We Are Kingdom's Politicians We learn from the bible that as redeemed people, we ought to live the way Christ

has lived. Christ himself once told his disciples to be holy, just like Father in heaven is. In the very second someone believes in Jesus, he no longer belongs to death, but life through the blood of Christ. We are no longer citizens of hell, but now citizens--and even more than that, politicians--of heaven. We are not under the policy of death now. We are, instead, to bring the policy of our Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of Life, in every aspects of our lives. Politics is always about relationship. Politics includes values and principles of the politician, and those values are to reveal in his relationship. Everyone in Christ should reveal the values and principles of the Kingdom in his relationship. We don't make a payback, but forgive and even pray for those who hurt us. We treat people the way we want people treat us. We love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We grief over injustice. We practice honesty and righteousness. We stand for the poor and the oppressed. We choose life. That are some of our values and principles. We, as the Kingdom's politicians, must bring those values and principles wherever we go, apply them whatever we do, and mention them whatever we say. What is our goal, then? Jesus told us to let our goodness be known, so that others may see it and glorify our Father. The goal of Kingdom's politicians is to get Kingdom's values and principles applied as broad as possible. "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."

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