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Project Environment

Project Environment

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Published by: Sean Hodgson on Mar 01, 2011
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Project Environment

Corporate Culture: The University of Alberta As is expected of an academic institution the employees at the University of Alberta are highly skilled and tend to stay in the organization. The organization is a stable environment in which employees can develop and exercise their skills. Project Culture: Research in the Department for Mechanical Engineering The research conducted in the department of mechanical engineering is motivated by furthering the development of machinery and equipment which are a key part of a wide ranging field. This tends to attract creative, inquisitive, analytical and detail oriented individuals. Researchers as a general rule will have wildly varying schedules and requirements in terms of noise and working environments. To this end we will be individually interviewing all directly involved students and researchers. Client Profile: Dr. Michael Lipset Our client Dr. Lipsett is a professor at the University of Alberta in the department of Mechanical Engineering with research interests in the reliability of energy systems and the development of new equipment and processes. He is the current Director of Engineering Management Program in the Faculty of Engineering at U of A. He is teaching 3 courses this term: ENG M 541, ENG M 670-X5 & MEC E 758-X5. His current research area is in the Reliable Integrated Oilsands Systems. Between his administrative responiblities, his class schedule, his varied research activities as well as the management of his current grad students his schedule is quite busy. To aid him in his busy schedule he has hired the Chrome Engineering Inc. team for his lab relocation project. Team Culture: Chrome Engineering Inc. Chrome Engineering is student run team of graduate and undergraduate engineering students. Our overall objectives are to master the tools, techniques and processes adopted by the Project Management Institute through the use of in class team learning exercises and the management of a group project. We are also committed to working effectively as a team by monitoring our process effectiveness, following through on commitments and helping one another to learn. We have a diverse set of backgrounds of both Electrical, Mechanical and Engineering Management experience. All members have some experience in the industry.

Organizational Chart
University of Alberta Mechanical Engineering Department.

Owner/Client: Dr. Mike Lipsett

Project Research Engineer / APO: Dr. Glen Thomas Chrome Engineering Inc. Project Team

Project Manager: Shannon MacDonald

Technical Services Supervisor: Roger Marchand

Team Member: Luke Glistak

Team Member: Sean Hodgson

Team Member: Mk Nimesh

Team Member: Anand Rohit

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