Language of Algebra Assignment

Use Google to search for synonyms for the words “add”, “subtract”, “multiply”, and “divide”. Creatively display the synonyms in the template on the next page. Refer to the rubric below for a scoring guide. Save this file as “lastname expression.doc” and drop into my “hand-in” folder.

Algebraic Translations Rubric

4 Completi on 8 + words per category Uses 4+ fonts and optional clipart 3 6-8 words per category Uses 4 fonts and optional clipart 2 4-6 words per category Uses 2 or 3 fonts and optional clipart 1 Less than 4 words per category 0 Not turned in Creativity Uses 1 font only Not very organized. words bunched together Turned 2 days late Not turned in Neatness Very well Well Organized. organized. organized. some good good use of good use of use of space space space Turned in on time or early Turned in on time Turned 1 day late Not turned in Turned in more than two days late/ not turned in Time .

Algebraic Translations Addition Subtraction Multiplication Equals Division .

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