Lesson Plan on Mathematics ( 1ST Year

I. OBJECTIVE:    II. Identify conditional sentences. Split a conditional sentence into two: Main clause and subordinate clause Construct Conditional Sentences.


A. Topic: B. Materials:

Conditional Sentences laptop, projector, manila paper, cartolina, pen, crayons, paste, scissors, pictures, algebraic tiles

C. References: III.

Proficiency in English, page 212

A. Drill: Identify what part of speech are the following words:

a. Beautiful -adjective b. Colonel c. Weep - noun -verb -first person pronoun - adjective

d. mine
e. Beaming


How do you define an adjective?

B. Motivation:

1 |Page

there will be flood. If there is a strong typhoon. A set of pictures will be pasted on the board and the 4 representatives of each group will be asked to paste the appropriate word for each picture: Example: picture of a rain and the corresponding word is drought. your product is 40. 2 |Page . Jose Rizal. If you are a Filipino. typhoon match 40 Filipino flood fire 8 Dr. Jose Rizal The winning team gets a reward. Write the sentences in your notebooks. The losing team will be asked to construct a sentence using the pair of words. Activity: Do activity 2 in your workbook Activity 2 Here are 10 sentences which have been split into subordinate clauses.Lesson Plan on Mathematics ( 1ST Year ) The class will be divided into two groups. If you multiply 8 by 5. C. your national hero is Dr. Match each subordinate clause with a closely related main clause. You will produce fire easily if you use a match. Lesson Proper: i.

If the flowers bloomed. if it does not 7. THEY ARE MADE UP OF TWO CLAUSES. If Erica had studied hard d she would have graduated regularly G. if she studies hard J. THE SUBORDINATE CLAUSE IS INTRODUCED BY IF AND STATES THE CONDITION. they will I.If there were no oxygen j people would die ii. they would B. If you were a narra tree not die b you could give shade to peopleH. I would produce sugar 8. If I had watered the plants regularlya they would not have died would have graduated regularly 5. If sunlight strikes a leaf rain c photosynthesis begins E. if it does not rain 10. people would die 9. she 2. not have died E many butterflies appeared A. If I water the plants gentlyh they will not die begins 4. We will have picnic f. • • • 3 |Page . If I were a plant g I would produce sugar give shade to people 3. you could C. photosynthesis D. Erica will graduate Valedictoriani. if she studies hard butterflies appeared 6. Abstraction: • CONDITIONAL SENTENCES ARE USED TO TALK ABOUT THINGS THAT CAN ONLY HAPPEN UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS.Lesson Plan on Mathematics ( 1ST Year ) 1. ONE MAIN CLAUSE AND ONE SUBORDINATE CLAUSE. THE MAIN CLAUSE GIVE THE RESULTS OF THE CONCLUSION. many F.

there is no comma. we would know the secrets of nature. ASSESSMENT: 1. 6. If we understood the sunbeam fully. you get one hundred. 4. If sunlight strikes a lead. photosynthesis begins. 7. Valuing: Value of Saving. i.Lesson Plan on Mathematics ( 1ST Year ) • IF THE MAIN CLAUSE BEGINS THE SENTENCE. If you heat butter. I would study hard. 1. The main clause gives the results of the conclusion. 5. they could have saved the rainforest. If the loggers had not cut down the trees. 2. Construct a Conditional sentence using the following pair of words: 4 |Page . Identify the main clause and the subordinate clause. Generalization: Conditional Sentences are used to talk about things that can only happen under certain conditions. 4. THERE IS NO COMMA. Application Activity 1: Using the sentences in Activity 1. If you told me. it will melt. If the main clause begins the sentence. 3. IV. If you multiply twenty by five. They are made up of two clauses. I would have helped you. 3. one main clause and one subordinate clause The subordinate clause is introduced by if and states the condition. If I were Rita.

if there is an awareness campaign. understand RUBRICS: 1 POINT – CORRECT CONSTRUCTION OF CONDITIONAL SENTENCE OBSERVING THE PROPER TENSES AND SUBJECT PREDICATE AGREEMENT. If I am the parent.WRONG CONSTRUCTION OF SENTENCE. b. Baoya 5 |Page . nausea C) listen. You will be respected if you treat others nicely. Your programs will be properly implemented. 4 and 5. ASSIGNMENT/AGREEMENT: 1. What are the 3 kinds of Conditional Clauses? 2. Identify the main clause and subordinate clause of the following sentences: a. Do activities 3. I would guide him. 0 POINT .Lesson Plan on Mathematics ( 1ST Year ) A) sing. d. e. Prepared by : Bernadette B. 2. V. If I pass the board exam. I will reward you if you behave properly. voice lesson B) sleep. I will surely be delighted. c.

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