Tribeca Bedroom Collection by Vermont Tubbs offers luxurious rich-brown wood-and-leather shades and jewel-tone throws.ADVERTISEMENT MODERN IS NOT TRENDY. but you can't go wrong with modern shades of brown. Spark up this popular hue with bright. bold accents or tone It down with neutrals to create a clean. IT IS NOT FLEETING. crisp look. Choosing a color scheme for your space is not always an easy task. IT IS A NEW TAKE ON DESIGN THAT BRINGS THE BEST OF CLASSICISM INTO A NEW DAY. COLOR OF CHOICE. pieces such as the headboard shown at right as well as bedding in subtle . HERE. AT ITS BEST SIMPLE. AND ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL. IT EFFORTLESSLY MESHES TRADITIONAL COLLECTIONS AND CONTEMPORARY STYLING WITH NEW LOOKS TO CREATE THAT ARE CURRENT AND INSPIRING. FIND MODERNITY COMPLEX.

VISIT BLOOMINGDALES.ADVERTISEMENT Simplicity Redefined TEXTURED TOUCHES. The Parentesi Dining Collection in a room conveying dimension that by Calligaris (above) superbly integrates geometric shapes a sense of rncdernlty. Chaise byl(oinoris a leather lounge that combines top-notch with the highest quality SA~AR-'I ~RY B~NHAROT CAlUGARIS CARL HANSeN 8.UO'AX PIA GR~GE KARTaL KOINOR MfTCHEUL GOUD + 008 WILLIAMS i'VITUZZI PALECEK RALPH LAUReN VERMONT TU8BS W SCHIWG FOR THE BLOOMINGDALE'S NEAREST YOU. . BOLD GEOMETRICS. Such a enhance your space's easy chair example of mix will instantly appeal. Cool and sleek. of colors match any palette. To truly make your room comprehensive design.COM. pieces add a bold is strikingly TvfATTER. and fabrics to woven dynamic from different in its leathers and lacquer pieces. Square and rectangular fresh and dean. play with textures. The Jeremiah design materials. SON CHATEO. This black woven-paper-cord by Carl Hansen (below) is an inspired a textured piece that would look stunning opposite leather furniture. Whell designing right materials MATERIALS a room. Leather is perfect for those interested contemporary it is available in a variety to ·In a look. using the Is essential.

By Vicky Lowry ELLE DEGOH'sGuide to the 10 Most Gorgeous Garden Benches Truth in Decorating: Designers Matthew Patrick Smyth and Amanda Nisbet rate these olein-air beauties.By Mitchell Owens Great Ideas Outdoorlivinq areas with indoor style. By Chris Dixon 162 Resources Where to find it.. Richard Shapiro's boxwood maze in Los Angeles.. By Anita Sarsidi 18 ELLEDECORCOM . Oartier'sgeodesic dome lor Art Basel Miami Beach. ~DECOR 60 62 66 70 76 RSVP Architect Lee F.. A table selling in Alessand'ra Branca's Manhattan gard'en. By Helen Yun 82 86 Daniel's Dish Nothing stacks up like a club sandwich .contents Clockwise from top: Dennis Basso at his Long ISland poolhouse .By Daniel Boulud ELLE DECOR Goes to Charleston Where gracious living is at its finest. Mindel and artist Malcolm McLaren create a Hamptons happening. By Martha McCully Appraisal Garouste and Bonetti's nee-Baroque drama . By Alyssa Wolfe 166 Etcetera Sturdy plates dish out summery style. By Helen Yun Art Show Laura Letinsky's haunting stililifes.

significantly reducing the solvent In our products and continuing to use naturally occurring pigments and pure ingredients like G =. Colour craftsmen since 1940 Showrooms: Bonon Chicago Greenwich losAnge!es New York Midtown New York SoHo Toronto WashIngton For further . or zero voe (solvent) content.whatev~r your shade of green one thing 5 for certain.Infom'latfon. By The quality of the ingredients we use and the high performance of our products have been the benchmark for decades. environmentally frle.celephone888 511 1121 or visit our website www.details of your local retailer or for delivery to your door.1 background of our Sll\Ie.lred is 'Anenk' on .gate wa!!paper BP868 b oell printed using our own pillnt to give the unique 'Farrow & Ball'look . Linseed of our minimal Oil and China The colour feztl. your family. the Farrow & BalJ range is now even better for you.ndlr .farrow-ball. your home and the environment. now Farrow & Ball is the green option whatever colour you choose.FARROW&BALL Any colour as long as it's green reen. the majority p-aint and wallpaper has a low.

By Alexandra Wentworth 114 The Secret Garden Dealer and designer Richard Shapiro creates a lush neoclasslcal oasis in the middle of Los Angeles. By Samuel Cochran 1 32 Perfect Balance Interior designer Alessandra Branca's Manhattan pied-a-terre weds practicality with panache. The kitchen of a Manhattan townhouse desiqned by V'ictoria Hagan and Peter Pennoyer. go to By Anne Bogart 154 Urban Idyll Decorator Sara Story finds paradise in an apartment overlooking a fabled New York City park. By Ingrid Abramovitch Clockwise from top: Summertime wares. call 800-333-8546. By Martha McCully 124 American Revival Decorator Victoria Hagan and architect Peter Pennoyer breathe life into a historic townhouse. To order a back issue. Manuel Canovas. colorful home at George Stephanopoulos and Alexandra Wentworth's Georgetown Georgian. the setting is as chic as the guest list. to change your subscription address. By Mimi Read 138 Shopping: The Quick Fix The best summer housewares under the sun. California. or for any questions regarding your subscription. dream house. By Anita Sarsidi 144 Life of the Party At fashion designer Dennis Basso's Hamptons poolhouse. 37 20 HLEDECOR.COM . By Jamee Gregory 148 Northem Light A Sweden-loving client enlists designer Vicente Wolf to make over her family's Malibu. Lavandlere bedding by To subscribe to ELLEDECOR. By Anne Bogart 120 Escape Artist Public-relations maven Marcy Engelman lakes refuge in her airy loft-style order a gift subscription. You may also call 386-597-4375.contents ~DECOR Features 1 05 ELLE DECOR Style 1 06 Capital Idea Interior designer Elizabeth Martin crafts a comfortable.




F.lldeaeldl~d b ELLEDEcoR. Un~~ eo rfl~l-e:nal w.RlZJO MCilraag~ fi. REED Kl\AKo I'P. F1AlIl"f\''$JrvlLs.S. consumer Marketing ManlJl'act1Jr~ngTI ..&: PRIiSTON SA '~CY. RN IV ELLS PI<UlLL.A..IX!I'J'\-.or n CEO Illtem:a. Fa IniQtme-LioftU'l rspm'lW·etI.. Heman aesowces EILEEN F..7 -4375: ta~ 303-60.tiQlli3i1o'f Ma![lazfneDfvlsioo. H_1CK.l. Cllief Sc:l"lfor iedl_f1QIQ'g~ crnce- TOM DONO E .Jn~1 GATHERTNF..h.. R.tant .. :3Q3..60022'-5600 (for fas:Ier Or call :3BtI .S" Ino.~r'ptiCfi...liP.. Oi ~ital M~di. or call80G-529c-1602.x!sco NnNT...B. BoN.lTEllA D Business Manager 1iA..l~dEfe.AN r AllGE SCf{E"R.(orrL 8.-I..flJMoo\:a UBI' 'h1c. mil 3813'-sg.!I Active 11l1emaliQI"'a'1rEA N Dr.. NY 1 0019.. lDE U <Zirhl/Ol ~ to CICERO DES NOES Sy"ildlc<!itJon Tbarn Coprod'oU(:... MoUll! M<:<T~.1NGJ-:Jl 'F'tJbllshlfig Dlrec'to~...e past two years ~1'' fO.5...xn:rn.. u. MTSti TWO I:r KOWSJ{1..$CA 'Lagill'dere AclI'l1e OJ[llER (\wf'll. coreerate ccnmunrcatlcns En MAN AN. 1..MAC HOAR.'Vl-~N KIM V:ERNON. in Chi ~f BRAND 0 N rACE Contrib tlting Ed ttors ..k.corp) Q!.ASMASTERSON O. Lagardere Active J'EAN' DE .. 1_0 16.."tt.E DECOR:EIsa rilgl'JlefOO troccrrerkor Hilcne1U! FI~p8CCJ11 presse ~ . e'I PUbliGElhDfl~ lnc.~d . NA1~l<Q6NL'Y S'J'f'. s~1j e Lh~ ~ frdl~ ardell r. Sen lor lIP. . Al.N WYCK. 110 tm!1da.'.IliiI5101'1 01'l~ftrdere.i!oomaouscrcas. $41 ~pr Canada (If'I~iJ~ 5% GSTJ.$. ~ gO' 10 oese FlIt}'J ~.le'Iov~.fu~"N s.MEE GREGORY. Chief ~turel'i'1tmt :ar. [}e. MATh.a".JA..PI. '{UN [5.:Is6' ocse ue ssue dales}. J.'utr. €I rmrt 01 t.lE DEC-OFIDls I"!CoL fBSp:lnslb1e :ibl loss of 0 darnaqa to 1Jnsolk:.::I-7~ .. ~I GuSLofi rerservlce-clledeccr Orl::l~~C!f aubscnpuon rate S1!j !U USA cno pDS~Ict'IS.p1lgI togo] ere Q'l. ELl. MEUSSA BARRETT RFiODES.NK .'ll Wo LF.LOU MARO'I-rA.. ~ u.. n VFi..CFO rfllLlI'~E PElUUUlS Sen io'.plJfy by Fran!:-e can~I).St:i p..p'B:l$8 eonl~1 iSrlla:nKolb.oo'9:5or -b}l:olbiDwnghLflrep-b'i l!.IJi~ cited QI" tiny clner 1.TnI "'!UNHIII~ _1tJA..pPolf\wdIf\thc..t Large CARLOS MOTA Assistant to the Ed.UAM N IDltY 1<. 'HAlt-IE WRIGHTMAN.tors KAMALA NAIR.MATT "EI~M"N. I!:II" yOUl ~N1I"1l<!Jllir'l9 8.=!l1·ODD AN D semce VFi.tAH .:119.Q..:'JcJ Officer IJ'£N :N"E11"' · (S1 0 .l'. OirectOl'Pi\. eM SUI ~r olh!...Eli"'(I !CI~ eervce.To order bacH' ssoes dated \"Ii1hinlr. DAVIIJ CO LM PIN."Irg€oteocaess.aE:n"E R!JM.95 frQl''Ii can:3_eta:S is.ret. a:1... Eli r. enccse e recent .ior VP.I7 "-'IT('.tlNl.A_N..L·~"~.>: SCAGLIONE SVERBEYEFF Production Consulting Manager ONOYEYAN Art and Architecture Con.I:::(N.. TOOR. VICENTl::": YEOWARD.lntC:matlonai Network Operaijons.(! ~ 08:iOi=l Oostomer Bervee. HFMUS.vSSA WOLFE. To 'Cf'<Wa ~b~ptIOr....!n~ Sl:-tO:..i on your 9LJ}.i:Jl Wngl'n's RE:p"ItiiS".... 1L 61 O""-Q676. ELAINE GIUHFtN.IJNS Chairman Emerttua DAN1E:LJ1IllPACCHl HPM us is.Nl!. Rlel'lARD LAMBERTSON.Y AU'!iMA1~1. Bouroe.NT!.al COl. .MTIl. Edi..BOlS'[lEFE·1U:!: A~GDrl"e-SJX(Id_l.. IHe ~t: r. R RON~01.. Box 576.E:RTJ::U~·R"BUNNY WILLJ AJ!. Tel~ ~1~~7S7·5:90[] FIonce.'.J.U~ OJ~orrl€l Sarvtce: For a ch.j rot be returned.ID1lnclude 7611 -t.. ~S~PflFtBt.t. pa_ irllM CEQ Ac1 rue. WJ l.Vice 'President/Editor In Chief MARGARET RUSSELL Editor Art Director FLORENTINO l'AMINTUAN E~·ecufive.. inteqrated Sales and MaJ':keling Me H OiA.l e-pr nLS.I_ll&llli... U.S. JNP Etl.VJOA G 1i.. !IIACiIII. . (Jlj:li:Nn President arid C'E!O ALAlN lEMAJtCHAND E>eooU ve V" and COO PHlUPPE EK1!:cuttve VP'/Grou~ G lJEU"ON ececouve lIP end G-e'ller..: ~reeki4".e".Nl _STEI!H~""N W . I-..RAZZa SeniOf VP. . MASs'[. CYNTHIA FRA.F. P. KAREN MARX.. sro ~\' irom other c:otIr'IJriBS~ tcS tnt DECO~ Book 1SS\J6.Assistant Markel Editor PARKER BOWIE Assistant EdilorialAssi.ln.l'lagi'"g Editor DARA KEITHLEY Photo Edftor TARA GERMINSKY Associate Editor 1'1 ELEN YUN Designer KA1'HEIUNE MCDONALD .I3rutNA.D SEUX Inten"\!}tioll:al Pub'lisli'ling. iM..~. IF'Qr ~rI1 oi.I Copy Chief KATE HAMBRECHT Assistant Ma. GO ...y.l1~ rn1lterlfll.. "'~. 55850.$:38H.tior'lTeam M arlager CRlSTINA RO:MERO ..IQHN VFllFlnCiiic:r1I koc:kM.O. Bn~G5~.H. VA. '1301SCtf-fFH..ECO~ trfIDerliatks (del"'Qfll~liOIl.. BETTINA ZILKHA Ed... DICKSON WONG Art an d Photo Assi stant PAUL KOLBE \fi'ee President of Oparati'ons MICHAEL ESPOSITO Production Dtractor LYNN I'HYLUS DINOIN IT. "llEEGCA aONO. mcusheo by j-ecnette FH M"".. P. couect your 'neal postmaster directty. LINDSEY NELSON UZAf:lETH SIAM!> Editor 'ELIZABETH 'Editor BYRON DANIEL BOULIJD Special Projects 'Editors !( A'tE Rf [~INSTEm RRO D$K\'. LA1-nlo:lUlth JANAS VP.Editof Articl es Edltor and Decoration MITCHELL OWENS Design ANITA SARSIDI J ENNI FER ~USr.tor ...ccp..IF.EII&i."1~::: C Co~il1'll e 2COO'~cheM Fllip<:lcc..oNALD 1'.


8371 MELROSE AVENUE Opening spring 2009 CHICAGO.2009 NEW YORK. 43 GREENE STREET LOS ANGELES.Nobuyoshi Araki Tokyo. 21 .G2 . 3740 N_E 2nd AVENUE . 226 WEST KINZIE STREET MIAMI.


Vice p,,,,.ident/Publisher


Senior VP/Group VPIManaging VP/Associate VP/A"sooiate

Publishing Publisher,

Director M~rkeling



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ADVF.RTl51.N G SALES New York 1033 BROADWAY, Executive 44TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY 10019 Sal us. Directors 1JL1.ESTf.RMA N, M A"n'IiEVI' TALOM'II':. UNDA TULIJO Sales OlrectornVlRG[NIA CRAWFORD, CINDY HWANG Regional saies Director NICOLE QUArLS AdvertisIng Coordinator MICHAH, l'UEl'iKE Direct Class~ied SenIor Sales Soles Response Sales PETER BREVETT Cat.aJogue Sales ROSS C 1I N-:t<IN I1AM G

.M.AREt£l'1iNC'& PROMo']"l ON Public Relations ALDUS Creative Director CHEMINNE TAYLOR-SMITH Service. Director MJ\Wi .I:LL.EN W t:NStOW


Art Director

WITT MerchandisIng, Director NATArIE ECHEVARRIA RAGASTO Graphic Oesigner I><1ARLEEN ADL.ERllLUM Promotion M~nagars CARRU! DUTE.UE, QE!D!<I; WE5T Promction Associate ASHLEY SNEED Mark.ting Associates GERALDINE LANG, ELKE 'PELLICANO Director DEBOBAH Promotion Coordinators


c~ RCUL.,!\TIQ'N PHILIP [(ETONIS WILLIAM CA.RTER S" nlo r Di rector, Rete II N'ewss\and Mark olin ~ WilL! AM MIC Ii A".O P0 Ut.OS Newsstand Sales Dlronl", JOHN KAYSER
V p, 01 rcul ",jo" Bu;1 ness and Strategy Director Group Circu'lation Atlanta '2970 CLAJRMONT REC I ONA1. SA1.ES OFPI CBS kOAD, SlIITE 045, ,I\TlANTA, GA:g.oJ.:l.9 TEL: 4114-9B2-}l-l9'l, l=AX; 4Q.::I-98::::-9565 S~~them Balee Oir:ec1g:r"VVON'NI; RA..q:; AV"F.NlJErs.:Ul'Tl-: 4'100. CHICAGO, Il, c)06l1 TIl.: 3J:l!-,:?;l:3-of-8ill, 'PI\X: ;il~-B~)-PJ~ r..UdWesl Sales Dtrectcr 't~Al'fiA AM! N.I

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Reglonal otfice Mt:DEl RoS & As..":iOUAT1£, 3lB LAURE.L W1LM.E'j 'Tl!.ll. 6m.J91 T~I::"=847-20.~~-J.n·1J' pAX: 2<4}-l5t-;52'3? MidWest eeiee Dlrector G1GT f:l. GA.ZZAH n:;l..:


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Los An'-1etes.j6?oWI1Sf::llltQ BOULEVAlU), TEL: 3:l:3'"9S4'48u7. FAX; 3~3--'375-IjSOuwestern WeS1 Coast RBgioF'la[



16(jc.lOS ANGI!:t..tS, CA L}o(J'.30 Director [A..'WN YAs.M.ENT

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32i3i~$71-il(!l2=,FAX: 32.3'"'.sfJ~2.,]1"ij' W"st Coi'!l~1 ~l3glonClI

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canada YORK Tl:l~ 41<i-51>8:-(IoIOJ, ~_U~



SE~V1CES,l"U QU1':ENS QUI\.Y WEST, SU1TE TORONTO, ONTAIllO MjV,KIl Netlonal ManB.ger n. JORN ~AGN"F.R ~cwnt M~na.gef"COLLf-P.N T_ CURnAN


INT£]!'~TIONA.L 5AUlS PUl:I.l.IC11'AS NORTH AM8.R.lCA,330 Sl!Vl!N1~H AV1:...,fl."lf PWOl(. .N.BW }"o.rU::,.N'Y L!.){H..I. VPIS:a!es Dir-e(1or JOSEPH rrUOLO. TEl: lU-:;30-(i'72.4, IPRIOLO@PU8UCJT.AS~COM 2. SALES OFFICES WORLDWIDE
A...M.S-n:.H..D_.o...\o1, BANGKOK, DU BA1, G.ENEVA, 'HONG ..... 'TIN(;. I.hl""ANBUl,.... LC".h""fDON, MACAU. MAD IUD, MILAN,




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lNTER~IONAL1IDITJONS Arget.IlUn:;l E]_J.);:.DECOltACJON, TACl.JARJ" l 35l, ll39 Rl..f6..t10S" ATR&:S Ohlrta .E1L.J! bECORA,.tQ~.ltOOM . 2.~t.I.<!, L93PU rIA.N lID •• SHA...Ioo,JCHAl zuoczi Croatia ELLE D I!:KO. RADNTCK.A.. CESTA 3~. ro {lOO ZAGREB
En(;jland llLE DEf"..QR.A1'ION', 64 NOl.tTH ROW, LONDON WIK 7LL

France ~HB DECORA11 ON, ,.9. RUE ANATOLE-FRANCE, 9'5", l]!VALW1S-PERRETCk.'DEX GiI;irmal':lY' F.:U~I:nl;;CO[.i;)r,T10N. A1U, Rl~,I_A.5TRA.:,)Sf~ J3c,.sl\.1'~..sMUNICH nreeee .£1.1...f:=: D'ECO, I\K.Altio N .3.~ & M 0 N'1!.I\,U~ ..SlS, [5.• ~5 PO LYDRO.s.O M1}\..ROU'S] 0 U A


KONG 4001.lH

H""~"'l' Ell.E DIlKOR, ADOC-SEMIC KIAIlOl KFl"" J'lc'llER UT, '0, "06 BUDAf'£s:r

Italy"fl.L...l..1: DECOR. C/O E-lAC~E1-rn [tuSCONI, VIAlE$l!Jl.CA ~j:511al"1().MILAN Jap." "U_f. OECO. MTNAMI-AOYAMA TDKYU BLDG_, J-~-3il M1NAM1-AOYAMA. MTNAT()-Kll, Korea ELU D£t::ORA1l0N1 LEVEL 4/7 l"l-AJ..:: Tow'E:R :!j.i-13i r-lONK.YlJ't'~aDONG, :!~L'UIU 'Norway UJ.E INTERiOR, P,O. BOX "14N MA rORSTlJA, oJ"' 00 LO
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t-a, ,ECTOR" BUCHI,J<I'5T RlJ:s:s.iiE!l E:l.l..E DECOR, ~LEI, SHA.HOLQVKA SYR_ ENTRANCE ·Ii, MOS-COW L1.5I1S:z Soulh A.frlea.E.Ll.J! OECOltA110N. 37' ~A·L".HAVJ!...RO:S"M..NK, tJ.~4Ia~.ANN.I=":SHURG 5p";" feLl, o;'CO. AVDA_ GA~D&NI!J. HE!>tH:~-" aUlA pBo!. MADRID Swed"Cfll!LU LN T E.R.lcn{.:, S:·L"uUK.S l'LAN a, u_3"}~S1"'OCKH (H.M Thail.ncl Ell..6 DECOR, 7/FliANGKOKl'OST BLDG" ,,6 Nil. I<ANONG lill .. KLONG T01Y, BANGKOK TurKey ElLE QECQ[-.i'_ DBR, aumuvrr M'[])YA 'rowLRS.14:m l~:1·AN~UL STRADA ETA[1iLE





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ast month, while announcing

our upcom-

ing 20th anniversary, T asked readers to send me their thoughts about ELLEDECOR. I did so with some hesitation: Typically tbe vast majority of people who take the time to mail a comment to a magazine are unrivaled in their crankiness ..But T was sure 1 was up to the task, having survived two seasons of wild Iy snarky blog posts regarding my stern

role on Bravo's reality-competition show; lop Design. Happily, no emotional armor has been required. One of my favorite responses is from a woman who
writes.r'The houses you show us, houses which someone

li ke me who 1ives in a little Wisconsin city of3,OOO wou III never oth erwise see, give us insigh t in to the sou Is of the
ELLE DECOR is proud to support the savennah College of Art and Design. an impressive rnulticarn pus teachinq facility where yOl,lng creative talents get a jump start on their careers. Be sure to Check 01,11 the school's website,,

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rooms most people can on ly fantasi ze about never (8 i I to catch our eye, hut they are only part of the recipe. Such homes consistently share our pages with equally appealing yet more pragmatic spaces packed with smart, useful solutions to everyday decorating concern!'? And even if you can only drea m about them, over-t he-top i ntcriors have their place-they are meant to inspire you to decorate your own home withmore pizzazz, more flai r, more heart, Inspiration has al ways bee n th e eS5 ence of EJ.LE DECOR: We no t only invite you to get to know our international srylesetters up close and personal, we hope you'll be as excited as we are about the way they choose to live. Most important, though, is that you fi nd ways to adapt their ideas and make

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page 56)." says the photographer of decorator Alessandra J os hu aM cH ugh Branca's Manhattan home ("Perfect Balance." the actress says." page 106). a regular guest on Oprah Fridays Live. "Cartier always produces masterful events that transport guests to another realm. host of ABC News' This Week." McKeough contributes to Fast Company and Wired. Wentworth. and InStyle. and their two daughters allowed Wentworth to reflect on her style accomplishments ("Capital Idea. Shi writes for V Magazine..OurCrowd Charlotte Druckman When interviewing Catherine Malandrino about her favorite things (Shortlist. McHugh's photographs also appear in Interior Design and House Beautiful. "The way she layers colors and patterns made for such lively images. n he says. Marie was dazzled by Cartier's private dinner{"Rock Stars. "They're like little pods with fabriccovered walls. Alexandra Wentworth Jim Shi Writing about the Washington. "She appreciates everything fromR&B music to a garden in the South of France." the New York-based j ournal ist says. D. Travel + Leisure." page 132)." page 58) to debut two jewelry lines and a video installation by David Lynch. Tim McKeough The writer loved the spiraling staircase in the newly opened Armanll5th Avenue store (What's Hotl Shops. is the creator of and lead character on the Starz television series Head Case.l: ~ o By KAMALA NAIR 32 ELLED ECOR." Druckman has been published in T The New York Times Style Magazjne. Druckman was struck by the fashion designer's diverse range of interests.C. and the British edition of Vogue.CO M . "It's a balance of practicality. and natural beauty. The former editor of fashionweekdaily. . home she shares with husband George Stephanopoulos. luxury. "I love when I take a chance and hand -dye a rug myself or cover a wall in seashells and it works.~ z UJ . page 42) but was most taken with the fitting rooms.

com ."-~ Comfortably Ever After" serta.

CO M . NC Nancy Gaynor. He is so innovative and darinq-vl' m excited to see what he will do in the future. Maybe one day I can have am happy to be inspired strive for the same feeling can't wait for next month's the real deal. Below: The March cover: Harmonious Haven Southern Style As a fan and former resident of New Orleans. ELLE DEOOR. As always. she indicated she was ready to jettison her large lilac sectional sofa because it was too permanent.. and . so I freehanded my interpretation of his Fromental wall covering in my half-bath and added a $1 00 pendant I. NH To subscribe to ELLEDECOR." March 2009]. I think she should follow that impulse and. New York City ment ["Ouarter Master. The elegant Interiors were the perfect complement to the landmark architecture. coincidentally. a4 ELLED NY 10019: e-rnall: (lllsdscormail@himus. It was also great to see Nathan Thomas of Top Design [What's Hot! Top Design]. I have several suzan is in my house and love them for their bold yet imperfect appearance. IL Send Mailbox your lelters---but keep them short and to the point (we reserve the righl to edit ror length. Thank you for highlighting residences that typify the beauty and rich history of this fine city.ight based on his Swarovski chandelier. 41st floo~ New York. go to custornerservtce-etledecoccom. To order a back issue. Concord. my apartment and I are ready for such lovely permanence! Robyn Ryan.. but you'll find one or two. 1633 Broadway. In the art icl e .sty'le). via e-mail Ann Murphy. The address: Mailbox. Becky Charles. via e-mail Creative Thinking I am a 50-year-old wannabe designer who peruses every issue of your magazine. .It's called Spot the Suzani. and when I saw the M arch cover I just had to write to tell you about a game I play with a friend of mine whilelQoking through the magazine . to change your subscription address. Good Sport I consider it a treat when ELLE DECOR arrives in the ma il. Time Flies I have just returned from a five-day trip to Hong Kong and wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to spend some of the 15-hour flight with my March ElLE DECOR. your magazi n e was fi lied with intriguing homes and people. from all the fabul ou s ikats you fea tured to the. Forthat issue it was 100 easy~there was one right on the cover! Usually you have to look rather persistently. We look forward to continuing our game and invite others to join." J ulyl August 2008] and was thrilled to see ELLE DECOR head back to the Big Easy to show the stunning home of Allison Kendrick ["Heal'ing Power. or for any questions regarding your"]. Antioch. Lisa Martin. call 800-333-8546. clarity. Mooresville. I ideas. but today I by ELLE DECOR and to as the high~end look..mailbox Left: The New Orleans home of Allison Kendrick. little Turkish-flaq pillow in Freddie Leiba's guest bedroom ["Flawless Fini. Greenwood. Victoria H. You may also call 386-597-4375." March]. to order a gift subscription. I loved Adam Lippes's dining room in the October 2008 issue ["Sky High"]. Universal Appeal I loved the international flair in your March issue. enjoyed last year's article on Thomas Jayne's apart1 Anne Becker's apartment is the most serene and beautiful Ihave ever seen ["Worldly-Wise.




x 15. 4 THROWAWAY CHIC Dransfield & Ross's Canton Ware wastebasket made of hand-painted wood with a red-lacquer interior. and is priced at $605. X 20" sq. and the linen cushion removes easily for recovering. Available from At Home At Sweet Things. Made of black or white spun steel. Tile lamp measures 25" h. Gall 713-661-4935 exploretessera. or visit 2 MOD SQUAD Todd Bracher's minimalist Dome table lamp for Mater weds a classic shape with a retro '70s vibe. x 15" w. Available at Room. call 888-420-ROOM or go to roomonline. call 415-388-8566. Mounted on a polished-nickel base. 4 is 5 SHELL GAME Jonathan Adler's Tortoise lamp trades its namesake's shell for creamy porcelain bisque. 3 TWICE AS NICE Ideal for extra seating.6" Wunderley's 18" 11.8 ELLEDECORCOM .com. It measures 12" h. The one-of-a-kind indigo-andturquoise pieces are painted with symbolic motifs such as and coordinates with a line of bath accessories.375 and is available at wunderley. Call 877 -2875 19 10 or go to jonathanadler. which signiry love. mother-of-pearl-inlaid walnut ottoman is compact enough that even a pair can be tucked under a table when not in use. it measures 14. x 7' d. and costs $695. 3. Tessera's ceramic ta2 bleware is inspired by traditional Ottoman designs.8"'s hot! I BLUES TRAVELER Handcrafted in Turkey. Bowls are 4" ($30) and 6' ($52): plates are 10" ($97) and 1 2' ($125). the translucent-china shade casts a warm glow. x 10" w. It costs $1.


. the line ranges in price from $46 for a standard pillowcase to $435 for a king-size duve! cover. Each motif is embroidered on French burlap by the mothers of designers .com. x 28" or visit tor store locations. Go to natori. 4 DRY SEASON Towels from the Natori Beach collection make a fashion-forward statement in the sand.what's hot! I THE BRIGHT STUFF Manuel Canovas's Classic toile Lavancisre bedding gets a dazzling update courtesy of a new tuchsla from his latesl home-decor line tor HSN. Pari of the company's debut line of luxe bath linincluding a shown here. x 35" w. ens. they cost $50 aprece. It comes in seven colors and measures 73. x 7" oia. and costs $130. powder-coated aluminum frarne---with optional tailored sliocover-cand waterproof cushlons. features a sleek. from a chic outdoor series by Richard Frinier for Century Furniture.. Prices start at $3. Made of Egyptian cotton. 5 OUTSIDE [NTEREST The Riviera chaise long ue. they are available in several striking patterns and color combinations. Call Voila Home for store locations at 818-887 -5036.John Ross and Don Carney_ Prices range from $32510 $380.75" I. linen shade. 3 MERCURY RiSiNG Nate Berkus's Mercury Glass lamp. It comes with a natural-hued 3 13"-dia. Available at Bon. measures 26" h. Call 800-852-5552 centuryfurnrture. 5 40 ELLEDECORCOM . call 520-795-2272. was inspired by Ihe designer's personal Cilristmas ornaments. Call 800-284-31 00 01" visit hsn. 2 2 STITCH CRAFT Patch NYC's charming framed needlapolnts are based on illustrations from vintage children's books. sinuous dragon in orange/red.960. Measuring 40" x 70".

I'.Mahs. we offer a lifetime warranty that goes way beyond that ot other carpets. and lt's surprfslngly soft l. f? .earn more aboul llus e. The stain protedion is so advanced. All tlus. .I . IT'S lli SMARTSTRAND.Don't worry. Crush resistance engineered into the fibers SD they stay looking new hmger.wkFloorfng. Strand or call800-2MO'HAWK. even after extraorJinary wear and tear. IS SmartStrand't· with DuPont' Sorona takes durability and stain protection to a new ~.cul11 MOHAWRfJ Visit wWw.<traordmary carpet at Mohawkriuuring.

Alicia Keys. At the glamorous store-opening party during Fashion Week in February. people enjoy purchasing across price ranges and mixing and matching items rather than buying total looks . The approach. pointing out the close proxi mity of Cartier and H&M here. The sprawlinq 43. Victoria Beckham. the glitterati turned out in force to wish Armani well.Caprio. and Caroline Kennedy packed in alongside Mayor Michael R Bloomberg. More and more. featuring a swirlinglhree-slory central staircase that resembles bolts of fabric caught in a tornado. "You find storied luxury boutiques rubbing shoulders with the newly arrived fast -tashion firms. "Filth Avenue exemplifies important changes that have occurred in the habits of consumers. reflects the way people shop today. Leonardo Di.S.what's hot! shops Th e base 01 the sculptural staircase.foot glass emporium is Armani's fifth global rnultibrand flagship where all of the house's labels-from home furnishings and jewelry to cosmetics and clothing collections-can be found under one roof. On Manhattan's Fifth Avenue. but that hasn't stopped Giorgio Armani from conjuring his own retail storm. who called the store [> A shimmering glass box showcases all the Italian superstar's designs under one roof 42 ELLEDECORCOM .oOO-square. store to date. explains the designer." says Armani.. the famed fashion designer has unveiled his largest U. - -- Armani/5th Avenue The current economic environ men! may be turbuls nt." Not that his company has lost any cachet in the process.


what's hot! shops "Guggenheim Two. futu risti c feeli n g. Moving higher. The circa-1959 building. and accessories. whi Ie the first floor is largely given over to gifts. On the basement Iever are jeans. The cosmetics area of Giorgio Arrnanl Beauty. and fu rn ishi n g s len d the place a fl u id. but it's less exclusive than comparable addresses.CD M . See Resources. "It's the focal point. thegl'ossy black-and-cream color scheme and curved walls. and underwear. surfaces. uninterrupted space. semicircular leather banquettes. the offerings become increasingly rarefied: The second tloor houses Armani/Casa and the women's collections of Emporia Armani and Giorgio Arrnani. creat'ing a colorful display of ever-changing patterns." in reference to the circular stairway. establishing the Armani Arts Institute to finance a range of creative programs for city kids. handbags. the duo behind Armani's Tokyo and Hong Kong flag ships. ArmanifRistorante. one of the earliest examples of the International Style." he says. was revamped by Italian architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas. the four-floor structure is anchored by the sculptural staircase. 44 ELLED ECOR. of course. "This is a prestigious shopping destination. so the interior needed to have its own identity that reflected the flair and aesthetic of Gtorg io Arman l. and it has a democratic mood I am certain represents the future. Giorgio Armani menswear on the third !Joor. "The exterior is totally New York. swimwear. Says Armani. But the designer didn't blow his entire budget on the party-he also used the event to announce a $1 million donation to New York City's Fu nd for Public Schools." TiM McKEOUGH Clockwise from top. The top level is occupied by men's clothing and Armani/Dolci." Massimiliano Fuksas notes. and views up Fifth Avenue toward Central' Park. Conceived as a single. There's also a sultry Italian restaurant featuring matte-black walls. They brightened the facade with thousands of LED Iig his. Handbags and accessories on the first floor. serving artisanal pralines and chocolate creams. Inside the glass box.


Luxe Home. 212-226-0444. New York. New 46 ELLEDECOR. including window • Bergdorf Gcodman hosts a storewide spr ing salute [0 Bottega Veneta. againdesignstudio. supplies that can be decanted into customers' own < GREEN DEPOT. Trina Turk. 19th St. accessories.sOO-square. 212929-2763. 8. ortistictile. 212~753-73DO. bags. The store also carries canvas-sling chairs and stools.hom€ ottbe first YMCA in the city-also has a zero-VOC-paint bar and private-label cleaning. bottegaveneta.. al58lh si. NEW YORK CITY A 3.foot eco emporiurn. brooksbrnthers. molteni. and a bout iqu e de vo t cd to the brand's home collection on the seventh floor.. MOLTENI & C-DADA-UNIFOR. sotas. 35l Ble'ecker St. a 149-year~old French fabric manufacturer . outpost of Les Toiles du Saleil. 212-229-4730. 60 Greene St...COM . 214-826-6777. The retaller+ensconced in the former . Whether headboards or chests of drawers. and the firm's signature sassy espadrites. Green Depot is stocked with household goods and building materials bearing detailed labels that highlight the environmental benefits of each product. .com. Chicago./. The company's sleek furnishings-as weH as kitchen alongside cabinetry-are displayed in vignettes V AGAIN DESIGN STUDIO. which is executed on-site. from tiles and countertops to lightbulbs and baby bottles. as is Pritchard's 'line of slipper chairs. 261 w. 1\ NEW YORK CITY This brigllt while. NY.Its cheery woven stripes are available lor custom upholstery. lestoilesd(!soleilnyc. 05A. Upholstered pieces are invigorated with fabrics by Madeline Weinrib. > NEW YORK CITY U18 Sandrine Guibert and Jean-Lee Carrucciu have launched first U.John Robshaw Textiles. greendepor. 2003 Henderson Ave.c:om lighting by Artemide and edgy accessories.600-square-foot Manhattan flagsllip is a shrine to Italian designs that fuse high" concept artistry with no-fuss functionality. 222 Bowery.what's hot! shops LES TOILES DU SOLEIL. • ThornBrown's dapper clothing designs are the stars of the Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers shop.. and ottomans. and KeHyWearstler. NY. DALLAS Leslie Pritchard revives vintage furniture in her kicky Dallas showroom. 220 Merchandise Mart P/uza.. 212-673-71 06. Fifth Ave. her recycled items are glamorously updated with gleaming new finishes. a Iuxe array of fashion and accessor i cs. rL.. Now Open • Artistic Tile's wide-ranging wares have an expausive new location..


whi. views. Call 310-657 -1333: sunsetmarqulshotel. In this incarnation.2 I VIEWFINDER Hotelier Andre Balazs has opened Ihe Standard New York.corn. shimmer. At 200 Park Ave. it boasts mod interiors and panoramic floor-to-ceiling Call' stanosrobotels.COM .ing surfaces. Call dramatically straddles the defunct Hlqh Line railroad In Manllatlan's meat" packing district. At 1200 Alta Loma Rd. It features Austrian-crystal chandeliers.corn. 4 NATIONAL TREASURE D. The dining room is warmed with cork walls and reclaimedcypress tables. Composed of two towering glass slabs. Call 415-863-6008. A soothing color scheme and Iuxe furnishings are part of l'he distinctive Vicente Wol r decor. Spa offers a contemporary historic Old Town Alexandria. At 1600 King St. 2 SHINING STAR A generous helping of Hollywood glamour is served alongside California-style Continental fare at Los Angeles's Restaurant. lorlenhotelandspa. At 848 Washington split -level space. patinagroup. creative Spanish cuisine is served ln a strik. Call 212-867 ·6767. 48 ELLEDECOR. in Virginia's the Lorien Hotel & take on traditional Minutes from Washington. New York's celebrated La Fonda Del Sol has been reborn steps away from Grand Central Terminal. while the adjoining noodle bar is sheathed in white subway tile.. and a lush garden dining At 1148 Mission 81. 5 SECOND ACT Nearly 40 years after the original restaurant closed. located in the fabled Sunset Marquis hotel.C. heavensdog.corn. 3 CHINA SYNDROME The latest San Francisco eatery by renowned chef Charles Phan. American style. Heaven's Dog and Noodl'e Shop is his first to specialize in Chinese food.

.19n. A grass stain on your kid s shirt? Gone Or something better? The ultra-large capacity LG SteamWasher™ uses the power of steam to remove more than 95% of common household aliergens from even the most delicate fabrics. something good for your family. NJ. doing the laundry means's Good and SteamWasher are trademarks of lG LG Life's Good ©2009 LG Electronics.. Inc' Results may vary by lab'1!. lnc. it's almost supernatural. LGusa. De\." Now. Englewood Cliffs. U.Is it a washer? When something eliminates more than 95% of all household allergens and uses steam to clean your clothes cleaner than you ever thought possible..

Pioneers (Phaidon. $40) salutes trailblazing ob[ects from 1663 to 1941. . shown at left (see "Urban Idyll. Including the folding director's chair. • Design arbiter Terence Conran pronounces white bistro tables and chairs by Fermob as perfect for summer din ing. Selected Works 2000-2007." at 'the Art Institute of Chlcago. she bleached the latter.IONEER! TI-IEPARTY FAITHFULS WHEN THE WEATHER WARMS UP. The lirsl 01 a three-volume set examining 99. artinstituteofchiI:B90. $50).CO M ." pag. Designer Richard Mlshaan breaks down his approach to elegant interiors.9 ollhe world's most innovative products. an d buckets of KFC-extracrispy! " Brittiant napkins from Crate & Barrel. AHEAD OF THE CU RVE The Solomon R. TOTALLY FLOORED Known for distinctive wall treatrnents. presents the American artist's creations in conjunction with the opening of Renzo Pia· no's Modern Wing." he observes. GE. then had deooratlve painter Alberto Tapia brush on a liight~gray motif. including the 1949-53 More than 200 Wright drawings. guggenheim. "That way. and photographs reflecting Twombly's love of nature. SO WHAT DO TOP HOSTS SAY THEY CAN·r GO ALFRESCO WITHOUT? A dining tent. 50 ELLED ECOR.0r9. Modem Luxury (M nnacell i Press. Traditional White china by Wedgwood. light cashmere throws and cardigans on hand for people to wear if it gets chi lly. "The desiign makes the spaces more cohesive since it ties In with the living room's graphic elements. Since the adjoining living room's new oak floor no longer matc'hed the kitchen's pine planks. Nights in Los Angeles can often be cool!" says fashion designer Trina Turk. $15) surveys 250 oflhe Brazilian modernist masters public works with dramatic new photography by Atan Weintraub. paintings. provide insight into 6~ projects he produced over the course of an illustrious career." • EVent designer Renny Reynolds swears by "colorful napkins from Crate & Barrel. if your tables are stone or metal.TSMART • Landscape architect LOll is Benech likes "shady tents by Guido Tosc hi Marazzani Visconti & Co. tile untitied 2001 rnlxed-media piece shown at right joins dossier bloom county "Cy Twombly: The Natural World. Oscar Niemeyer Buildings (Rizzoli.e 154). "You can dress them up or down as you like and allow the garden to become the backdrop for a relaxing meal. decorator Sara Story also demonstrates a Ilair lor floorsin her New York City kitchen. From May 16 to September 13. room by room. Depicting flowers. From May 15 to August 23. • "I like to have • "Wonderful carafes and glasses wrapped in woven fern or rattan:' style maven Carolyne Roehm says.arg. sketch of the museum pictured above. and the dartboard. such as the Greek-key rug.' Story says. hundreds of votive candles in Windproof lanterns from Pier 1 Imports. THERE'S NO BETTER SPOT FOR A BASH THAN THE GREAT OUTDOORS." [shown at right)." an exhibit honorlnq tile architect responsible for the lnstltution's spiraJing silhouette. fragi Ie accessories are less likely to get chipped or broken. in his debut book. Guggenheim Museum in New York City marks its 50th anniversary with "Frank Uoyd Wright From Within Outward.

In(l.' fe'_/81 kfl{ ere! LuPCi b escotrbeons 8885529224 I ockyr noun tai r"hol d Nal e OCKYMou A R D W • co m HANDCRAFTED BRONZE HARDWARE .IIA: Ir~J {.door window cabinet grips sinks faucets towel bars hooks hinges lighting tile green U •...

Parlon.porcelai n dinnerware by Robert Haviland & C. . Area 51 polypropylene chairs by Calligaris.CO M •Avai labl e to the trad e only. Coral hues inspired by the undersea world are making a splash from runway to tabletop Produced by Anita Sarsidi Arc en Ciel Limoges. One-shoo Ider silk dress by t. See Resources. Croc calfskin alarm clock by WilliamsSonoma Home.anvln from spring 2009. Branching patterns and sultry orange-red 52 ELLED ECOR.Coral Torquay earthenware dinner plate by Mottahedeh.


Call800~334~8 701 . x 35' d . and fabulous finds blue/wave. 4 Brunschwig & Fils adapted an Uzbeki texlile into Bayadere Ikat.and is offered in 30plus finiShes (worn qray-brown with Borghese detail shown) x Iris dressing table contrasts kamagong wood with raffia inserts (custom raffia finishes are available). Measuring 19' h.x 40. and uses six 25-watt bulbs. x 20" sq. and fabrics are c. colorways include (from left) berry/mandarin.o. It measures 80" I. respectively. it comes in lacquered wood or multiple glass options (blue latte is shown). 743·4252: brownjordan. Call800~538~ 2 A twist 5 Brown Jordan has reintroduced brass on designer Walter Lamb's 19405 outdoor furniture. Both sport rust-resistant 33" I. The six All products 54 ELLED EcaRLO M and services . x 14" dia. Ca11212~ 759·8700. enhance the wain ut frame of Gregorius sofa. P ierceMarlin's furnishings. the shade is not included.. torlnrnarsh.. x 41" dla. including a lounge chair and ottoman. brunschwig .com.. a hand-screened linen-cotton blend.corn. custom sizes and finishes are available. the classic campaign desk. [anshowers. x 23' w .rn.insider trading What's new in the showrooms-fabrics.5" w. x 26" d. II measures 30" h.. and scartet/plum: custom hues are available. They measure 30" h. Ca1l214-7 47-5252. 1Lorin Marsh's shapely Aladdin lam p is worth wishing for. 3 The Eliza- 6 Gilding Call 800- and hand-palntlnq Pin eo's Belg ium beth chandelier by the Jan Showers Collection is a triumph of transparent Venetian glass. It measures 37" h.corn. Call 31 0-204·0400.and 10" h. aval lable to the trade 0 n Iy. frames and nautical-prade nylon cord. piercemartin . x 39" h. 1880. gregoriuspineo.corn.


3. Zero Halliburton suitcase that travels the world with me. which r wear on my pinkie. Jasmine perfume-in home. boutiques can be found in both locales as well as Moscow. " she says. whieh include ready-towear and accessories (costume jewelry made its debut last year).ing fabric and working with color palettes. and other international spots. today Malandrino is fulfilling her mission "to redo the world with a mind toward eleganee. the design that put me au the map eight years ago. it evokes peace and love. Lip Medex balm by Blistex. My engagernen t ring. It was the inspiration for one of my favorite collections. "every day. in my Catherine Malandrino 12 things she can't live without By Charlotte Druckman "I knew from my youngest agel wanted to be a fashion designer. A 1979 Aston Martin Volante convertible my husband gave me as an anniversary gift. is my ray 56 ELLED ECOR. Malandrino finds "inspiration everywhere. France. Ll. It's a vintage black-pearl-anddiamond piece from Van Cleef & Arpels. The Flag dress." The des. combine the heady excitement of New York City with the old-world beauty of Paris." says France-born frock star Catherine Malandrino." 6. S. 12. Blige's song "Take Me as r Am" on my iPod. 7. Las Vegas. 9. Malandrino's 5. the air. A three-day getaway in the Exuma islands in the Bahamas. on my neck.. With influenc es rang ing from M an Ray's photography to the film Easy Rider.eo M . 4. is my favorite art museum. Urban Queen. It's my secret beauty aid. La Fondation Maeght in St-Paul-deVence. Flag collection. A bronze dove by sculptor Giuliano Mancini. Her Cllcquot. The engagement ring. Los Angeles. Citrus-yellow of light.·Jasmine perfumes. "I was always drap. After launching her own firm in 1998 and finding stardom with her 2001. 8. a style rendezvous that took her imagination beyond the confines of the small Alpine city of Grenoble where she was raised. alone and surrounded by crystal-blue water and starfish. 3. " She vividly recalls being mesmerized by a chic Yves Saint Laurent blouse in her mother's closet. Istanbul. lO. 2.I. I'm always playing Mary J. places she calls home. I love beginning the day with black coffee and ending it with friends and Veuve Clicquot Champagne.igner's creations.


display cases offered sparkling views of the I debut Haute Joailliers and Hypnose jewelry lines. and Houston philanthropist Becca Cason Thrash. depicted a profusion of jewe. and no one knows that better than Cartier." said Cason Thrash of the seven-minute projection. GOld and Dreams. president and CEO of Cartier North America. Kirsten Du n st. revelers moved on to a decadent dinner of softshell-crab-tempura salad and rack of lamb served at 'long candlelit banquet tables. and carpeting. The fantastical computer-generated video.eo M .Rock Diamonds stole the show at Cartier's glittering Art Basel Miami Beach party A diamond won't dazzle without the proper setting. a geodesic structure built especially for the contemporary-art fair. photographer. After cocktails." said Frederic de Narp. and painter. furnishings. "In Miami they want that wow factor." Among the 140 guests taking in the spectacle were Naomi Campbe II. "I was thinking about diamonds traveling through space. Amid a golden color scheme that suffused the fabric-draped walls. it wasn't 2~D or 3-0-il was 5-D.. "I felt myself ducking because the diamonds were like meteors." explained the filmmaker. "It's such a dreamy thing-they're like stars in the sky. The French jeweler hosted a lavish dinner at Art Basel Miami Beach to show off two new collectlons and a David Lynch visual installation entitled Diamonds. accompanied by a moody musical score by Lynch." JIM SRI Stars 58 ELLED ECOR. "This is a'ilvery vibrant-just like the cascading across the ceii'ing of the Cartier Dome. Lynch was also the creative force behind the glitter~ ing decor in the dome.


Rob Pruitt. everyone carried their chairs to the front courtyard-setting them up in a grid that recalled scenes from Cinema Paradiso. Mindel's shindig for his friend British artist and former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren. "I didn't quite realize how difficult it is to cook for 58. admiring works by Braque." said Mindel. " said McLaren with British understatement "And I didn't know how hard it was to clean up. MARTHA MCCULLY 60 ELLED ECOR.eo M . Will Cotton. Delia Brown. While the dishes were cleared away. McLaren and Kim slaved over the hot stove and passed the plates. said Mindel-and on went the show. Richard Prince. was perfectly suited to the sophisticated country setting: organic rotisserie chicken. guests assembled on Mindel's dock for tumblers of vodka brightened with a squeeze of Iemon or orange j uice from Sicily. to be followed by an outdoor presentation of the movie. At a poolside party in the Hamptons. tangy gazpacho. Brightly colored balls floated in the The pool area. and Calder. Tom Sachs. As the sun began to set. grinning. set up around the pool on garden tables surrounded by classic white Bertoia wire chairs. Malcolm Mcl. Iy film was just The dinner. heirloom tomatoes. and yellow-lacquer place mats and electric-blue children's toys serving as salad bowls completed the evening's Bauhaus-bold color scheme.lingthe air. That was the case at architect Lee F. the crooning of French legend Charles Aznavour fil. though energetic host Mindel pitched in too. and other art-world giants strolled the wooded grounds and tailored rooms. and vats of cool. Held at Mindel's striking modem house in the Long Island village of North Sea. Young Kim. The artist and his partner. The dessert course consisted of watermelon and an array of cheeses. the party was desig ned by the men to celebrate the artists of the Hamptons and to coincide with the Times Square screening of McLaren's video project Shallow 1-21. red onion and lentil salads. planned to cook and serve the dinner for 1 2 (ultimately the number ballooned to 58). As promised. Noguchi.aren's experimental one of the stars When creative geniuses get together any event has the potential to become a happening. Adam McEwen.

.New Collections DESIGNERS GUilD Whitewell fabrics wallpapers OSBORNE request ~ & LITTLE Tel (203) 359 1500 .desilnersguildocom . brochure visit www.

chic. and having the left In one-offs for private clients in search 01 what Bonelti called "personalized eccentricism.5years was a huge release for the country. Case in point: the Barbare chair from the business partners' widely admired 1981 collection. This willfully anarchic aesthetic-"we' re little troublemakers. Stunned by their raffia-skirted Prince Imperial chair. From the early 1980s untl 11 995 or so it was a great cultural period. 'We were expecting a reaction but not as much as there was. "Mitterand had just been elected president. Elizabeth Garouste an d Mattia Bonetti spr." Garousle once saidgalvanized fashion-forward types. while German princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis coaxed them to I> Kawakubo chest 01 drawers.power after 2. A chandelier resembles a cluster of frosted-glass clouds. for exam pie ." says London dealer David Gill. later. the work of the 1980s designers is winning a new generation offans By Mitchell Owens Every so often a design team comes along whose work defines a moment. and rock crystal. The Paris-based duo's furniture. Cabinets sprout twiggy handles." Called the New Barbarians for their preh istorlc bent to mind. from limited editions to Garouste & Bonetti Surreal. and rugs rocked the decade with serious swagger." Though they produced rnanyrninirnalist works. As !orthe 1980s. 62 ELLEDECORCOM ." Bonetti notes of the adulation that followed the launch ofthe 12-pi. The attenuated iron frame softened by a strip of spotted cowhide was a hybrid of Neanderthal primitivism and extreme refinement (Italian monks hammered the metal components) that represented a funky riposte to the steely minimalism ofthe day. In 1 987 freshly minted couturier Christian Lacroix hired Garousts and Bonetli to decorate his new headquarters. Garouste and Bonetti's most memorable designs seem to have stepped out of a fairy tale. lacquer. fabrics. and exquisitely crafted.ece line. The curves of a ch est of drawers suggest it was inflated with a bicycle pump. lighting. exemplars of neoBaroque for their extravagant silhouettes and posh materials such as gilt inextricably linked with Charles and Ray Eames. and the Etrange Vegeta· lion china for Anthologie Quartet! (still in product ion) is scattered with bizarre bl ue flowers that appear plucked from a garden on Mars. andforgood reason. he took the thirtysomethings under his wing in 1988 and served as a conduit for their finest commissions. Anything new and different was welcomed. A flowerlike table stands on spidery legs that look ready to take a walk. Garouste and Bonetti possessed a creative vision melding "surprise and magnificence. 1994. Postwar Ameri ca.

Street Ph.moltenl. dream. Molteni&C New York Flagship store~ 60 Greene. making any place the pt':l'lfWL space to rest. (212) 673-7106 www. read. classic without h~ing stilf The Tin-ner sofa Jets _YOU posi tio J] the "baGkrest"i as 'yon please. converse.i\ Iodular wi thou L hein g .

who owns about a dozen of the team's pieces. While Garouste has kept a low profile in recent years. In fact Bonetti will be celebrating his latest works in a solo show at Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York City in the fall. davidgillgalleries. explains. but th e i:r handmade pieces are what collectors crave. 'No problern!" Ruiz-Picasso says. I said. but their creative partnership eventually unraveled in 2002.ubo gilt-wood chest of drawers. 00-44-207793-1100. 21Z-838-7744: chlneseporcelainco. oU-33-6-61-55-97-19: artaban. Edelman and prominent Chinese lawyer Po-shing Woo joined the clien! list too. Toledo torchere. 212-2425594: pascalboyergallery. New York. American corporate raider Asher B. Enter June 30. San Francisco. or bonding between us.Pascal Boyer Gallery. "Just as in the life of any couple. discussions.Wright Now. th eri e n. "Mattia and Elizabeth were inspired by a portrait my grandfather Picasso painted of my father dressed as Harlequ in. London. 100 last May.corn . director of 2Othcentury design at Sotheby's. 1999.. The team's stylistic exuberance never 'faltered. "They knew how bad my furniture was at the time. Other designs can be found for less: A graphic Reverie carpet sold at Wright in Chicago for $2. New York." _ SWE EPSTA K ES.000. her former associate remains a powerful presence.. ENTER THE 2009 SUB-ZERO D. New York.cotn . "Garouste and Bonetti reimagIned what craftsmanship can be. Paris. a 1994 Kawak. Th is surely will stoke the ardor of call ectors even more. sold for $114." Garouste and Bonetlileft their mark on mass-market goods too (podlike cosmetics and perfume packaging for N ina Ricci. quirky budget furnishings for the mail-order giant 3 S u isses. cu rta in rod s fa r Blome). and made it fresh.Therien zoth. wright-now. 3L2-563-0020. Imagine the possibilities of creating your most luxurious kitchen. and be Where to Find It: • Artaban.Inspire . Win. com by inspired by award-winning kitchens and design at su bzerod ream k itchen.corn • David Gill Galleries. ':112-2497575. according to James . Create. They used diamond patterns and 1920s-style colors to relate their designs to my life. twisted the rules.The Chinese Porcelain Co. ery. One piece.ccrn . there weren't any more conversations.c om .2009." Bonetti told L'Express magazi ne last November. As Coach president and executive creative director Reed Krakoff.REAM KITCHEN embellish a suite in her castle. so when they suggested doing something for me. Another project was decorating the livin g and din ing rooms of Chateau de B oisgelou p for arts patron and longtime friend Bernard Huiz-Picasso. .DeLorenzo Gallery. Chicago. He credits the auction house's 2006 sale of the estate of curator David Whitney with sparking the contemporaryGarouste and Bonetti craze.


house is outfitted with Michael Taylor Designs teak furnishings. and custom-made wicker furniture. 2 For the balcony of a Brussels apartment. 3 Interior designer Marcel Wolteri nck's residence in an Amsterdam suburb revolves around a secluded garden crowned by a wisteria pergola. stately Bring the comforts of home-sand dashing style-into the sunshine with a chic outdoor living area 1Overlooking the Russian River Valley. architect Charles Zana fashioned an inviting conversation area with Ker Ita Desiqn molded-plastic furniture. I> 66 ELLEDECORCOM . the angular terra-cotta planters by Atelier Vierkant bridge the gap between the m inimal- ist and organic elern ents. Calitornia. the fade-resistant awning and upholstery fabrics are by Sunbrella. Eng" lish oak trees and boxwood help maintain a sense of privacy without sacrificing views of Los Angeles. the terrace of decorators Jeffry Weisman and Andrew Fisher's Sonoma County. 4 Designer Kerry Joyce added an eleg ant sensibi lily to the veranda of an Irish Georg ianstyle mans ion in Beve rly Hills with a facade of stacked hand-cut stone.


5 Decorator

Milly de Cabrol brought tropical' hues and natural touches to Brazilian fashion designer Carlos Miele's New York City terrace with Janus et Cie furniture and colorful Sunbrella -Iabric pillows. () On the roof of Ray Booth and John Shea's Manhattan duplex, white birch trees provide a shady spot for lounging and watching sunsets; the sofa and love seal are by Sutherland. 7 lnterior designer Leslie Tung and her architect husband, Gerard McCormack. transformed the interior courtyard of their San Mig uel de Allende, Mexico, house into a cooling oasis that features a fountain and a wrought-iron Varenne settee by Casamidy; the red walls were inspired by the Forbidden City. 8 Decorated by Robin Stand-

efer and Stephen Alesch of .Roman and Williams, the terrace of Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor's Hollywood Hil'ishome ex.udesan exotic vibe with Mission-influenced furniture and a I ight fixture from Morocco. 9 Aided by landscape designer Pierre-Alexandre Risser, interior architect Francoise Gram cultivated a tranquil terrace at her home outside Paris with handsome weather-resistant ipe wood and a mix of olive and fig trees.


La a Letins y
This Chicago-based photographer transforms images of abandoned tables capes into lyrical explorations of loss
By Vicky Lowry
Domesliclife can sometimes be banal. but who says it has to be ugly? Laura Let insky elevates the mundane in her luminous color photographs of dirty dishes. rotting fruit, .and table scraps. These carefulily constructed rnages by the Chicago" based. Yale- trained artist are an homage of sorts to the 17th -century stililifes of lavish dinners by Dutch and Italian masters, Here, however, fine linens and stemware are replaced by the detritus of contemporary culture (think Styrofoam cups and Su nkist soda cans), and sumptuousness has given way to ru in. "Th ere's a sense of loss ,
Untitled 1192,2004.

'[he artist in her GhTcago-studTo.

morning-after moments tum viewers into voy" eurs pondering the eveninq's remains for clues to household happenings. "What seems like an ordinary picture turns out to be far more complex," says John Rohrbach, senior curator of photographs at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. "Once you start looking at the details, you see that it isn't defined by the ostensible subjects, but by balance, light, and color. While the

Untitled #2.
2008. See Resources.

most literally in the eftover meals and now obsolete objects," explains Letinsky, a professor in the visual-arts department ofthe University of Chicago who is represented by Yancey Richardson Gallery in New York City. Her work exudes a nostalgic quality, whether it beintlrnate scenes of couples from her 1990s "Venus Inferred" series or candy wrappers and halt-eaten snacks (inspired by her two young sons) strewn across abandoned place settings in recent photographs. The pciqnant

images largely feature blank spaces bathed in bright white light with small punches of color, l.etinsky's use of slow film speeds and long exposures (up to several hours) softens lines and deepens shadows, infusing the prints with a haunting emotional quality. An ardent cook, the artist remains intrigued by food, Besides a solo sh ow of table scenes at the James Hyman Gallery in London, Letin~ sky Is at work on a commission from an Italian gallery to shoot a series of dinners in private homes .."They have such an eating culture and a reverence for stilllites," she says. "I am going to thoroughly immerse myself." ••


MANHIISSET. MONTllEAl.PALM BEACH . M'I' . .bois. SCOTIS!lAlf .SAN JJAM. LCS ANGElES .com Expressing your interior world rochebobois PAR I 5 . Fl .akic Novae cocktail table I design Daniel Rode Les Contemporains Collection ATLlWTA • BOSTON • CALCiARY • CI'IICAGO • COUJM8L1S. JOLlA.TOROffTO . CA • 0i\.PHILAOHPHIA .WASHINGTON.QUEBEC .NAPLES.SAN FRANCISCO . DC ac PR Catalogs. 01'1 • G1JAAL CiABlES.Quantum sofa I design Sacha l.l!AS • OENVER • HOUSTON • LA. CA • LAVAL.OTTAWA .SEIITRE . FL • COSTA MESi\. NATII)J( .N:EW YORK .VANCOlNER .roche~bo. news and stores 1-800-717 -2747 www..

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. A Budget Blinds" franchise was the perfect business for me.©20&9BudgetBlifld!iollnLAJI Rights Reserved.. Franchise offering"! are: made mmugha.and a Home Fnnchis.I .FrnllchiseDi~c:losureDQcurnem. .-egistered mtdemark Df Budget Blinds."I have always had a passion for fashion and an eye for style.Each fnnchlse is." ·Budge! Blinds Style Con~ul!ant Over a million satlsfled customers Thousands of samples Brand name and exclusive products Home-based business Extensive training and support BudgetBlinds4Me. Inc. indepaldencly owned and ceerared Budget Blind!i is. ~.e CQncep~ Bl"illuL . is not an offering (Q sell a Call 1-866-537-1037 for your FREE Franchise Info Packet This..

"can be I€left out all year long because they fade toa gol'genus gray and develop a lovely patina. Boyd Jr. Keep in mind that certain finishes and materials aren't intended to stand up to the elements and should only be used on a porch or ver:anda. An alfresco area. Teak-and concrete. should be approached like an interior. Produced by Parker Bowie and Elaine Wrightman Amanda Nisbet and the Gatewood berrch-frorn Treillage. decorator Amanda Nisbet says. these plain-air seats play a key role in landscape design.. who rests on Fermob's Luxernbourq b-ellch. Popularized by Edwardian architect Sir Edwin Lutyens at the turn of the last century." N isba! says. left. wltb Matthew Plitrick Smyth. entryway. with benches serving as strategically positioned sofas. civilizing touch-to verdant spaces. who has a weathered park bench at his 1790s house in Sharon. Many 9arden benches are even versatile eno. however..ugh to be stationed indoors. From Engllsh formal to"industrial·chiG.. a garden bench beckoris with the promise of a peaceful respite. "It's a private place to admire the landscape or have an intimate conversation. these perches can provide a focal paint amid manicured greenery or nestie discreetly ina lush fi sld of wildflowers. or casual kitchen. More than any other piece of outdoor furniture. The 10 Most Gorgeous Garden Benches Truth in Decorating: Designers Matthew Patrick Smyth and Amanda Nisbet fall for the charms of these practical perches Text by Helen Yun Photography by William A . See Resoumes.elle decor's guide to ." says decorator Matthew Patrick Smyth. As Smyth explains. "They often look great as extra seating in a mudroom." !> 76 . adding visual drama-as well as a friendly. Connecticut.


" Lengtl). "And the tight weave is very lacti Ie.liva')' times. able).ys. h elg hi: 37.5"'j materiak teak (<3 tse availilbls with eeat r." Smyth a I so ca lis it well pro portioned' all d roomy eno ugh to stretc h 0 ut 0 n------as long as a cushion is added. price: S5. 27. "It has a wonderful Feminine softness to lt. shes-and other fi n. Length. once: $4." says Smyth. deliva')': 10 days.DOUNO TWO SEAT SOFA FROM DESIGN WI11UN REACH "The tantashc textured Weave and clean lines are such a good·looking combination.2". d." she'd palnt it a briqht color to "make it more playful. p rtce: SS. in other :J.S! 4- C". delivo')': 12-14 hei.stexperts and do no. eat a ne i ght: 19": mat a rial~ ~ OW(ler-cca ted aluminum in orange [other-colors avajlable)." hB says.. seat heig ht~ l B j materiill~han d-carved . she notes. ~ece"sari'y-represent t110"6 of tile editors. but thai simplicity is what makes it so lovely. o enve ty. For details see Resources. Plus.' ive')'" &~S i weaks.CO M . j fl GATEWOOD BENCH FROM TREILLAGE "Clearly a lot Of thought went into the design. even better wilh time." Smyth is also keen on Ihe easy pitch or its . thanks to its tapered arms. As fo r co rnto rt.I and concrete in Portland finish: deljvery: 1-2 da. this is simple. "The Shaker silhouette would complement a ranqe of settings. 22". 27.ea' 5 WINDSOR BENCH MUNDER·SKILES BY "AI first glance. depth. m a. price: '$1: ~190 ." he says.12 weeks. 72": height: 35". fresh. 70." states Nisbet of this fauxbois charmer. who adrnires lts frW"tree farm." Thoug h 'N is be! likes the finished steel." Since it '5 weathe r rasi stant." remarks Nisbet of the. but with its 'industrial shape.75".4 ": d epl~. [he long rectanqular form.ond back detive'l" 7-10 days." Length: 58.lo. 1 : BEAUJON LOVE SEAT BY CURREY&GO. "." says Smyth or.). 37·. material: powder-coated alumtnum frame in dark-matte nrush 'II{rth polyethyjene-fibe.'..: $.5". lielg"" 38. Nisbet could atso see the two·seater in Ihe entrance or hallway of an urban apartment. so lt would look nice on a lawn or even in the front hall of a mountain home.n acryl!c polyurethane-tcem-rllled in bronze Wlt.r in blacJt finish (custom. d e.75·.' reports Smyth. stalnloss-steet '111000 scale and ipil cushtcns): Ialso available wuh "eOI ."The circles down the center givei Ia New England feel.~"'. "you feel supported by the angled back even without cushions. seat hergnt~' 7 . It's available with cushions.inl"oe' and seat cuehrcn 8". p rlce: $S 13 11 .5". p rtcc: S2~80Q u . 23.0 wers. depth.. '615". 17". h.CK.." She :imaginesi! poolside ("you could throw your wet bathing suit on it and not have to worry about it").'8"d w!l~ dttterent cuefncns]: deli"". STREAM SHORT BENCH WITH BACK BY DEDON FROM JANUS ET CIE "It's beautiful from every angle.ater:ia I: powde r.i shes: available): dellve')': 10-12 . depth: 1 S".75".l. 36".5" i material: steal in natu m[· i ron l' Ilnl. and I like the Hair of the peaked taps. Lenqth: 43 h e.h back: "I could sit in this all day. depth.e1.ght: 34/ dept h: 22i11.75'1'j mate rial: teak {also avat lab lei ~' sizeano With . ~3. 'J BAR. "[1'5 perfect from Malne. a pair at a round dining table." She pictures it in a lidygarden or an a terrace and says it's idealtor rainy climes since "the matte finish will wear well and water won't pool up.nelllnl"h (also avallable 10 l~ak and custom stzes and finishes): delivery: 10." She envisions il alone under a tree or in.eOO "A classic. "The lines flow eleqan tly like sculpture.~ 7. Seal I'H~ight:2. " Length: 76. eo'''.S". price: W 599! stuc n: $400 '8 a ~'1iI LYLE AND UMBACH "This one has an old-estate vibe.matertat. 'N isbet notes.~lo'lli d. ~engj~. "The oval motif is pretty.".coated S! Iu· m inurn frame a heathed !n cushtons [also avanabre -eo ven :Dedo n fi b e r. which is "chic and impervious to abuse.'IVe'Y: 3'-6 Weeko.800 '15 ee c U$~o~l. Allmeasuremerrts. it's perfect for small spaces. Smyth... "It even has a smart profile from theside. helqht: 31 ''': depth.mahog a I1Y In yachl"eno. 'price: $1. materia!~ Spanish ced"a." says Amanda Nisbet.5': height: 1'6'". sleek bench.000 II ~ DARK HARBOR SETTEE BY -LUXEMBOURG BENCH BY FREDERIC SOFIA FOR FERMOB "Fun.5"'. and the finials on the sides are an attractive touch .i9~t.hig.~2 weeks. $l. from a luxurianr landscape to the kitchen of a beach or cou ntry h ous eo.t'sums up Nisbet. seal height Miami. sea t hei 9 n1~18": m .25". h-Clight:38"." Just wide enough for two people. price.<s. and prices are approximate." She also extols the teak's natural tone and the quatre10 ll cute uts." What's more. length: 71.I}OO [':I . Which is an additional benefit for the designer "I'm always looking for a place to catch some shut-eve in the afternoon.gar en benches I BERKLEY CASTLE CURVED TEAK BENCH FROM MECOX GARDENS "I adore the curved shape. price: $3. f1eiHhl:38.h (other (."d b'. and Ihe Spanishcedar is painted ill neutral hues "s 0 it won't up stag e the 11. 78 ELLEIl EGOR. ~ei>j~: 23"." declares Matthew Patrick Smylh. who's a fan of its light aluminum frame. "I'm also really fond of the bowed arms with the X accents below." N"isbet says." he says.r se •. Length. the bench features an ergonomic curved seal.400 IU MONTECO SDPA BY ROOM & BOARD "The deep seat and generous make it feel more like an outdoor lounge chair than <I dainty garden bench." says.25": depll1.011woek.s gu".te'ri at: t u bul ar slap.heigh" 27.I HATFIELD 6' HENCH BY HENRY HALL DES1GNS "Very refined and Edwardian. exposed to the elements the concrete's patina "will g. .699 "The opinlons leatured are those of ELLEDEOOA'.' Length: 42": "eight: 36'. "It comes in an array of vivid colors that would work well in a tropical garden. 34". depth:' :2S seat height: 1 S. C La '. and mcdern. s eat braigh1.2". who observes that the lattice back recalls the timeless garden furnlture of tutyens.

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daniel's dish
This trio of tasty club sandwiches Is ideal tor casual entertaining. See Resources.

stacking u
Three sophisticated variations on the classic club sandwich make a perfect warm-weather meal By Daniel Boulud
Everyone has a favorite childhood sandwich, but more sophisticated takes on this time-honored finger food are always a pleasure. At Cafe Boulud in Palm Beach, Florida, executive chef Zach BeHserves several creative versions, including one inspired by the classic Cuban pressed sandwich. They work wel.1for casual summer entertaining, whether a brunch, light lunch, or alfresco party. There's an art to making sandwiches, but it's one that's easily mastered. For fans of club sandwiches, like me, use a denser white bread to hold: up better to toasting and cutting. Also, it's important to season each layer as you stack it and to bring the ingredients right up to the edge of the toast so everything Is even and balanced. Finally, press the sandwich until you are ready to serve it; a quart of milk set into a pan that rests on top of it makes a good weight. This last step combines the flavors and makes the sandwich firmer so slicing is easier.

S!\'IClKEn-:; \_LMllJ\( :LUB
Note: Each recipe makes four sandwiches. For snacks, cut the sandwiches into triangles or smaller pieces and run each section through witha toothpick.

4 3

slices white bread slices pumpernickel bread hard-boiledeggs

Zest and juice of 1 lemon M. cup mayonnaise Y2 bunch Chives, diced 2 % ripe avocados lb. sliced smoked salmon [>

head Bibb lettuce, washed Salt and pepper to taste



trimmed large eggplant. remove the pit. Cut the avocados in half with a paring knife by slicing in from the stem to touch the pit. drained cup fresh aruqula. cut the chicken into 1J. chopped Zest and juice ot 1 lemon 1 2 2 Tsalt tsp. ham. tapenade. Combine 2 teaspoons of lemon zest with the mayonnaise and chopped chives. and pepper. grilled zucchini. % 1 green cabbage cup grated carrot tsp. Once cool. and grill for approximately 2 minutes on each side. double-smcked Canadian bacon lb. [ar sun-drledtomatoes olive oil. sun-dried tomato. salt. lemon-chive mayonnaise.1/. large green zucchini. IlUL'HI I.. taste Make coleslaw by combining in a .I '()H K ClllH 12 slices wheat or sourdouqh bread 1 Y. sliced avocado sprinkled with salt and pepper. In a ski Ilet. pop py seeds.oz. slaw. coleslaw. Mix well and season to taste with salt and pepper.! cup of the mayonnaise. lettuce. remove from the gr. Pat dry the chicken and grill it for approximately 4-5 minutes on each side or until cooked through. washed packed in % 2 1/. Assemble the tou r sandwiches by layering them in this order: toast. Make a marinade by combining tile olive oil with the garlic. slice of purnpern ickel bread. Com bins th e rem aining mayonnaise and mustard to make a diionn aise. then tracinq the pit in a circular motion back up to the stem without removing the kn ile. to melt. rinsed cup olive oil 5 cloves ganic. rinsed Vegetable oil. thinly sliced ham cup watercress leaves. season to taste. Separate the avocado halves. Transfer to a plate and sprinkle Salt and pep pe r to. vinegar cup mayonnaise T Dijol"l mustard lb. Set gri II to medium heat and brush wfth v8getabl B oil as needed. toast. freshly ground white pepper chicken breasts.Ll~ with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese while still hot.daniel's dish Lightly toast the white bread. dijonnaise. carrot. drained T harissa 8. and slice thinly lengthwise. CI llr:KFN 1'1{()\'I<'WAL Cl. smoked salmon. washed bacon or Cut the zucchini into V4-inch-thick slices lengthwise. scoop out the ftesh with a larqs spoon. toast. poppy seeds tsp. lemon -chlve mayonnaise. tapenade. Lightly toast the bread. aruqula.ill and sprinkle with the grated cheese. toast. sprinkle with salt and pepper. wh itewine vinegar. and 1 tablespoon of the mustard. Place the chicken breasts and zucchini into separate ziplock bags and pour equal amounts of the marinade into both. cup freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggial"lo cheese Assemble four sandwiches by layering in this order: toast.~inch slices. grilled eggplant. cut the eggplant lengthwise into 1J. Dry t he eggplant and zu cehini with a paper towel. while-wine. as needed Y. toast. Special equipment Grill orlndoor qrlll pan 12 slices white bread 2 V. sliced eggs with a light sprinkle of salt and pepper.rving 3 tablespoons for later use. Seal the bags and marinate overnight in the refrigerator. bacon. Thinly slice Ih8 eggs with an egg slicer or a sharp knife. lemon Z8St and juice. rese. smoked salmon. cups julienned or shredded y" Ii cup black-olive tapsnade. Combine the tapenade Lightly toast the bread. Assemble the four sandwiches by layering in this order: toast. with the hartssa. toast.-inch-thick slices and brush with the remaining 3 tablespoons of mari nade.Iargebowl the cabbage. dijonnaise. Gale- . Spri nkle with a bit of lemon juice. The next day. watercress. let rest for 20 minutes. fry th e bacon un til cri spy. sliced chicken. refrigerate for one hour: adjust seasoning again if necessary.


complete with a hoopskirted ghost.elle decor goes to . a Manhattan-based interior designer who bought a circa -1 809 home here." Charleston's romantic appeal is undeniable. looking for a spot to call home." says Eric Cohler. The efforts of that group help explain why this low-lying municipality. hurricanes. established in 1920. its unique architecture surviving despite considerable damage incurred by wars.ciats to safeguard thousands of historic structures. 17th-century settlers of Charleston spent years exploring the southeastern coast of the U. More than three centuries later. From the pristine shores of Cape Romain Natio nal Wildhfe Refuge to the thriving desig Il district that has colonized once-downtrodden Upper King Street. The Preservation Society of ideal refuge. is the nation's oldest nonprofit organization of its kind and has successfully worked with city offi. Charlestonians are fiercely protective of the area's natural and man-made beauty.S. along with houses with invi. and the massive earthquake of 1886.. the South Carolina city is still. city. the tood=the whole vibe.ting verandas designed to catch cooling breezes. a few years ago.. the people. Downtown streets shaded by live oaks wafting Spanish moss and brightened by pi nk and wh ite camellias host stately ch urch es an d antebellum mansion s trimmed with lacy ironwork. "I go every month. called the Holy!> 86 ELLEDECORCOM . Gracious living and history galore are the heart and soul of this Southern The original. "I just feHin love with the atmosphere. But by 1680 they found this hospitable harbor.. By Chris Dixon fires. and tidy cobblestone streets soon took root.


is where the real action takes place. and Romanesque real artifacts of daily life. the Historic Charleston Foundation conserved the dilapidated interiors and eerie outbuildings as a lime capsule. right down to the wallpaper. Dry land.. however. and silver.. The oldest museum in America." notes Neal Van Dalen. you can feel an openness to more contemporary work. Farther up the Ashley River the attractio ns inclu de M iddleton (text continues on page 92) l> 8B ELLED ECOR. just across the Arthur Ravenel and why last year Fortune magazine ranked it among the 100 best places to live ." Much of the metropolitan region is a stunning swath of forested outcroppings. including toys. it was founded in 1773 and brims wi. an architect responsible for many homes in I'On. Bridge from Charleston. Georgian. is considered one of America's most popular tourist destinations. while Fort Sumter-the city's best -known site and where the first shots of the Civil'War were fired-sits on a sandbar in the harbor and can only be. "But with the influx of people from out of town. ciothing. r:isesjust a few feet above the converg en ce of th e Ash ley and Cooper rivers. since 1858. an elegant New Urbanist neighborhood in Mount Pleasant.eo M . At the top of the lengthy list of eminent properties open to the public is the Aiksn-Phett House. Rather than embarking on an extensive restoration when it acquired the property in 1995."There's so much traditional taste in Charleston. many dating from before the Revalut ionary War. so there's water everywhere . and salt marshes tufted with spartlna grass. an urban relic largely unchanged. GreekRevival. as visitors gawk at the gumbo of Colonial.charleston City for its richly steepled skyline.1 War and its painful Reconstruction period-should browse the Charleston Museum.The Battery.lands. reached by ferry. a famous promenade. Visitors interested in the city's evolution-including its role as the fuse that ignited the Civi.

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1-layer coconut cake. regional specialty.c heirloom tomatoes. Where to Shop Atlic Treasures... don't miss the assort" merit of whimsical cuff links. 21 East Batte ry Tempting collectors since 1. 3380 Ashley RiverRd. gorgeous fabrics. 887-4342: Owner-chefs Claudia and Pete Karnack's delectable shrimp hoagies and homemade pies attract area gourmands in croves to this picturesque Southern Golhic town 40 rnlles north of Charleston. 318 Kln9 St. odds are it's This handsomely maintained grande dame has been offering gracious accommodations and nuanced service since 1924. James This cozy eatery is the perfect setting for chef Robert Stehling's renowned comfort food. and children... 762-041. 556-0500. 460 King St. one of Charleston's most refined restaurants. 843.crq: George Washington once stayed for a week in this remarkably restored downtown landmark.. 723-1 i 59.s-blossom-cypress. Where toEat Essential Charleston The urea co<te . 534. 2 Unity Alley. esdcharleston. Cru Cafe.. francismarioncharleston. Pay your respects. Ben Silver.. this nopunches-pulled museum examines so lOLLED ECOfl. theinnatmiddletonplace. Be an art groupie. this boutlqua hotel near the waterfront has the added attractions of Rober! Carter's fare (oyster stew. Horse around. and squash as well as the pork that goes into the. 722-7734.. T~W. 1956B Maybank Hwy. Planters Inn. 112 The flagship boutique of the Charleston-based handbag and shoe designer to the stars (Angela Bassett.000 objects and pieces ·01 memorabi Iia fro m the city's earliest days. Where to Stay 21 East Battery Bed& Breakfast.corn].terfrontinn located in an outbuilding of the 1825 EdrnondstonAlston House (rniddletonplace. 539 King St. Head to 81. historiccharleston. 4 577-6272. rnarketpavilion.corn: Pet-frie·ndly. 577-4556: bensilver. 387 King St... Graham & Co.. 9370930: hominygrill. North and South Market streets. bourbon-grilled jumbo shrimp) is ju stifiably praised. Gibbes Museurn of Art. great cook Edna Lewis rule the delectable low-country menu (panfried McClellanville. Incredibly fresh seafood and vegetables and a hip bar make this Thal spot a favorite. and moleskin in smart colors. 517-0025. 958"6467: Reopened in 2007 after a 20-yeat hiatus. Cypress. Heyward-Washington House. The poblano-rnozzarella fried chicken is an outstanding variation on a regional Stunning contemporary spot that's ecofriendly 100. with noted recycling and sustainable-practices programs. historic French Quarter.orq). whose novel Porgy was the basis of George Gersh" win's 1935 opera Porgy and A charming wa. mccraoysrestaurant.-2434. 87 Church st.. Basil. 577 -6970: charles" toncity. One of the finest ways to experience downtown and its lovely streetscapa is on an hourlong tour wlth Classic Carriage (853" 3747. Shaded by mossdraped oaks and abloom with roses. homemade charcuterie. Benjamin West) and classlcal sculptures [oln an engagillg per" manent coltectlonct more than 10. 556-0500: 21 eastbattery. Savory Sushi and Catering. dazzling silver..1. In addition to plush rooms..h Market St.. 18 Pinckney 51. Lesesne. 19 Vendue Range. 853-3905: shoplesesne. experimental theater. Excellent tapas and highly creative sushi rolls from chel Rhell Thomas.lIs1Bay st... Francis Marion Hotel. crucate.8: Antique dolls and turn-ofthe-century furniture. 149 King st. Elizabeth Stuart Design. Mary Norton. Old City Market. 722~2345: plantersinncom: A luxurious retreat in the heart of down town's historic district. Vendue A bazaar that's been in operation on a more-or-less daily basls since the mid 1800s. 577· 7970. venduejnn. 2024 Wappoo Dr.corrc A private farm on Wadmalaw Island provides almost everything on chef Sean Brock's menu. rnlddletonplace. Ditto the 1. Birlant & Co" 191 King sr.• 722-2706. which is beautifully furnished with exceplionallooally made pieces. Tina Fey. Carefully preserved in a romantic state of decay. org) to see sentimental stone monuments to eminences like writer DuBose Heyward. savorysushiandoaterinq. 48 Elizabeth St. 727 -0111 . magnolia.orc) dominates the city for 17 days each spring with modern-dance performances. 4300 Ashley River Rd" 266·7477. The emphasis is on classic fabrics such as seersucker.. The internationally acclaimed Spoleto Festival USA (579"3100. antiques-bedecked boutique lodgings in the. 723-0500.3338. Planters Inn. McCrady's Restaurant. Considered one of the finest examples of 18th-century ltalianate architecture in Amerioa. linen. 31' Kin9 St. Teri Hatcher. terraoeoaksan. 724·3490: eatatbasll. 207 Rutledge Ave. What to See Aiken-Rhett House. 4290 Ashley River Rd. jazz concerts.orq: Recipesofthe late. and sparkling chandeliers. Fantastic gardens too. spoletousa. Charleston's graveyards are startlingly pretty.. opera recitals.corn: Terrific linens and housewares share space with striking wood furniture by desiqnercraftsman Neal Van Dalen. 6 Chalmers St.OGO square teet=whatever antique tumlshlnq or collectible you are looking for. The Old Slave Mart Museum. Hominy Ninety booths spread across 1 O.: Gorgeous paintings (Romare Bearden. 769" Donald Barickman serves innovative low-country dishes alongside a three-story glass"walled wine cellar. Buy a handwoven sweetgrass basket. from Victorian to Arts and Crafts. 135 Meeting St. and shrimp creole are the sluff of local legend. C. shrimp and grits). Terrace Oaks Antique Mall.CO M . peas.charleston Charleston's history as a slave-trade hub through Iasclnatlnq and of tenunsetlling exhibi IS. Peninsu la Grill. On the premises is Peninsula Grill. marynorton. stphilipschurohsc. 2037 May~ bank Hwy. Jennifer Lopez). gibbesmuseum.corn: Chef John Zucker's delightful bistro is tucked into a. His mile-high biscuits. birlant.. 723-0700: For 25 years this Clberpreppy fashion shop has purveyed its private-label clothing and gifts lor men. Middleton Place Restaurant.rooftop pool and a popular bar. 810 Plnckney sr. including ()rgani. 167 East Bay st. Drayton Hall. 112 North Market St. Geo. and mesmerizing iewelry. 722-2996: charlestonmuseum. 762. Market Pavilion Hotel. The Inn at Middleton Place. draytonl'\all.922 with 18th-centwry E'nglish furniture. squash casserole.corn. 225 E.. 724-1081. this extraordinary antebellum mansion is a hauntinq time capsule of Charleston life in the broccoli.corn: Elegant vintage furnishings.. 795-9689. 722-0600. venerable house [us] off the main mar" ket. and more. women. tiques. Philip's Church (142 Church St.

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5icfeol'l of the SO United stares rrndud~8 W..I t> ~~~DECOR READER SURVEY PANEL vous AT ELLE DECo. •My gosh ..s vlslt hfmu<. An drea.U TO. but Drayton Hall survived unscathed.ons on the premises may have repelled the Yankee marauders.NLINE SURVEYS AND ENTER TO. To vi".hewn zone of turn-of-the-century storefronts (many boarded up) and black-owned businesses. and Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. complete Offidal Rub lir>d\Jdlng "II entry deadll"". a clothing. one of many renaissance projects currently underway. "It's no! the same vibe as Miami or New York.y" Swsepstakes i. A few blocks southwest of the Charleston Museum lies the intersection of Calhoun and King streets. Gustavo has also taken the lead in organiz. at time of entry and who have a vald e-mall address. WIN BIG IN THE INSTANT CASH GIVEAWAY yo..UR o. but people have their own cool things going on.PINI.ulan Artisans. who recently opened sneaker boutique Suite Sale.000 SECOND PRIZE $5.Hechette AI'p'o:hi· Media U. Linchpins of this movement are former Brooklynites Gustavo Serrano.NE or 75 INCREDIBLE SWEEPSTAKES. and his wife.weep<takes. fashion shows.IET] on 12/31/09.R. open to legal ".) However. and home-furnishings showroom with a specialty in Vietnamese products. Calhoun long served as the line of demarcation between Lower King's genteel. WE VALUE o. fabric. and I told our frien ds that we were moving to Charleston. S"rt. San Francisco transplant and ex-Hanoi resident Eve Blossom. But around five years ago.IBLE TO WIN elledecor. they say. SIGN UP TQDAY AT INVITING elledeccr. VISIT: . Drayton Hall. according to the latest estimate-are hostile to newcomers with bold ideas. (II's said that a report of smallpox and olher serious contagi.U'LL o. "There's a lot of flavor in Charleston. a biannual event of art exhibitions.o. and the reply was 'Why the hell are you dOing that?'" says Lu lan's owner. Union soldiers burned the mansions at Magnolia and Middleton Place. drawn by low rents and a sense of mercantile adventure.500.tcm/my.". Llrnit One enuy per person or e-mail address per diem" rmmhiy entry period.shington. "Seven years ago my husband. new shops and restaurants began setting up amid fixtu res like Super Bad Men's clothing. Sponsor. "Now when Ilell people in San Fran~ cisco where we five.. DC! and Canada [except the provloce of Quebec) oge 18 or old".N! THAT'S WHY WE'RE YO. largely white shopping district and Upper King's rougher.. Void in the province of Quebec ond where prohibited by law. a onetime editor at Stuff magazi n e. PRIZES! BE ELlG." he Kulture Klash.1 gaveming thls sweepsrok. which marks the beg inn ing of the design district. TO TO PARTICIPATE IN o. this history-conscious spot is not so bound to the past that its irthebitants=around 121. and concerts showcasing local talent.000 FOURTH PRIZES 70 RUNNERS-UP OF $100 Place. 12:01 AM ElIstem lime tIT) on IViVOS End< BE EUGIBLE TO WIN PRIZES EACH TIME yOU TAKE A MONTHLY SURvEY NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO EMlffi_ The "lnstant Cosh Glveaw.S.000 THIRD PRIZES THREE WINNERS OF $1. Jonathan.ADVERTISEMENT ch rles 0 $150 INSTANT CASH AWARDED EVERY MONTH FIRST PRIZE $10." Among the Serranos' Upper King retail neighbors is l.

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a landmark silent-movie cinema and vaudeville house. a former regional coordinator for the French linen company Yves Delorme. handmade stationery. Barbara Lesesne. whose majestic Charleston location is well worth a visit-it occupi. a hornsboutlque owned by architect Van Dalen's wife. South of Calhoun.charleston was just there' or' My friends recently moved there from L. .es the 1918 Garden Theater. and Van Dalen's modern furniture designs. the shop does a brisk business in linens. it is home to an exquisite array of aristocratic English furnishings dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. around King's intersection with Broad Street are top venues like Geo. Birlant & Co. But if your shopping tastes lean more toward museum-quality antiques. along with chai n stores such as Urban Outfitters.20s. King Street is packed with popular destinations like the flagship boutique of celebrity handbag and shoe designer Mary Norton. from spring garden tours to refined I> www.A. As befits a city that takes pri de in gracious living." Also on Upper King is Lesesne.sparkfires. and her mother. Bryte. ' West Coasters have taken notice. In business since the 19.


intense. sh rimp. prod uce. Three years later."The coconut cake is to die for. has a soft spot for Peninsula Grill. Armchair gourmands . "My wife and I were there with friends recently and got one for the table and another to take home. It's Ihe home of the recently renovated Savory Sushi and Catering. a country-music performer who is also lead singe r of rock grou p H oo! ie & the Blowfish. Charleston's relatlonsh ip with food is . hot. a top-rated eatery located in the deluxe Planters Inn. and Sean Brock of McCrady's Restaurant (a Cohler favorite) shook things up last year when he leased land on Wadmal aw Island and began growing vegetables for the restaurant: now he supplies some competitors too. W. Charleston native Darius Rucker. Everyone cheered back in 2006 wh en the Iate ep ie ureR. APD Ie Jr." says Rucker. and pimento cheese. who lives in Moun! Pleasant. residents and tourists alike. where Rhett Thomas dishes out rolls filled with local oysters. it seems much of Charleston." The quirky Riverland Terrace neighborhood on nearby James Island has some happening cuisine too.char eston hotels like the stately Wentworth Mansion. wrote in The New York Times that Charleston rivaled New Orleans on the restaurant front. heads to the farmers' market in Marion Square to sample organic fruits and vegetabl'es and snap up works by local artists. From there you can wander down C> For your floor . even if you tried. topped with inventive sauces. "You can't get a bad meal here. circa LIGHTING- • simp/ybrilliant® Savannah I Atlanta 1 Charlesto I Houston 8171622323 shop circalighting. On Saturdays from April to December. the burners are still. vigorously debating the merits of everythJng from variations in barbecue sauces to the proper consistency of creamy grits. As Eric Cohler says.." Hominy Grill 'sRobert Stehling won the 2008 James Beard Foundation Award for best chef ill the Southeast.

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is the basket weavers.000 genius grant from the MacArthur Foundation last the Intersection of Meeting and Market streets and into the vast halls of Old City Market. One constant. Their lineage and the design of the finely sewn baskets of braided sweetgrass they have made for centuries can be traced to the shores of western Africa. Its wares run the gamut from ar! and perfumes to T-shirts and baubles. a centerpiece of Charleston culture for 168 years. and live in humble settlements established after the end of slavery. received a $500. the innovative Mary Jackson. It's just another exampi e of how the tradit ions of the Holy City are attracting the world's attention.- . though. most of them women who speak Gu'llah. _ Michael Amato for THE URBAN ELECTRIC Co. Just don't think of the intricate but sturdy works as quaint souvenirs: One of the craft's leading lights. a Creole dialect.

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