Troubled Marriages

Romances about troubled marriages are those in which the couple is estranged, separated, or even divorced early in the story and, having worked out their differences or problems in communication, reunited at the end.
(List begun 01/03, updated 10/09)

Medieval Romances

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The Secret Swan (2001) by Shana Abé Dark Champion (1993) by Jo Beverley The Shattered Rose (1996) by Jo Beverley The Willing Wife (2002) by Claudia Dain Red Adam's Lady (1973) by Grace Ingram Madselin (1968) by Norah Lofts

Regency Romances

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A Chance Encounter (1985) by Mary Balogh A Counterfeit Betrothal (1992) by Mary Balogh Dancing with Clara (1994) by Mary Balogh Gentle Conquest (1987) by Mary Balogh Secrets of the Heart (1988) by Mary Balogh The Rules of Marriage (1986) by Sheila Bishop The Emerald Necklace (1981) by Diana Brown April Lady (1957) by Georgette Heyer Frivolous Pretence (1990) by Anthea Malcolm A Regency Charade (1981) by Elizabeth Mansfield The Duke's Double (1988) by Anita Mills The Major's Mistake (2000) by Andrea Pickens Lady Delafont's Dilemma (2000) by Donna Simpson

European Historical Romances

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Deceived (1993) by Mary Balogh One Night for Love (1999) by Mary Balogh The Secret Wedding (2009) by Jo Beverley The Second Husband (1964) by Sheila Bishop The Duchess's Next Husband (2005) by Terri Brisbin Three Little Secrets (2006) by Liz Carlyle The Duke of Shadows (1972) by Meredith Duran (partially set in India) The Wagering Widow (2006) by Diane Gaston The Painted Lady (1993) by Lucia Grahame Daughter of the Game (2002) by Tracy Grant The Marriage Bed (2005) by Laura Lee Guhrke This Duchess of Mine (2009) by Eloisa James When the Duke Returns (2008) by Eloisa James Your Wicked Ways (2004) by Eloisa James The Wedding (1995) by Edith Layton The Book of Scandal (2008) by Julia London Almost Heaven (1990) by Judith McNaught

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Follow the Heart (1990) by Anita Mills The Scarlet Pimpernel (1905) by Baroness Orczy Silk and Secrets (1992) by Mary Jo Putney Tapestry (1996) by Karen Ranney Not Quite a Husband (2009) by Sherry Thomas (partially set in India) Private Arrangements (2008) by Sherry Thomas

American Historical/Frontier Romances

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McKenna's Bride (1999) by Judith E. French After the Parade (2000) by Dorothy Garlock The Horse Soldier (2001) by Merline Lovelace The Vow (1998) by Linda Lael Miller Rachel's Passage (1998) by Paula Reid The Coming Home Place (1994) by Mary Spencer Prairie Wife (2005) by Cheryl St. John

Contemporary Romances

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Annie's Wild Ride (1998) by Alina Adams Always in My Heart (2002) by Catherine Anderson A Perfect Marriage (2/1995) by Laurey Bright - SIM-621 Embraced by Love (1995) by Suzanne Brockmann Riley in the Morning (11/1985) by Sandra Brown - LS-115 The Fourth Child (2000) by C. J. Carmichael - HSR-917 The Wedding Party (2001) by Robin Carr - HR-3222 No Escape (3/1988) by Daphne Clair - HP-1056 Breaking Point (2/1992) by Emma Darcy - HP-1433 Coast Road (1998) by Barbara Delinsky Better than Before (3/1992) by Judith Duncan - SIM-421 Reason to Believe (1995) by Kathleen Eagle The Keeper (11/1995) by Margot Early - HSR-668 Talk to Me (9/1999) by Jan Freed - HSR-858 One True Love (1998) by Barbara Freethy The Outlaw's Wife (10/1998) by Cindy Gerard - SD-1175 To the Brink (2006) by Cindy Gerard Just Good Friends (7/1987) by Lucy Gordon - SD-363 Just Like Old Times (8/1992) by Jennifer Greene - SD-728 Once More with Feeling (10/1983) by Melinda Harris - SCAL-152 Hold Fast 'Til Dawn (12/1983) by Mary Haskell - THH-8 Twelve Days (2000) by Teresa Hill The Testimony (10/1983) by Robin James (Sharon and Tom Curtis) THH-1 Oceans Apart (2004) by Karen Kingsbury A Marriage to Fight For (1997) by Raina Lynn - SIM-804 Wife in Disguise (3/2001) by Susan Mallery - SSE-1383 On Target (2007) by Catherine Mann The Second Mrs. Adams (8/1997) by Sandra Marton - HP-1899 Love in a Small Town (1997) by Curtiss Ann Matlock A Chance of Rainbows (12/1985) by Anne McAllister - HAR-132 Still Mr. and Mrs. (2002) by Mary McBride Michael's Wife (1972) by Marlys Millhiser Urban Renewal (2004) by Pamela Morsi

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You Again (7/1996) by Peggy Nicholson - HSR-698 Some Enchanted Season (1999) by Marilyn Pappano The Spiral Path (2002) by Mary Jo Putney Becca's Baby (10/2000) by Tara Taylor Quinn - HSR-943 Sheltered in His Arms (2001) by Tara Taylor Quinn The Ultimate Betrayal (3/1996) by Michelle Reid - HP-1799 Beautiful Lies (1999) by Emilie Richards The Trouble with Joe (3/1994) by Emilie Richards - SSE-873 Danny Boy (1995) by Leigh Riker Tears of Jade (1993) by Leigh Riker Birthright (2003) by Nora Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Wrong (2001) by Fay Robinson - HSR-1012 One and Only (2001) by Lynda Sandoval Donovan's Promise (7/1988) by Dallas Schulze - SIM-247 Marrying Mike...Again (1/2000) by Alicia Scott - SIM-980 Mirrors and Mistakes (6/1984) by Kathleen Gilles Seidel - HAR-57 A Risk Worth Taking (8/1983) by Kathleen Gilles Seidel - HAR-17 The Same Last Name (4/1983) by Kathleen Gilles Seidel - HAR-2 When Love Isn't Enough(11/1984) by Kathleen Gilles Seidel - HAR-80 Foxfire (1950) by Anya Seton Ties that Bind (2006) by Kathryn Shay Never Let Go (2/1989) by Deborah Smith - LS-308 Losing It (1/1989) by Beverly Sommers - HAR-278 Bygones (1992) by LaVyrle Spencer Home Song (1995) by LaVyrle Spencer Moments in Time (1995) by Mariah Stewart Wildfire at Midnight (1956) by Mary Stewart The Next Step (1983) by Irma Walker One Fine Day (1994) by Theresa Weir Betrayal on Bali (11/1980) by Sally Wentworth - HP-396 Summer Storm (2/1983) by Joan Wolf - RR-8 The Silence of Midnight (5/1992) by Karen Young - HSR-500

Alternate Reality

Bitten (2001) by Kelley Armstrong

CHEATING I can read about, I don't like it but I am able to finish the book Meaning kissing, heavy petting and not going all the way but still extremely painful for the person who is being cheated on. * Hero/heroine in disguise are cheating with each other on each other which makes it a cheating and not. * the cheating is done before the hero and heroine fall in love * the cheating you don't find so offensive because it is in some way necessary - please state the reason! * revenge cheating - usually hero finds a whore and does it with her in anger

ASHES & ECSTASY by Catherine Hart (cheating hero and heroine) DEVIL'S EMBRACE by Catherine Coulter (cheating heroine and maybe hero?) ROYAL BRIDE by Joan Wolf (cheating hero) PERFECT SIN by Kat Martin (cheating hero) ALMOST A PRINCESS by Elizabeth Thornton (cheating heroine) THE CONQUEROR by Brenda Joyce (cheating hero) THE LOVER by Nicole Jordan (cheating hero) - original version PROMISE OF THE ROSE by Brenda Joyce - minor adultery COUNTERFEIT BETROTHAL by Mary Balogh - the couple was seperated because of adultery FIRE SONG by Catherine Coulter (cheating hero) ROSEHAVEN by Catherine Coulter (cheating hero) LADY DELEFONT'S DILEMMA by Donna Simpson - (hero has a mistress; couple is estranged) ONCE AND ALWAYS by Judith McNaught (cheating hero) BEYOND SCANDAL by Brenda Joyce (h & h are separated right after they marry & he is gone for four years. He has a mistress and children with her) SEPERATE BEDS by Lavyrle Spencer (cheating hero) Highlight to see a longer spoiler Former girlfriend

THE OBEDIENT BRIDE by Mary Balogh (Hero keeps a mistress after married to the heroine) BOLD ANGEL by Kat Martin (cheating hero) THE IMMAGINATION OF THE HEART by Judith Glover (cheating hero and heroine) A PERFECT MARRIAGE by Laurey Bright (cheating hero) THE ROME AFFAIR by Laura Caldwell THE DOLLMAKER by Amanda Stevens ONCE UPON A PILLOW by Connie Brockway and Christina Dodd. The adultery is sort of accidental and not very offensive. THE MARRIAGE BED by Laura Lee Guhrke TIGER'S EYE by Karen Robards. Heroine is married; hero "consoles himself" with other women. RAIN LILY by Candace Camp THE DUCHESS'S NEXT HUSBAND by Terri Brisbin EFFI BRIEST by Theodor Fontane ANNA KARENINA by Count Leo Tolstoy KREUTZER SONATA by Count Leo Tolstoy YOUR WICKED WAYS by Eloisa James (Although the Hero and Heroine were separated for a number of years he had kept mistresses.) PAINT THE WIND by Cathy Cash Spellman THE OTHER WOMAN by Patricia Kay THE COMING HOME PLACE by Mary Spencer WIDOW'S FIRE by Elizabeth Chadwick JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS by Sandra Steffen STEALING HOME by Sheryl Woods IN ANOTHER MAN’S BED by Francis Ray SOMETHING BORROWED by Emily Griffin A COTTAGE BY THE SEA by Ciji Ware BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY BY Brenda Novak THE OTHER WOMAN by Eric Jerome Dickey LET’S MEET ON PLATFORM 8 by Carole Mathews REASON TO BELIEVE by Kathleen Eagle CAMEO LAKE by Susan Wilson PLAY DIRTY by Sandra Brown WHAT MATTERS MOST by Cynthia Victor

EVERGREEN by Belva Plain. (Heroine, Anna Friedman, has several encounters with Paul Werner throughout the book) MAN WHO CRIED by Catherine Cookson. (Cheating Hero) PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS by Sherry Thomas (Both cheat while estranged) THE STRANGER IN BIG SUR by Lillian Bos Ross THE SCARLET THREAD by Francine Rivers (cheating hero) A TASTE OF SINn by Connie Mason (cheating hero). PRINCE OF DREAMS by Lisa Kleypas (cheating hero) ONCE A STRANGER by Megan Alexander (The hero cheated in the past) ANY WAY YOU WANT IT by Kathy Love NIGHT SWIMMING by Rebecca James THE RAKE'S RAINBOW by Allison Lane (cheating hero) SILK AND SECRETS by Mary Jo Putney (heroine, before book begins) THE SHATTERED ROSE by Jo Beverly (heroine who may or may not think hero dead) BYGONES by LaVyrle Spencer (hero before book begins which starts with H/h divorced for 6 years) BITTERSWEET by LaVyrle Spencer (hero commits adultery with heroine - wife I think is also cheating so...) Kathryn Shay - Firefighter Trilogy - Adultery is pivotal in this trilogy in especially the first two books. But you'll want to read the last one to finish the series and the characters to their happily ever afters. 1. After the Fire 2. On the Line 3. Nothing More to Lose THE DEVIL'S WAGER by Nancy Richards-Akers (Regency) THE BRIDE IN THE BLUE by Miranda Lee - HP. Marriage of convenience story -- the hero is unfaithful until the marriage is consummated. MISS DRAYTON'S DOWNFALL by Patricia Oliver. Traditional Regency. Marriage is unconsummated, husband has a mistress. THE FULFILLMENT by LaVyrle Spencer - Cheating heroine... the whole book is actually about adultery A PERFECT MARRIAGE by Laurey Bright ( cheating hero) THE ADULTERESS by Phillippa Carr (Victoria Holt) CAPTIVE ANGEL by Deana James THE WAY YOU ARE by Chery Holt ( A regency I think) - The h has been flirting with her sister's husband, Gregory ( just kissing actually) since her sister's marriage. Later on she gets married and forgets all about it but in my mind, even if she was not married at that time, she committed adultery because Gregory was married. BOLD CONQUEST by Virginia Henley- hero and heroine cheat on each other, but I can't tell you why without giving away the ending. ONCE UPON A SCANDAL by Barbara Dawson Smith- the hero and heroine are estranged for years and most of the time the hero had a mistress. THE STEVE AND GINNY SAGA = SWEET SAVAGE LOVE, DARK FIRES, LOST LOVE LAST LOVE, SAVAGE DESIRE by Rosemary Rogers- hero and heroine continuously cheat on each other throughout the series. RETURN TO ME by Rosemary Rogers- hero cheats on heroine early in their marriage and nearly cheats again, with the same woman, later on in the book. SAPPHIRE by Rosemary Rogers- hero cheats on heroine. THE BORDER LORD by Sophia James - (Harlequin Historical- Scottish setting) - Hero cheats on heroine after they're married. HIS BONNIE BRIDE/AMBER FLAME by Hannah Howelll - Cheating heroine( not gone all the way,

but barely). THE FRENCH BRIDE by Evelyn Anthony - Cheating Hero

THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL by Michelle Reid - kissing, thought about doing it and thought he did it but DIDN'T THE LOVER by Nicole Jordan - new version - kissing, thinking about it THE PIRATE AND THE PAGAN by Virginia Henely - the heroine cheats on the hero with the hero who is in disguise so it is not really cheating or is it? A MASKED DECEPTION by Mary Balogh - (hero cheats on the heroine with the heroine in disguise) LOVER ETERNAL by JR Ward - He thought he would kill her if he did it with her - right??? LADY VIXEN by Conne Mason - revenge cheating SEA FIRE by Karen Robards - revenge cheating ONCE AND ALWAYS by Judith McNaught - (cheating hero) - before he fell in love with her. ROSEHAVEN by Catherine Coulter - It was almost in the beginning before they actually fall in love. He went to visit a property and when he comes back he feels guilty for doing so and doesn't understand why. Please add more books as you come along them.

I'm placing this request in both Contemporary Romance and Romance. --NO HISTORICALS, PLEASE-I'm looking for Contemporary books where; the hero cheats, has been having an affair, just a one time fling, thinks he loves the other woman for a short time, leaves wife and family for another woman, then realizes he loves his wife and family and wants them back. I realize there are variations of this request posted many times however, this one is different because I want the cheating and I want the wife to get back with the husband, eventually.

Perfect Marriage (Silhouette Intimate Moments, No 621) by Laurie Bright U'll never look at your significant other the same way again, once U put this book down. Don't know 'bout U, but it's the best silhouette I've ever read. It tackles some heavy issues like adultery, denials, rediscovery of love & a miracle when U almost gave up on it.

12 years of seemingly-perfect marriage is suddenly shattered into pieces by Max's confession that he's leaving Celine, 'cuz he's in love with a much younger, up-and-coming lawyer from his lawfirm. To make matters worse, he expects to remain friends with Celine, partly because his family adores her. Max's mother calls it infatuation, Celine's friend calls it 'middle-age crisis'. To Max, it's something special that he thinks had been missing from his contented marriage. Hurting, Celine undergoes some changes, like new hair color & style, makeup & more provocative dresses. To his dismay, it creeps up on Max that his estranged wife's never looked more stunningly desirable in his traitorous eyes. Jealousy began to strike him as he's not the only 1 who notices his soon-to-be-ex wife. Bitter accusations & explosive confrontations resulted in a miracle that paved the way for reanalyzing their feelings for each other. Max is trapped in the eternal triangle & wrecked by enormous guilt. He's torn, realizing that no matter what he decides, someone's heart is bound to be sliced. I love the electricity (in & out of bed) between the separated couple, believable dialogues & circumstances that keep me spellbound & the adrenaline rushing thru' my veins

The Fourth Child: 9 Months Later (Harlequin Superromance No. 917) by CJ Carmichael Reason to Believe by Kathleen Eagle

The Ultimate Betrayal by Michelle Reid (Harlequin Presents, No. 1799). This is also a very good book. Redemption Karen Kingsbury(may need some kleenexes) A Morning like this Deborah Bedford Some Enchanted Season Marilynn Pappano Pappano takes readers back to the fictional town of Bethlehem, N.Y. (from Season of Wishes), for a season of tree trimming, cookie baking and personal rebirth in her holiday heart-warmer. All of Bethlehem's citizens?human and angelic?are gearing up for the holiday season, including Maggie McKinney, who has spent the past year recovering from a near-fatal car crash that left her scarred and suffering from a slight case of amnesia. The only thing she remembers clearly is that she and Ross, her workaholic husband of 16 years, had planned to divorce. Ross, whose one indiscretion caused Maggie's accident and has left him guilt-ridden, insists on staying with her until she can adjust to living on her own. As Bethlehem weaves its magic, Ross begins to redefine his values and Maggie learns to forgive. This uplifting tale is for everyone who believes in love.

Love and Other Natural Disasters by Holly Shumas. I thought it was a pretty good read : )

mirror bound by nissa gordon toria looks and acts just like the woman that renji used to know, he's confused about his feelings for her as he tells people that he only loves his wife, but tells others that she has died.

LaVyrle Spencer: Bygones (book starts out 6 years after divorce after he left her for another woman) A Slice of Heaven by Sherryl Woods. I don't recall that the hero ever thought he loved the other woman but he did lose his head and cheat on his wife (his high school sweetheart), who prompty threw him out. This is the second novel in the Sweet Magnolias series, but I think you could read it as a stand alone.

The First Time by Joy Fielding but this does have a bittersweet ending Innocent Wife, Baby Of Shame by Melanie Milburne and A Father's Promise by Helen R. Myers. Someone said The Dream by Kat Martin has a cheating hero but I haven't read this yet to know for sure (it is supposeto be a contemporary--her other ones with cheating heroes or adultery are historicals). I'm right with you Book Lover #1 & Vanessa--I LOVE this theme as long as there is an HEA. (Please foks, I know alot of you feel there can't ever be an HEA once there has been cheating but as I respect your opinion all I ask if that you respect mine).

Lisa Kleypas' Dreaming of You, Derek was half in love with Sara, but he made her leave him and go back to her home in the country. After she left, he had sex a few times with one of the wenches who looked like Sara at his gaming club. There was a HEA and it remains one of my all time favorites.

Lightening by Danielle Steel definitely fits this bill, as well as The Adultery Club by Tess Simmons

The Perfect Sinner by Penny Jordan he really was an awful womanizer and I still think the h should have left him.

The Substitute Wife- Dallas Schulze This was an excellent read and on my keeper shelf! Although, the hero "almost" cheated, and had every intention to cheat until the h walked in on him in mid undress with the "other woman". The heartbreak that the h goes through along with the secondary characters( not to mention the groveling the H had to do), made this a great emotional read! Four weeks before the wedding, Cat Lang's stepsister, Devon, decides to dump her fiance, Luke Quintain, and elope with an old boyfriend from high school. Cat offers to deliver the news to Luke, but once she finds out that Luke's grandfather is demanding that Luke get married by his thirty-sixth birthday, Cat gets the brilliant idea of offering to take Devon's place. Luke will get the "temporary" wife he needs, and Cat will be financially compensated for her time. Before long both Cat and Luke discover they both have gotten more than they bargained for with their marriage deal. Schulze's tart, humor-laced writing and charmingly appealing heroine add to the enjoyment this fresh, fun contemporary offers readers. Shulze is particularly good at creating and maintaining a believable sense of sexy chemistry between Cat and Luke as the always entertaining relationship between them turns into a wonderfully satisfying romance.

Unforgiven: Lone Star Lovers Book 2 by Delilah Devlin that had a cheating heroine and I really liked it (I read it again right after I finished it).

Coyote Heart by Paula Margulies Tempt Me Tonight by Toni Blake!! One of my favorites. He cheats when they are in high school. She leaves to go to college then returns years later.

Switcheroo: A Novel The H and h in the book have been married for many years. He gets bored and finds a mistress, who looks almost identical to his wife. Wife finds out and switches places with mistress. I suppose it's funny Chick Lit. It's been years since I have read it, but I enjoyed it for it's humor.

A few more ... Waiting For Revenge - Autumn Piper Something Borrowed - Emily Giffin The Familiar Stranger - Christina Berry On Mystic Lake - Kristin Hannah More Than Friends - Barbara Delinsky Just Breathe - Susan Wigg Seducing Sullivan - Julie Elizabeth Leto

"Just The Way You Are" by Barbara Freethy The Taming by Jude Deveraux is a wonderful book, a keeper of mine and it fits your description. The hero (Rogan) marries the heroine (Liana) for her money, doesn't know what she looks like and can't even remember her name when they consummate the marriage. She is a very take charge heroine and decides she is going to make her marriage work. When she finds out the reason he doesn't ever spend the night in her bed is because he has 7 mistresses (called the Days since he can't remember their names either, they go by the name of the day of the week he spends with them) she shows up to Wednesday's room and lights the bed on fire with the hero and Wednesday in it. Obviously she got her point across and he didn't forget Liana's name again. I hope you enjoy it!

Fall from Grace by Kristi Gold Regarding Dreaming of You: There's not a love scene between Tabitha and Derek. Tabitha is one of the prostitutes who works at Derek's casino. She goes to Sara's village to tell Sara about her encounter with Derek because she wants Sara to return to Derek. Derek -- who had never been with any of the "house wenches" before -- went to Tabitha only because she looks a lot like Sara, and he spent the whole night calling her Sara and pretending that she was Sara. Tabitha doesn't mind at all that he prefers Sara: she just wants Sara to know how much Derek wants her and how miserable he's been without her. N. Kelly, Dreaming of You is my favorite historical, hands down. And I never said I disliked Derek, in fact I think he's a wonderful character, one of the best, if not THE best of LK's heroes. To each his own. I've read the thing a couple dozen times and what Derek did with Tabitha made me uncomfortable and it FELT like cheating to me, whether she was sort of engaged to someone else or not. He was with Tabitha precisely because she looked like Sarah and Tabitha herself told Sarah that Derek called her Sarah during sex. That implies to ME that he had feelings for Sarah, he wanted to be with Sarah but settled instead for Tabitha because that's all he thought he could have. Minus the fact that Sarah all but declared herself for him before he gave her the boot. If that's not some kind of emotional tie, then I'm reading it all wrong. He redeems himself splendidly later, but I have to stand by my original post on the subject and say that I thought Derek was unfaithful.

Reader in NJ: SPOILERS: I agree with you about questioning why Ross was so careless. Maybe subconsciously he wanted Maggie to realize that Jessica wasn't her best friend, too because she was willing to have an affair with her BF's husband. I felt some main points were left up to the reader to decide like, did Ross hire the best medical care and was willing to care for her, himself, because he was just totally guilt-ridden at first or a combination of guilt and love. It's hard to decide why he bought the necklace since MP wasn't clear in her writing as to when the affair took place (was it right before Christmas or several months before), had they already ended the affair when Maggie found out or was the accident the cause of the affair ending. And as you stated, what happened to her friend's marriage. Wish she would write an epilogue on her site to answer some of these questions. And although there are the unanswered questions maybe it was because by the end all that wasn't important anymore because all that mattered was they had found their way back to each other. I truly felt Ross hated himself for what he had done with her friend and not just because Maggie ended up in an accident because of it. Char

Would y'all agree that Susan Johnson and Nicole Jordan are the queens of the cheating historical heroes? OMG! Nicole Jordan's The Lover may top the list. And has Susan Johnson ever had a hero that didn't cheat? Remind if there was one please. I'm pretty sure that Adam Serre in Johnson's Pure Sin doesn't cheat; if he does, I've blocked it out. That's my favorite book by her, and it's partly because of the lack of a bed-hopping hero. ITA about The Lover (the original edition before NJ "erased" the actual cheating part of that scene), but I do think the heroine made him work to get her back. Ophelia: Tabitha was one of the "house wenches" that worked for Derek. He didn't sleep with them except the one time with Tabitha. The scene between Tabitha and Sara starts about midway down on page 194 and goes to the end of the chapter (p. 198). That's in the paperback version. If you have a kindle I don't know if the pages are still the same. When you get a chance to read it please let me know what you think happened between Derek and Tabitha based on her description & Sara's reaction.

Love this discussion! Thank you so much for the info. Just wish I had one of her other books that I've read has a cheating hero, Prince of Dreams. But I think he's a total jerk and Derek is a saint compared to him. Have you read this one? Love this discussion! Thank you so much for the info. Just wish I had one of her other books that I've read has a cheating hero, Prince of Dreams. But I

think he's a total jerk and Derek is a saint compared to him. Have you read this one? Prince of Dreams. I totally agree with you. It's been awhile since I've read it and so many books in between. But wasn't that where he continued to have affairs and then was sent back in time to a previous life? So then the reader questions whether or not he really loves the h or if he loves the woman from the past and just superimposes her onto the h? Is that the one?

A Long Walk In Wintertime is by Libby Purves, A Long Walk In Wintertime, he didn't actually leave her for the other woman but that one was pretty bad. I still have a problem with the husband in this story, because he's just a jerk. I love this book, I really do, but he's just insensitive.

Home Song by LaVyrle Spencer. He cheats on his fiancee (heroine) right before they're married. The story starts 18 years later when he finds out there was result of that cheating.

Love Will Find A Way" by Barri Bryan. The husband did cheat. He thought he was in love with another woman, so he asked the wife for a divorce. After the divorce, with renewed strength and courage the wife rebuilds her life. Then the ex-husband reappears and asking her forgiveness and pleading for her to take him back. There are some yelling and grovelling, but I think there's not enough grovelling. It's quite an emotional read. I like it.

Loving Lies by Lora Leigh is hands down one of the best!! Lots of steamy grovelling. A really great story. It had me laughing and crying all at once. I couldnt put it down. The story is very involved, its hard to tell you about it without giving it all away.

Love will find a way. Slade was Jessie's life, the first love that filled her heart and soul and bound her woman's spirit. Years of waiting culminating in an incredible weekend of sexual abandon-teaching her everything she needed to know to be his woman and branded her as Slade's woman for life. Jessie was certain Slade had to love her. Until he whispered the lie, the ultimate betrayal, and walked away only to wed another woman. Now five years later Slade returns, his soul has withered without Jessie's presence, and now he'll have her, one way or the other. The love for her, the fierce overriding hunger and need consumes his heart and binds his soul. No matter the obstacles, Slade will get her back. Whatever it takes. Whatever he has to do. Warning: this book contains lots of steamy, hot lovin'. Anal sex. Toy play. All told in graphic, contemporary language.
Deception by Jenny Penn was too hot to hold. The heroine is decieved by the two

Tessa Miller only wants to help her friend. Having two muscle rippling hunks at her door is a bonus. Mistaken assumptions lead Tessa to the most thrilling week of her life. Will the pleasure be worth it when she finds out she's been deceived? When Tessa learns who they really are, her revenge is priceless. You can't help but admire her cleverness. Ty, the serious one, and Chase, the lighthearted one, are two very sexy men that anyone would love to have in their bed. The stuff of fantasies, Deception is a not to be missed reading for the summer
heros and retaliates. The "grovelling" is so steamy the pages smolder. His Lady Mistress by Elizabeth Rolls, which is free on Kindle right now, was a great historical romance. The story features a jerk hero and a heartbreaking heroine. The story grabbed me from the first page. A very emotionally moving story with lots of HEA grovelling. The Reinvention of Chastity by Eve Vaughn. The story has the rolls reversed. The hero is a womanizer who doesnt notice the heroine until she reinvents herself. She sets out to give him a taste of his own medicine, but it backfires. Only In My Dreams: A Halle Pumas novel by Dana Marie Bell is a PNR. The heroine suspects the hero of cheating and sets out to make him jealous. Lots of steamy chasing and grovelling. My One by January Rowe is an erotic novela. The heroine catches her boyfriend with another woman.

Books where H breaks h heart as teenagers (by sleeping or marrying another) and they meet up again years later: (P.S. these are all OMG!!! books. OMG!!! = 5 stars) Loving Lies by Lora Leigh Missing by Shiloh Walker Alway's Mine by Shiloh Walker (Hero is major jerk) Tempt Me Tonight by Toni Blake Sweetgum Tree by Katherine Allred What Price Paradise by Katherine Allred (H sleeps with h while he is engaged to someone else. She gets pregnant and they marry. He can't get over the fiance - lots and lots of anguish and heartbreak) P.S. He really has always loved the h, but of course doesn't figure it out until the HEA. My Best Friend's Lover, Shiloh Walker (this is loosely connected to Alway's Mine, read Alway's Mine first). H and h are best friends and h loves him deeply (he doesn't know). H thinks he is still in love with Nicki (from Always' Mine). Gets drunk and sleeps with h, but doesn't remember. She gets pregnant and he is jealous, they get married, etc., etc. More jealously and heartbreak. Very good book. These should be read in order: 1. Midnight's Bride by Sophie Jordan (nasty, nasty ex-mistress-heartbreak,

but good HEA) 2. Always Mine by Sophie Jordan (normal, but good historical romance) 3. Risk Everything by Sophie Jordan (h has loved H all her life, he marries another and breaks her heart. Someone kills his wife and unborn child and he thinks it is h's brother so he kidnaps h. Of course they fall in love and he handfasts (agrees to marry) with her, but secretly he swore revenge on the h's family and he is secretly engaged to another (bitchy, bitchy) woman. Even though he is dying inside (doesn't let the h know this), he marries the other woman and the story goes from there. THIS BOOK IS EXCELLENT!!! Cheating heros: The Fourth Child by C.J. Carmichael The Ultimate Betrayal by Michelle Reid The Perfect Marriage by Laurey Bright More Than Friends by Barbara Delinsky Some Enchanted Season by Marilyn Pappano Mercy by Megan Hart The Velvet Promise by Jude D. (Hero is major jerk) The Coming Home Place by Mary Spencer (Hero is major jerk) CHAR, VANESSA, NOELLE, OPHELIA - We seem to like the same books (I'm glad I'm not the only one that loves "jerks", sometimes I'm afraid to say anything on these forums for fear of retribution) so I thought I would tell you I just started More Than Friends by Barbara Delinsky. It is going to be an OMG!!! I'm on chapter 6 and wish I could call in sick tomorrow.

Merideth Duran - Not Quite a Husband. H & h are thrust together years after the fact - the H doesn't know she knows he did his cold-feet mistake. Cathy Maxwell - The Earl Claims his wife. Kresly Cole - If you deceive - He gets it for effort. The Marriage Bed by Laura Lee Ghurke

Bold Angel by Kat Martin Perfect Sin by Kat Martin I hate infidelity, but the heros in these first two books seemed to deeply regret what happened, and were sincere about not cheating again. That's what made these exceptions for me I think- that they (the heros) recognized their faults and tried to make up for it. On the other handLightning by Danielle Steele The Marraige Bed by Laura Lee Guhrke

...also have cheating by the heros, but I was disappointed with how these books ended. I was left feeling unsure about the heros feelings and really sorry and a might depressed for the heroines who did seem to genuinely love these men. Not sure why though- the relationship seemed so one-sided. All of these books are emotional reads, so you might want to give these a try.

Not Quite a Husband is by Sherry Thomas. SPOILER.............................. He cheated on the eve of his marriage, and the heroine, who is a doctor, was called to the same house and saw him in flagrante delicto. Personally, I did not like that book, not so much for the cheating, as for the heroine's character. She was a doctor in a time when female doctors were rare, and so she should have been a very determined woman. Instead, she came off as a doormat, and there were a couple of VERY TSTL moments. She ran away, and then, instead of getting on with her life, kept pining away ... how I hate these heroines. That was another thing that didn't make sense. He was in love with her since he was a small boy, but he slept around, and didn't think twice about cheating on her with a casual acquaintance. Worse still, he was not sorry about cheating, but only about her finding out. I wouldn't call her mean, just dumb. As usual, she buries herself in good works, and doesn't look at another man. I wouldn't mind cheating heroes so much if they weren't always partnered with these women who have completely turned off their sexuality. If they had a normal sex life after their breakup, at least I would be able to 'connect' with her. I just cannot believe that a woman NEVER feels lust for another man - she doesn't sound virtuous, she sounds dead!

Like Lord Ruin by Carolyn Jewel; the ones where you are happily going on and then something like H being caught with another woman and h is the one that catches them. Just sits you off. Not really a wallbanger but it makes you say, "Now what are you going to do?" Although in this book I still wonder about. There were a couple of ones that I read that really made you think like Bird in Hand Christina Baker Kline and Mercy Jodi Picoult, but I wanted to see that these men were sorry for what they did and that what they got wasn't what they really wanted. Oh yeah there was another one

Francesca's Pary Partrica Scanlan where the man cheats, wouldn't call him a hero here because this seems more like chic lit., and yet he gets what he deserves. Then there is Nightswimming Rebecca James this book seriously ended the way it should end. The only problem is that you didn't get to see how or if they could work it out.

Day by Day by Sandra Steffen! At any rate there was another book that I read but I can't remember the name. I think I recall the details though. H/h married, she is involved in a series accident she was taking something to school for their child. She is in a coma for a period of time and the husband and her sister were in and out visiting her. I think the dr.s were pushing to unplug her and the husband and sister, that would be his sister in law, were back at the house watching movies and crying. Apparently one thing led to another and they slept together. Wife wakes up, sister is pregnant with brother in laws baby and it goes from there.

Sweet Trouble by Susan Mallery (contemp) is more of a breakup thing where she comes back afterward and in between then and there he'd been doing other women. SO not really cheating, but still a feeling of betrayal by both parties.

More Than Friends" by Barbara Delinsky. I really enjoyed it. Very emotional book for me. Best friends marry best friends. Sam and Annie, JD and Teke. They go to college together, get married within two months of each other, etc., etc. They are unusually close. Sam comes home early one day to tell Annie some exciting news, she is not home so he runs to JD and Teke's. Teke is at home and sad because she just received a letter from old flame and, of course, one thing leads to another and they have a quickie (literally about 3 minutes). Teke's youngest runs in and sees them, freaks and runs out into the road, and get's hit by a car. This is the beginning of a very good story. Annie and the kids really make me feel for them. Annie handles things like an adult and doesn't give in to easily. Sam loves Annie and is sorry, but Sam and Teke's responses like, "it was just one time, one mistake, I was thinking of you" was very annoying. A mistake is when you forget to write down a check in your checkbook, not a three minute quickie with your wife's best friend.

More Than Friends right now and I'm getting a little tired of Sam and Teke referring to their "mistake" as "it was just one time, I made one mistake, it didn't last five minutes, it was over before it started, I don't even remember my feelings." OMG it was just one time?! This is supposed to make their spouses just forgive and forget in a couple of weeks? One time was all it would take! Oh, almost forgot the best line. . . . "I was thinking of you in my mind, but using her body." CLASSIC!!!

Only in My Dreams. *** SPOILERS***If I had a hardcopy of the book I probably would have thrown it. I found Gabe to be quite "stupid" and I don't like that in heroes. I like heroes who are flawed and make mistakes. But, Gabe came across as "stupid" instead of as a guy who made mistakes. Maybe part of the problem was that the book was so short. However, I never understood why Gabe kept calling Chloe all the time. I get it that she was his friend, like a sister, but he went overboard with all of that attention. Also, at Christmas when he and Sarah didn't get to see each other, he really blew it by not leaving a present for her when he bought a bracelet for Chloe. OK, he wasn't about to just leave the ring. But, he was in town for a week, he knew he wouldn't get to see Sarah. Common sense should have told him to go out and buy something else to leave for her. He knew that she would find out about the bracelet that he bought Chloe. Didn't he think she would be hurt by that since she didn't get anything? Then, at the airport, I don't know and can't figure out Chloe jumping on Gabe and wrapping her legs around his waist. Yes, they are friends but that was way over the top. Gabe never even reflected on the fact that Sarah might have been hurt by that. He pretty much ignores her for months and then another woman is all over him and he can't figure out why Sarah would be upset? Totally "stupid" on his part. I also thought that Sarah forgave him way to quickly. He didn't grovel at all in my opinion. Instead, he may have been angry with himself but he also got angry with Sarah for not believing him. Well, actions speak louder than words. And based on his actions, there was no reason for Sarah to trust him. If I found out that she just left him it wouldn't have surprised me. I feel bad for Jim. He obviously is intended for Chloe and I feel sorry for him. He is right, she is too immature for a relationship. A mature person doesn't do what she did. She knew how Gabe felt about Sarah. Bad enough that her conversations made it seem that Gabe was calling Chloe because there was something between them, her airport "hug" was quite nasty on her part. I don't know if I will read any more books by this author because the frustration level is too high and I don't like "stupid" heroes.

A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman. It was a kindle freebie. It was certainly not what I expected, although, I'm not entirely sure what it was I expected. Its not my usual genre. I needed a book fix and it was free...... The plot featured a cheating hero and a two faced, back stabbing...ahem...sister. The story itself was great. I like emotion, and though I dont typically cry in books (in fact, the only time I cried was when John Matthew and Tor were reunitied), this one wiped out an entire box of kleenex in a single night. But, for some reason, I just wasnt satifisfied. I'd love to discuss it with anyone whose read it.

I remember a Lori Wilde that has a similar storyline for the parents of the heroine, where the Dad cheated right before his wedding. But in this book, he's planning to cheat again with the same skank! It's called Addicted to Love. I ordered that book by Deborah Bedford on your recommendation! Can't wait to read it. Karen Kingsbury has a similar book called Oceans Apart

Second Chance Family - by Karina Bliss

Sex With Your Ex by Dakota Cassidy Heidi Betts - Mr and Mistress. I read it a long time ago, so I'm sketchy on the details, but the cheating made a kind of sense within the storyline.

Susan Sizemore's I Hunger For You the H, Colin breaks it off with Mia, not realizing that they are bonded. She knew everytime he was with another woman. Coming Home Place by Mary Spencer and OMG was it ever good and a tear jerker. I cried buckets over Elizabeth. I think someone here posted that she should have just stuck with Nathan because James definitely deserved Maggie. Boy, do I ever agree. James was so emotionally hurtful to Elizabeth. I understand that he wants to get a rise

out of her but he didn't show her that she was secure. The physical cheating, to me, wasn't as big of a factor as the emotional cheating like wishing that their son's mother was Maggie instead of Elizabeth.

To Love, Honor and Betray by Penny Jordan--I believe this one has adultery in it.

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