oral presentation

Hi I'm Lluís I'm fourteen years old and today I'm going to talk about funny things.

First I'm going to talk about Jokes in the street, second I'm going to talk about comedy series and comedy books, and finally I'm going to talk about laughings attacks. Jokes in the street. Just for laughs. Do you know what is it? It's a Tv program record in Canada, it based in short jokes. This is the logo. One example of a just for laughs jokes. There are two policeman and one of them stop a car, when this policeman ask things to the driver, the other policeman change the car register. After that the policeman who is asking say to the driver that his car is stolen and if he don't believe that so come down of the car and look the car register. In the end all finish well. Comedy series Mr. Bean is an old American TV serie. It's based in short gags. Mr. Bean has a film. Someone know what film is it? It's the Mr. Bean's Holidays. These was recorded in United Kingdom, France and Germany. Funny books Funny books usually are comics or also you can find them in a shorts stories in the newspaper, like this. Laughings attacks. To final the presentation I put two videos. What do you prefer, watching once or watching twice? Ah, another thing. If you laugh every day, you'll be more happier. Thank you, for your attention I hope you like it.

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