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5th African Economic Forum_Brochure_210211

5th African Economic Forum_Brochure_210211

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Africa Economic Forum

Tuesday 8-Wednesday 9 March 2011 BMW Pavilion & Imax Theatre V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa
Monday 7 March 2011
V&A Waterfront Hotel, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

Business Briefing

Shaping Africa’s Future


A landmark conference on Africa and significant business networking occasion enabling leading entities, industries, companies and state players to interact and connect with the fast-growth core industries and corporates driving Africa’s economies forward. separately bookable events include Sub-Saharan Africa: Business Briefing 2011 (7th March) with Presentations by dr duncan clarke a leading strategist on Africa, and 36th PetroAfricanus Dinner (8th March) with guest speaker.

Minister for Trade & industry, Pretoria, south Africa


chief operating officer, CIC Energy Corporation, Botswana director: centre for dynamic Markets, gordon Institute of Business Science

The Agenda is concentrated around critical investment and business concerns, the questions that really matter, leading-edge shifts in Africa’s evolving economic landscapes, and the continent’s emerging role and strategic position within a highly-competitive and rapidly globalising world speakers discuss key industry issues including:
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Africa’s changing Economic World To 2050 Africa’s giant Economies & “Next five” infrastructure, services, Mining, Manufacturing Transportation, Telecommunication, Mega Projects Trade & Projects, financing, industries Natural Resources, Minerals, Energy, diversification geopolitics, investment, state firms, Emerging Powers investments, growth Markets, development challenges constraints, Building Bridges, New opportunities, future

The forum includes breakaway sessions covering oil, gas & energy across southern Africa, with top-level speakers covering strategic shifts impacting governments, companies, investors, financiers and service industries within Africa’s most energy-critical region.
BREAKAWAY sEssioNs iNcludE 12th Africa oil & gas forum & 12th Africa Energy forum 2011 corporates, African states, investors

Sponsor & Exhibit: Contact amanda@glopac-partners.com sonika@glopac-partners.com

ALEC ERWIN chairman, Ubu Investment Holdings, former Minister of Public Enterprises, South Africa SINDISO NDEMA NgWENyA secretary general, Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa PROFESSOR TONy HAWkINS graduate School of Business, Zimbabwe, Correspondent to Financial Times (London) AMBASSADOR ROgER BALLARD-TREMEER chief Executive, South Africa-Angola Chamber of Commerce, Angola DR DUNCAN CLARkE chairman & cEo, global Pacific & Partners, South Africa BRENDA HORNE cEo, Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative, Mocambique ADEWALE TINUBU group chief Executive, Oando plc, Nigeria gODWIN SWETO Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Planning, PetroSA, Cape Town PROFESSOR PHILIP LLOyD Cape Peninsula Institute of Technology, Cape Town CHARLES OkEAHALAM Managing director & cEo, AgH Capital, Lagos & South Africa SENIOR ExECUTIVE Transnet Pipelines, South Africa BRIAN STATHAM chairman, South African National Energy Association BILL EgBE President, Coca Cola SA & President Pan African Initiatives BILL RUSSO Principal, Mckinsey & Company, Johannesburg, South Africa JORDAAN FOUCHE investment Analyst, Earth Resource Investment group, Cape Town SOLA ADEPETUN senior Partner, Adepetun, Caxton-Martins, Agbor & Segun, Nigeria JOSEPH kANyEkANyE President, Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries, Harare RICHARD STOUT Principal, Equity Capital Markets, ABSA Capital DR MATLOTLENg MATLOU chief Executive, Africa Institute of South Africa, Pretoria PETER COPELy Transport specialist, Development Bank of Southern Africa JACOB SEgMAN chairman & group Managing director, kenoil/kobil, Nairobi, kenya JOHN LANgHUS commercial director, Forest Exploration International, Cape Town PAUL EARDLEy-TAyLOR Head of Energy, Utilities & Infrastructure, Standard Bank TIM HUgHES Research fellow, governance of Africa’s Resources Program, South African Institute of International Affairs MTHOZAMI xIPHU chief Executive, Petroleum Agency SA THEMBANI BUkULA Regulatory Member, National Energy Regulator SA


Vice President, global Business development, NorConsult AS Head of Emerging Powers Programme, South Africa Institute of International Affairs


chief Executive, Africa@Work, Hon cEo, South Africa-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce DEREk ENgELBRECHT, director, Ernst & young JORgE MAIA Head, Research & Information, Industrial Development Corporation AgOSTINHO PEREIRA DE MIRANDA chairman, Miranda, Correia Amendoeira & Associados, Lisbon COLIN COLEMAN Managing director, goldman Sachs, Johannesburg LAZARUS ANgBAZO President & cEo, gE Corporate East, Central & West Africa, Nairobi DR TERENCE MCNAMEE deputy director, The Brenthust Foundation JOHN PURCHASE chief Executive officer, Agricultural Business Chamber, South Africa PAUL RUNgE Managing director, Africa Project Access, South Africa BRIAN HERLIHy, chief Executive, Seacom, USA JASON NAgy Africa Business development Manager, U.S. Trade & Development Agency FEMI EDUN Managing director, Frontier Capital Limited, Nigeria JEAN-JACQUES CORNISH Radio 702, Africa Correspondent, Radio France International, South Africa PROF. MAggIE kIgOZI Executive director, Uganda Investment Authority, kampala, Uganda SEMyON ASTAkHOV department Head, TMk Africa (Moscow) ANDy PAyNE chief Executive officer, Wilderness Safaris PETER STEPHENSON director, Trade & Investment, UkTI, Nigeria DR JOHAN VAN DEVENTER chief Executive, Freshmark-Shoprite, South Africa DR xOLANI MkHWANAZI chairman, BHP Billiton, South Africa PROFESSOR FRANCIS WILSON Professor of Economics, University of Cape Town DR JAkkIE CILLIERS Executive director, Institute of Security Studies, South Africa PAUL-SIMON HANDy director, Research, African Conflict Prevention, Institute of Security Studies, Pretoria DR MARTyN DAVIES chief Executive officer, Frontier Advisory, Johannesburg

Bronze sponsor


Adepetun Caxton-Martins Agbor Segun
Barristers + Solicitors, Lagos

dr duncan clarke: Johannesburg: The Hague:

duncan@glopac.com Tel: + 27 11 880 7052 Tel: + 31 70 324 6154

Babette van gessel: babette@glopac.com fax: + 27 11 880 1798 fax: + 31 70 324 1741

South Africa SINDISO NDEMA NgWENyA secretary general. governance of Africa’s Resources Program. BHP Billiton. Cape Town SOLA ADEPETUN senior Partner. Petroleum Agency SA THEMBANI BUkULA Regulatory Member. Zimbabwe Dianna Games Executive Director. Angola DR DUNCAN CLARkE chairman & cEo. Uganda Investment Authority. Johannesburg LAZARUS ANgBAZO President & cEo. Nairobi. ABSA Capital DR MATLOTLENg MATLOU chief Executive. AgH Capital. Institute of Security Studies. South African National Energy Association BILL EgBE President. Africa@Work Hon CEO. Utilities & Infrastructure. Adepetun. Lisbon COLIN COLEMAN Managing director. Cape Town PROFESSOR PHILIP LLOyD Cape Peninsula Institute of Technology. Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa PROFESSOR TONy HAWkINS graduate School of Business. Development Bank of Southern Africa JACOB SEgMAN chairman & group Managing director. South Africa JORDAAN FOUCHE investment Analyst. TMk Africa (Moscow) ANDy PAyNE chief Executive officer. U. Central & West Africa. global Business development. South African Institute of International Affairs MTHOZAMI xIPHU chief Executive. USA JASON NAgy Africa Business development Manager. Trade & Investment. PetroSA. Lagos & South Africa SENIOR ExECUTIVE Transnet Pipelines. former Minister of Public Enterprises. Pretoria PETER COPELy Transport specialist. South Africa Institute of International Affairs ALEC ERWIN chairman. Caxton-Martins. Africa Correspondent. Radio France International. Nigeria gODWIN SWETO Vice President. South Africa PAUL-SIMON HANDy director. Zimbabwe. Hon cEo. Africa@Work. South Africa-Angola Chamber of Commerce. Pretoria DR MARTyN DAVIES chief Executive officer. South Africa BRIAN STATHAM chairman. Research. Freshmark-Shoprite. Coca Cola SA & President Pan African Initiatives BILL RUSSO Principal. Trade & Development Agency FEMI EDUN Managing director. Earth Resource Investment group. Cape Town CHARLES OkEAHALAM Managing director & cEo. UkTI. Industrial Development Corporation AgOSTINHO PEREIRA DE MIRANDA chairman. Correia Amendoeira & Associados. Research & Information. Nigeria JEAN-JACQUES CORNISH Radio 702. The Brenthust Foundation JOHN PURCHASE chief Executive officer. Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries. CIC Energy Corporation. kenya JOHN LANgHUS commercial director. NorConsult AS chief Executive. global Pacific & Partners. CaxtonMartins. South Africa-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce director. Institute of Security Studies. south Africa DR MZUkISI QOBO DIANNA gAMES Head of Emerging Powers Programme. African Conflict Prevention. Agbor & Segun Lagos. Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative. gordon Institute of Business Science ODD ySTgAARD Vice President. Cape Town PAUL EARDLEy-TAyLOR Head of Energy. Nairobi DR TERENCE MCNAMEE deputy director. kenoil/kobil. Botswana DR LyAL WHITE director: centre for dynamic Markets. Frontier Advisory.S. South Africa-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce Confirmed Speakers DR ROB DAVIES Minister for Trade & industry. Africa Institute of South Africa. South Africa DR xOLANI MkHWANAZI chairman. South Africa BRIAN HERLIHy. University of Cape Town DR JAkkIE CILLIERS Executive director. Seacom. Wilderness Safaris PETER STEPHENSON director. Johannesburg 55 speakers. goldman Sachs. Forest Exploration International. Mckinsey & Company. gE Corporate East.Africa Economic Forum Africa Economic Forum 2011: Advisory Council Dr Duncan Clarke Chairman & CEO Global Pacific & Partners South Africa Sola Adepetun Senior Partner Adepetun. kampala. Mocambique ADEWALE TINUBU group chief Executive. Nigeria DR JOHAN VAN DEVENTER chief Executive. Agricultural Business Chamber. Johannesburg. South Africa PROFESSOR FRANCIS WILSON Professor of Economics. Pretoria. South Africa PAUL RUNgE Managing director. chief Executive. Nigeria ProfessorTony Hawkins Graduate School of Management Harare. Miranda. Standard Bank TIM HUgHES Research fellow. JORgE MAIA Head. Frontier Capital Limited. Nigeria JOSEPH kANyEkANyE President. Ernst & young DEREk ENgELBRECHT. Agbor & Segun. Plus Exhibitors social functions & Networking . Harare RICHARD STOUT Principal. Ubu Investment Holdings. Africa Project Access. Uganda SEMyON ASTAkHOV department Head. Oando plc. National Energy Regulator SA EDDIE SCHOLTZ chief operating officer. Correspondent to Financial Times (London) AMBASSADOR ROgER BALLARD-TREMEER chief Executive. Corporate Strategy & Planning. MAggIE kIgOZI Executive director. South Africa BRENDA HORNE cEo. South Africa PROF. Equity Capital Markets.

potential.Sub-Saharan Africa Business Briefing Monday 7th March 2011 “Africa as Never Seen Before” – strategies for business and investment across the continent. and been Advisor to numerous corporate players. as well as several economics works over the decades on African countries (including foundation missions to establish the 19-country Preferential Trade Area of Eastern & southern Africa. uNdP) and international entities (EEc. iTu. and author of Africa: crude continent (the TV/film documentary in 2010 by cNBc-Africa based on this book). INDUSTRIES & gROWTH DRIVERS • • • • • • • • critical insights on Agro-Allied industries Mining & Metals: Projects & issues Energy & Power. leading uN Agencies (ilo. china. telecommunications. Airlines) Banking & finance: M&A Telecoms/icT & communications Tourism & commercial services consumer Markets & Economic Trends 17:30 18:00 Close of Briefing Icebreaker Cocktail Reception With 5th Africa Economic Forum 2011. usAid. future and economic outlook for Africa. banking. and foundations) on African economic issues. infrastructure). and latin America. india. Ports. logistics. united states. Brasil. African advisory practice. trade.V&A Waterfront Presentations with 750+ Images on African Economies & Business Future . Economic growth 15:45 16:00 Coffee Break gOVERNMENTS. shipping. Present & future investments Regional & country Business constraints indicative Economic outlook future Political Economy & directions 13:00 14:00 Light Luncheon CORPORATE AFRICA: PORTFOLIO & INVESTMENT STRATEgIES • • • • • corporate Presence & growth Top 100 companies investments & strategies Western. investment. plus geopolitics and commercial issues. as well as advisory engagements with the Economic commission for Africa. Asia. He is current President of the African institute of Petroleum. Rail. governments and National oil companies in Africa. Russia. southern Africa south Africa: future Role & strategy focus Key issues. uNcTAd. with unique insights in Presentations by dr duncan clarke (chairman & cEo. gREAT POWERS. oil & gas industries infrastructure (Road. in 750-plus images. from a leading authority on the continent. Delegates & Guests Predator Tank: Aquarium . Maghreb-North Africa. global Pacific & Partners). gas and energy industries. Europe. building of over 40 years’ experience in economics. on the prospects. oil/gas. 08:00 09:00 Registration & Coffee AFRICA’S ECONOMIES & EMERgINg MARkETS • • • • • • • • • Business Historiography & Economic Transitions Macroeconomics & “Big five” African Economies fast-Emerging Players & industries growth Performance & fundamentals Middle classes & Poverty Trends Past. FOREIgN STATES • • • • • commercial geopolitics & state companies government investment Policies & strategies state investors from china. plus many private and international companies worldwide (in economics. visits to 45 African countries (and 120 worldwide). agroindustry. Middle Eastern: Worldwide competitive interests African inter-state Economic strategies Africa’s Emerging 21st century future 10:30 11:00 Coffee Break AFRICA’S RESOURCES. Russia. synergies. Eastern. resources. as the leading strategist on its oil. now coMEsA) and sAdcc ( now sAdc).

The AEF-2011 will enable Africa’s leading entities. business and socio-economic trajectories. institutions. economists and policy experts. revealing insights on the issues confronting Africa’s future commercial. The Program. discover the key emerging trends. Press and Media. companies. with interviews and coverage. with governments and officials in key industries and state institutions. interface with new ideas. and become part of the growing African business architecture and continent-wide deal flow. companies and state players to interface with senior executives and African government officials. and the continent’s emerging role and strategic position within a highly-competitive and rapidly globalising world. not the soft issues that litter other meetings and often lead to inconclusive insights and decisions on the core portfolio that Africa must depend upon for its survival and success. industries. state players. Authors global Pacific & Partners has invited a number of Africa’s Think Tanks. World Press. across and involved with the development of the African continent – cape-to-cairo. players and critical business thinking. Think-Tanks. global Pacific & Partners). Connect .Shaping Africa’s Future our 5th Africa Economic Forum 2011 (AEf-2011) in cape Town at the BMW-imax Theatre. Global Broadcast Partner our global Broadcast Partner is CNBC-Africa which will cover the event. over 7-9th March 2011. and take interviews as well as conduct live-crossings.5th Africa Economic Forum 2011 come and connect with Africa’s leading decision-makers. companies. as well as selected authors to participate in AEF-2011. The AEF-2011 Agenda is concentrated around critical investment and business concerns. the questions that really matter. AFRICAN ENERGY OIL • GAS • POWER • POLICY & FINANCE . provides an intensive tour de l’Afrique. The AEf-2011 themes and foci are designed around hard-edged business questions. Media. Broadcast leading Journals. and is designed for business and governments treating with key industry issues. leading-edge shifts in Africa’s evolving economic landscapes. Economists. from Africa and elsewhere will cover AEF-2011 and communicate its substance and speaker views. and so connect with the fast-growth core industries and corporates driving Africa’s economies forward. into Africa and Worldwide. at the V&A Waterfront Hotel. as a means to connect cutting-edge African thinking with the emerging business and investor paradigm. with Exhibition. followed by our 36th PetroAfricanus dinner in Africa the same evening. plus countries outside Africa. a leading strategist on Africa. The 5th Africa Economic Forum 2011 has 8 high-level Plenaries + 3 BreakAway Panels with speakers drawn from key countries. with Africa Exhibition. with guest speaker. online and radio. policy thinkers and core industries. is a landmark conference on Africa and significant business networking occasion for the top corporate players active in. MEdiA PARTNERs AEF-2011 is preceded by our Sub-Saharan Africa: Business Briefing 2011 on the Monday 7th March. to feed related worldwide TV networks on the AEF-2011 proceedings. cape Town. with Presentations from dr duncan clarke (chairman & cEo.Africa Economic Forum 2011 . focused on the fundamentals shaping Africa’s economic future.

Lagos. Uganda 12:50 AFRICAN REgIONAL CORRIDORS WITH PRIVATE SECTOR PAST. Africa Business Development Manager. regions. as indian ocean island economies act as springboards for African entry with established industrial and export zones. regional states in coMEsA and EcoWAs link up with domestic/foreign companies. US Trade & Development Agency. author of Africa: Crude Continent (now a TV/Film Documentary. Chairman. Algeria. OPPORTUNITIES SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA Sindiso Ndema Ngwenya. kampala. Chief Executive. Continental Shifts. former Minister of Public Enterprises. Drivers. Nigeria 12:10 ANgOLA: AFRICA’S RISINg STAR: RESOURCES & DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS & FUTURE DIRECTIONS Jason Nagy. Financial Times. and its domestic companies seek a wider African footprint. South Africa. south Africa remains a key destination for investment. Angola. South Africa Plenary 1: Africa’s Changing Economic World To 2050 global Status. new ventures. London. graduate School of Management. Executive Director. London 11:50 NIgERIA: gROWTH STRATEgIES. Ubu Investment Holdings. Director. and from state players around the world. CEO. by CNBC. United State Consulate general 10:00 AFRICA’S ECONOMIC DRIVERS: Ambassador Roger Ballard-Tremmer. What is its current shape. 2010 11:00 Morning Coffee . Morocco ++ Africa huge economic spaces reflect highly varied commercial concentrations. Chairman & CEO. Frontier Capital Limited. PRESENT & 21ST CENTURy FUTURE Dr Duncan Clarke. constraints or limits to long-term growth. Uganda Investment Authority. Executive Director. Zimbabwe: Correspondent. so that investors must consider not just scale. new growth poles and fragmented economies. South Africa Chair: Dr Duncan Clarke 13:30 Luncheon World Film Premiere: Africa: Crude Continent: Quest for Africa’s Oil Prize TV/Film Documentary. PERFORMANCE & PROSPECTS Professor Tony Hawkins. including overseas interests to regenerate the capital base. Institute of Security Studies. South Africa Dr Jakkie Cilliers. segments and industries have outperformed. The Brenthurst Foundation 10:40 ISS: AFRICA TO 2050: FUTURE gROWTH PATHS AND HOW TO SUCCEED Derek Engelbrecht.Africa Economic Forum Tuesday 8th March 2011 08:00 Registration & Coffee 08:45 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Plenary 2: Africa’s giant Economies & “Next Five” South Africa. 11:30 SOUTHERN AFRICA: 09:00 gOVERNMENT OF SOUTH AFRICA: STRATEgy IN AFRICA & WORLD MARkETS Dr Rob Davies. AND RISkS TO 2020 Femi Edun. Minister for Trade & Industry. as new opportunities emerge. South Africa-Angola Chamber of Commerce 12:30 UgANDA: INVESTMENT POTENTIAL & OPPORTUNITIES Professor Maggie kigozi. regional and country futures for many economies which even until recently encountered difficulties. and maintained a relatively strong performance during the recent global recession. while new dynamics are shaping the continental. some top performers. resources. Egypt. South Africa 09:20 COMESA: BUILDINg TRADE & INFRASTRUCTURE IN ECONOMIC WEIgHT. Managing Director. Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa Lusaka. global Pacific & Partners. Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative. Chairman & CEO. Zambia 09:40 UNITED STATES: US/AFRICA INVESTMENTS. Dr Duncan Clarke. while there are laggards. South Africa Chair: Alec Erwin. Ernst & young. growth Paths Africa’s growth has continued on an upward trend over the last decade. LINkAgES. by CNBC-Africa) 10:20 BRENTHURST FOUNDATION: gOVERNANCE IN SHAPINg INVESTMENT IN TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE Brenda Horne. and a revised economic outlook has attracted growing interest from investors in the emerging markets. and where to next ? some countries. and sAdc. global Pacific & Partners. Secretary general. Nigeria. but government performance and competitive policies. Meanwhile. Mocambique 13:10 ERNST & yOUNg: AFRICA BEyOND THE SAHEL: WHAT’S THERE AFRICA’S ECONOMIC FUTURE Dr Terence McNamee. Deputy Director.Africa Based on the book by Duncan Clarke Profile Books.

Chairman & group Managing Director. gTl. Managing Director & CEO. kenol/kobil. AgH Capital. Mega Projects How can deindustrialization be arrested. with capacity for around 120 persons. Lagos. Commercial Director. 15:50 AFTERNOON COFFEE BREAk . Lagos 15:30 kENOL/kOBIL: BUILDINg MARkETS FROM EAST AFRICA TO THE WORLD Brian Herlihy. Central & West Africa. Nairobi. Group Managing Director. government and individual links within Africa. Services. while the economic base must be built from investments in infrastructure. cBM and coal-power development. Senior Partner. Lagos and South Africa 15:30 SEACOM: AFRICA’S SEA CABLES: CONNECTINg WITH FUTURE POLITICAL ECONOMy Sola Adepetun. while future investment trends remain strong. Adepetun Caxton-Martins Agbor & Segun. Chairman. Global Pacific & Partners. Johannesburg 14:50 gE: INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENTS FOR AFRICAN 14:30 PETROLEUM AgENCy SA: OFFSHORE/ONSHORE ACREAgE Mthozami xiphu.in lNg. with over 750 companies involved across 54 African countries. Cape Town 14:50 FOREST OIL: WEST COAST IBHUBEZI gAS DEVELOPMENT & DEVELOPMENT Lazarus Angbazo. lowcost communications across the continent is spawning a revolution in corporate. Graduate School of Management. kenya Chair: Babette van Gessel. inside the BMW-Imax complex. Investors Africa has come to the fore this decade in oil and gas. synfuels. Manufacturing. Zimbabwe: Correspondent. Transportation. with growth in the resource base and proven reserves. President & Regional Executive. Mining. East. African States. transportation and projects that lift African economies onto a stronger growth path. created as Africa becomes “connected” in ways unimagined in the 20th century.Pavilion Room 12th Africa Oil & gas Forum 2011 Corporates. Forest Exploration International. Financial Times. United States Chair: Professor Tony Hawkins. and it provides supplies to export and domestic oil/ energy markets . New markets are opening-up. and between its many countries and the rest-of-world. as manufacturing forms a basis for future modernization in Africa. Denver.Africa Economic Forum Tuesday 8th March 2011 Plenary 3: Modernising & Financing African Industries Infrastructure. London SOUTHERN AFRICA Jacob Segman. plus a range on unconventional fuels. BHP Billiton Limited SA. gE Corporate. as governments and companies seek long term capital funds for development? Meanwhile the economic and social benefits. Chief Executive. Petroleum Agency SA. Breakaway Session-1 . transformed or renewed. SEACOM. The Hague The 12th Africa Oil & Gas Forum 2011 Presentations by oil and gas companies and Governments take place in a separate Auditorium. Chief Executive. Nigeria 15:10 AgH CAPITAL: NIgERIA’S CAPITAL MARkETS & ECONOMIC IMPACTS John Langhus. The modern scramble for African oil. 14:30 BHP BILLITON: SOUTHERN AFRICA’S MINERAL INDUSTRIES & PROCESSINg FUTURE Dr xolani Mkhwanazi. United States 15:10 ADEPETUN: NIgERIA’S OIL/ENERgy REFORMS & FINANCIAL INDUSTRy: Charles Okeahalam. Telecommunication. direct and indirect of modern. gas and energy continues.

Nigeria 17:40 WILDERNESS SAFARIS: NICHE PLAyERS: ALWAyS A COUNTRy WITH gREAT POTENTIAL?” Dr Matlotleng Matlou. Vice-President. Analysts. author of numerous economics works over four decades & Dinosaurs. Experts “To Debate Africa’s Political Economy” 16:20 SOUTH AFRICA: PAST. FUTURE” . Chief Executive. Assets. but not yet fully developed. Trading. Africa Institute. Trade & Projects Future Potential. These initiatives offer local and foreign companies new opportunities for entry in arenas that have strong competitors. Senior Research Fellow. and Hon CEO. Chief Executive. build new development patterns. LODgES & WILDLIFE RESOURCES Andy Payne. PRESENT. PetroSA. Chairman & CEO. Professor of Economics. Pretoria 17:40 OBSERVATIONS: REPORTINg AFRICA Jean-Jacques Cornish. Pretoria 17:20 ISS: AFRICA’S FAILINg STATES: ECONOMIC RESILIENCE gAME PARkS. Director. Radio France International. South Africa-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce Peter Stephenson. Research: African Conflict Prevention. Chief Executive Officer. Authors. many states open to direct negotiations. Wilderness Safaris Chair: Tim Hughes.Pavilion Room “Africa Hardball” Join Leading Africanists Economists. Thinkers. South Africa 17:15 UkTI: NIgERIA’S TRADE & INVESTMENT POTENTIAL 17:00 AFRICA INSTITUTE: DRC: “COUNTRy WITH gREAT POTENTIAL: Wednesday 9th March 2011 Dianna games. South Africa 16:45 APA: SUB-SAHARAN PROJECT TRENDS Professor Francis Wilson. Institute of Security Studies. Corporate Strategy & Planning. one that remains a treasure trove for base minerals. Africa@Work. Director Trade & Investment UkTI. and a pipeline of projects for investors and commercial interests with wider vistas. south African National Energy Association “SHAPINg SOUTH AFRICA’S ENERgy FUTURE: REFLECTIONS PAST. Global Pacific & Partners 18:20 COCkTAILS – BMW-IMAx THEATRE. Diamonds & Democracy: A Short. Radio 702. chairman. Africa Project Access. PRESENT. with several new countries entering early exploration. while growth paths have much varied in the past. bulk commodities and precious ores.one & only Hotel. University of Cape Town. School of Economics. WATERFRONT 36th PetroAfricanus dinner in Africa . and both traditional producers and immature markets now in play. Short History of South Africa 16:40 CORPORATE ENTRy ISSUES INTO WEST AFRICA Paul Runge. Writer. South African Institute of International Affairs Dr Paul-Simon Handy. V&A Waterfront (separately Bookable) dinner 19:30 With guest speaker: Brian statham. Managing Director. Ventures: Building Investments Africa has richly endowed natural resources. partnership options. and more regions and countries seek to diversify. while both large mining houses and junior companies can be found active across the continent.Africa Economic Forum Tuesday 8th March 2011 Plenary 4: Natural Resources. Africa’s mineral and metals resource base is large and improving. South Africa 18:00 OPEN DEBATE Chair: Dr Duncan Clarke. others offering auctions. Africa Correspondent. Breakaway Session-2 . FUTURE 16:20 PETROSA: PORTFOLIO PROJECTS UPSTREAM & DOWNSTREAM MEgA-REFINERy VENTURE godwin Sweto.

investments. some in improving environs. global Pacific & Partners. despite that most Africans still live on or off the land. Agricultural Business Chamber. Principal. South Africa 11:30 DEVELOPMENT BANk SA: TRANSPORTATION & LOgISTICS IN Professor Tony Hawkins. South Africa Chair: Dr Matlotleng Matlou. Chairman & CEO. Development Bank of Southern Africa. author of Africa: Crude Continent: The Struggle for Africa’s Oil Prize. and on the Inaugural visit by President Nelson Mandela To Tokyo . South Africa 12:30 FRESHMARk-SHOPRITE: DEVELOPINg RETAIL BUSINESS & CONSUMER MARkETS Bill Russo. Africa Institute. Africa@Work & Hon CEO. in the context of a continent of significant residual poverty but which is encountering old and new challenges. many in aggravated circumstances. manufacturing. FOOD 09:00 INDUSTRIALISATION: AFRICA’S MANUFACTURINg CHALLENgES MARkETS & SECURITy IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA Jorge Maia. Chief Executive. graduate School of Business. Principal. Chief Executive. Research & Information. oil and gas. Industrial Development Corporation. Director: Centre for Dynamic Markets. South Africa-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce. others self-inflicted . Transport Specialist. South Africa.with a number of restrictions that could be removed or mitigated through better strategies. finance and the now with fast-emerging consumer markets built on a rising African middle class. state initiatives. Yet fast-expanding consumer markets are emerging. mineral resource exploitation. agro-allied industry. Building Bridges. 11:10 INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION: LAND. Pretoria. South Africa CONSUMER MARkETS IN AFRICA Dr Johan van Deventer. South Africa Chair: Dr Lyal White. while food supply security remains critical in many countries and a history of conflict has left its marks on economic backwardness. Freshmark-Shoprite. South Africa 11:50 ABSA CAPITAL: SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA CAPITAL MARkETS & Dr Duncan Clarke. South Africa 12:50 Luncheon 10:40 Morning Coffee Luncheon Film Show .some inherited. Zimbabwe: Correspondent Financial Times (London) 09:20 AgRI-BUSINESS CHAMBER: AgRO-ALLIED INDUSTRy DEVELOPMENT ACROSS AFRICA Dr John Luscombe Purchase. Mckinsey & Company.In IMAX Theatre at 13:00 TV/Film Documentary Historic 17th year Anniversary Showing “Born In Soweto” On the life and times in Soweto during 1994 at the moment of democratic change The first Film/Documentary made in and on the New South Africa Executive Producer: global Pacific & Partners Seen worldwide. Gordon Institute of Business Science. President Coca Cola Company SA & President Pan African Initiatives. Chief Executive. and where one billion Africans today need to experience rising living standards amidst challenging demographic expansion alongside competitive threats emerging in Africa and worldwide. Plenary 5: Africa’s Economic Drivers & Locomotives Investments. Head. corporate endeavours. South Africa 12:10 NIgERIA’S DELTA STATES: INVESTMENT-DEVELOPMENT SOUTH AFRICA INTO AFRICA Bill Egbe. ABSA Capital. New Opportunities Many constraints hinder African growth and development . Equity Capital Markets. investment (with aid and debt drivers in more subsidiary roles). in traditional land tenure systems. CEO. Africa 10:20 MCkINSEy & CO: AFRICA’S MIDDLE CLASS BOOM & PROSPECTS & PROJECT POTENTIAL Dianna games. 2010 10:00 COCA COLA: CONSUMER MARkET BUSINESS & STRATEgIES: BOURSES: PERFORMANCE & gROWTH Richard Stout. A few mega-ventures could potentially transform inherent natural assets into productive capital for growth. growth Markets & Fast-Track Development The drivers for change and economic transformation across Africa remain as ever: trade.Africa Economic Forum Wednesday 9th March 2011 08:00 Morning Coffee 08:45 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Plenary 6: Africa’s Development Challenges & Future Constraints. South Africa 09:40 AFRICA’S OIL/gAS INVESTMENT FUTURE: ECONOMIC IMPACTS AFRICA: WHAT COULD BE DONE Peter Copely. Johannesburg. and well-managed macro-economics.

Regulatory Member. African States. shipping Telecommunications-icT Entities Minerals & Mining companies Tourism operators & Travel industries Engineering & contracting companies investment & security firms international institutions Accounting firms Colin Coleman. Standard Bank. political. cross-border. governments. Norway 14:40 REFINERy INVESTMENT ISSUES IN SOUTHERN AFRICA Jordaan Fouche. diplomatic. Diversification “Born in Africa” companies are found listed on African stock Exchanges. and while refineries and renewables can be expected to enter this equation more in future. more and more of whom seek wider African project portfolio. and some companies co-listed. Earth Resource Investment group. CIC Energy Corporation 14:20 POWER & ENERgy gROWTH IN SOUTHERN AFRICA: ECONOMIES Paul Eardley-Taylor. group Chief Executive. Africa@Work & Hon CEO.Pavilion Room 12th Africa Energy Forum 2011 Corporates. Harare 14:50 STANDARD BANk: BUILDINg FAST-gROWTH AFRICAN Eddie Scholtz.Africa Economic Forum Wednesday 9th March 2011 Plenary 7: Africa’s Companies. and both great Powers of the past and newly emerging economic goliaths have targeted Africa for their commercial and strategic interests. Investment. Emerging Powers The shape of Africa is being realigned through investment. Equity markets in Africa have expanded. South Africa . 14:00 OANDO: INDEPENDENT COMPANIES IN AFRICA’S OIL/gAS MARkETS Adewale Tinubu. Caxton-Martins. South Africa 15:15 EARTH RESOURCES: INVESTINg IN AFRICAN COMPANIES STRATEgIES FOR DEVELOPMENT Odd ystgaard. Utilities & Infrastructure. All energy forms need to be balanced on an economic basis. Johannesburg. Lagos. Vice President. Road. gas & Energy companies Ministries & Regulatory Authorities service & supply companies state Agencies & Parastatals companies & corporate investors Banking & financial institutions law firms & Advisors » » » » » » » » Transport: Air. one in which investors and companies will need to reposition for competition and ultimate long-run success. and openings created for independent Private Power in national grids. inside the BMWImax complex. designed for special industry focus Sessions. Managing Director. Adepetun. Investors Reforms are needed in key liquid fuels. security and financial links. Senior Partner. resources. Lagos. Industries. Pretoria 15:20 TRANSNET: SOUTH AFRICAN PIPELINES & STRATEgy 15:40 Afternoon Coffee Senior Executive. take place in a separate Auditorium. Transnet Pipelines. Cape Peninsula Institute of Technology. Nigeria Plenary 8: Shaping Africa’s Economic Future: geopolitics. Chief Executive. Agbor & Segun. Cape Town 15:00 NERSA: POLICIES & FUTURE DIRECTIONS IN SOUTH AFRICA Thembani Bukula. in such a way that the seeds have been planted for a different future. Minerals. Investment Analyst. with some players already regional and others “going global”. energy and power markets in south Africa while utilities must be made viable. with capacity for around 120 persons. Cape-To-Cairo Investments: Financing. African governments have broadened their inter-state. Energy. financings are crucial to the expansion of African firms. National Energy Regulator SA. likewise for overseas investors. Chief Operating Officer. President. Meanwhile. Switzerland & Cape Town Chair: Dianna Games. as well as regional power market development. State Firms. 15:40 Afternoon Coffee 16:00 gOLDMAN SACHS: AFRICA & THE BRICS Who Should Attend 5th Africa Economic Forum? » » » » » » » » Private Equity & institutional investors oil. goldman Sachs. Markets & Economies: North-To-South. Nigeria 14:25 CZI: ZIMBABWE’S INDUSTRIAL & MANUFACTURINg FUTURE 14:00 CIC ENERgy: BOTSWANA INDEPENDENT POWER PRODUCER Joseph kanyekanye. markets and domestic needs. so that today an ultra-competitive game is afoot. The 12th Africa Energy Forum 2011 Presentations by oil/energy companies and Government interests deeply involved in oil. Oando Plc. corporate and state. South Africa-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce Professor Philip Lloyd. Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries. South Africa Chair: Sola Adepetun. inter-fuel competition is essential so that company and state investment strategies do not rely on subsidies and excess regulation. with new bourses emerging. gas and energy. others in partnerships. global Business Development Norconsult AS. Breakaway Session-3 . Rail. Head of Energy. not just the JsE.

banking). Asia. This includes the PetroAfricanus dinner. The firm has been instrumental in facilitating direct and portfolio investment into Africa over the last three decades. banks.in Africa. latin America. Director: Centre for Dynamic Markets gordon Institute of Business Science 16:40 FRONTIER ADVISORy: CHINA’S RED CARPET & COMMERCIAL STRATEgIES IN AFRICA Dr Martyn Davies. and deal-making. financial institutions. both within the world-class BMWimax Theatre and on the famous cape Town Waterfront. coffee breaks. plus many blue-chip worldwide corporate clients and private African companies. Head Africa. have earned a global reputation for excellence in conferences and client relationships managed across the world. Moscow 17:20 LUSOPHONE AFRICA & BRASIL’S gROWINg AFRICAN FOOTPRINT: THE FUTURE Agostinho Pereira de Miranda. Lisbon 17:40 SAIIA: CORPORATE STATE PLAyERS & EMERgINg POWERS Dr Mzukisi Qobo. on critical issues for institutions. and North America. showcase leading speakers. The firm. with a widely-recognised footprint in Africa. our team has been deeply involved in all but a handful of countries in Africa. Tunis. over 100 of our events have been hosted in Africa in the last two decades. latin America & elsewhere. global Pacific & Partners has hosted > 300 major conferences and strategy Briefings held around the world in major cities during the last two decades . led by Babette van gessel (group Managing director) with its highly professional team. The firm’s conference Programs. and the African institute of Petroleum. South African Institute of International Affairs. Head. investors. Johannesburg 17:00 TMk gLOBAL: RUSSIAN BUSINESS INVESTMENT & PIPELINE The AEf-2011 is organised. designed as highly-intensive. ilo. and networking African governments and companies with corporate blue-chips and state investors abroad drawn from six continents. Chairman. resources. . negotiations. The AEF-2011 hosts a suite of social functions and networking opportunities for delegates. trade. hosted and managed by global Pacific & Partners (Johannesburg. Johannesburg. and dakar. telecommunications. provide ample interfaces and opportunities in breakfasts. multilaterals and worldwide companies. Middle East. while we have managed > 18. TMk global.Africa Economic Forum Wednesday 9th March 2011 Our Africa Portfolio 16:20 gIBS: AFRICA IN WORLD DyNAMIC MARkETS 1970-2010 Dr Lyal White. uNcTAd. Europe. and three decades across the world oil-gas.SAFARI TENT 5th Africa Economic Forum: Business Networking The AEF-2011 Plenaries. including Economic commission for Africa. DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA Semyon Astakhov. including 1. Chief Executive Officer. governments. active in private Advisory Practice.now coMEsA). uNdP. luncheons. CEO. Frontier Advisory. Australia. and is open to sponsor involvement. cocktail receptions and dinners. Marrakech. mining. cocktail Receptions. and been advisor in the establishment of several African institutions (Preferential Trade Area of Eastern & southern Africa . london. our firm has long been active in advice on investment and strategy in sub-saharan Africa and the Maghreb in a variety of industries (oil-gas. global Pacific & Partners and its chairman (dr duncan clarke) have extensive knowledge and experience of Africa’s diverse economies. and End of conference Africa Braai on the Waterfront. Asia. energy and investment industry.000 delegates at our Africa meetings. lagos. Emerging Powers. The Hague. sAdcc (now sAdc). in diverse five-star venues: cape Town. high-level networking. energy. Correia Amendoeira & Associados. for intimate. has a 40-year track record in Africa’s economics. Rio de Janeiro).500+ top-level speakers and 750+ exhibitors. agribusiness. Nairobi. Miranda. Africa Institute Chair: Dr Duncan Clarke 18:20 Close: 5th Africa Economic Forum 2011 18:30 TRADITIONAL AFRICA BRAAI-BBQ DELEgATES & gUESTS BMW TERRACE . South Africa 18:00 AFRICA INSTITUTE: SHIFTINg POLITICAL ECONOMy OF FUTURE TRANSITIONS IN AFRICA Dr Matlotleng Matlou.

Lagos centric energy C100 M90 Y10 M100 Y80 K10 K100 The 5th Africa Economic Forum 2011.GPP Boardroom .com . across and involved with the development of the African continent – Cape-to-Cairo – as well as Governments and officials in key industries. parastatals and state institutions. is a landmark networking occasion for the top corporate players active in.com sonika@glopac-partners. Amongst Them: Adepetun Caxton-Martins Agbor Segun Barristers + Solicitors. sPoNsoR/ ExHiBiTioN oPPoRTuNiTiEs 5th AFRICA ECONOMIC FORUM 2011 Lead Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Contributing Sponsor Venue Ice-Breaker Cocktail (7th March) Conference Cocktail (8th March) Braai/BBQ (9th March) Coffee Break (per day) Lunch (per day) UPPER LEVEL Engen PAVILION ROOM Southern Africa Oil.Africa Economic Forum Sponsor & Exhibition 2011 Join world-class Sponsors & Exhibitors in showcasing your company at the 5 th AFRICA ECONOMIC FORUM 2011. Gas & Energy Breakaway Sessions WAL KW A . to build new presence and establish position sponsors At our Past Events include over 250+ companies. with Africa Exhibition.Organisers Secretariat Room .Hospitality Suite Y 5 TO 2 PASA Africa: Crude Continent Film: Tuesday 8th March 2011 Born In Soweto Film: Wednesday 9th March 2011 Delegate Bag USB Spiral Notepad Laptop Sleeve Pen Exhibition Booth: Ground Level Exhibition Booth: Upper Level PetroAfricanus Dinner (8th March) PetroAfricanus Dinner: Corporate Table Showguide/ Conference Catalogue ShowGuide Adverts Full Page / 1/2 Page /1/4 Page 3 1 Engen Petroleum Ltd 4 Global Paci c & Partners Exhibition Functions: Luncheon Day One = Upper Level Tea & Co ee Breaks = Upper Level & Ground Floor Luncheon Day Two = Upper Level Tea/Co ee Break Luncheon Area 4x1 3x1 2x1 MILLENNIUM ROOM NETWORKING AREA To ENquiRE ABouT sPoNsoRsHiP & ExHiBiTioN PlEAsE coNTAcT: Tel: Fax: + 27 11 880 7052 + 27 11 880 1798 Sponsorship Email: Exhibition Email: amanda@glopac-partners.

thepavilion. 2196 Johannesburg. To restrict please contact us: tanya@glopac-partners.petro21. another 10% charge will be due and levied.com .com. 2132. Saxonwold. Sessions. Cancellation Policy & Replacements Your registration holds contractual obligation for payment/s due. The Netherlands t: +31 70 324 6154 f: +31 70 324 1741 1st Floor. Private Bag X31. WHO warnings. an automatic charge of an extra 10% will apply. as these are issued at discretion of the relevant Authorities.co. natural disasters. cape Town Phone: +27 21 419 7661 www.com leading up to the Event and Attendees are advised to check the website for all updates. An invoice will be sent on receipt of registration @: babette@glopac-partners. dATA PRoTEcTioN Press must be accredited PRIOR EVENT & will not be allowed entry on site without Pre-Registration We respect your privacy and personal information is protected within our company. South Africa AccountNr: 1913 239047 Branch Code: 191305 (Note that all Credit Cards are processed through NetBanx at the Sterling Rate Equivalent on the day of transaction and will reflect as a GBP Sterling transaction) Card Member’s Name Card Member’s Email Card Number Expiry Date Card Security No Zip-Code Amount USD DOLLAR Billing Address Zip-City Code Country Authorisation Signed Date coNTAcT us Denneweg 124 2514 CL The Hague.995 Tick ❑ ❑ Tick (Online payment for USD only. The South African Authorities do not issue Visas at the airport. and scheduled functions. Times are notified on www. Following the date of closure of all event/s. in order to affirm your position. in the case of any outstanding fee/s unpaid. Replacements are welcome.com. refunds will not apply but delegates will receive online access to relevant Conference Presentations.com Bank Guaranteed Cheque: Payable to Global Pacific & Partners. strikes or Acts of God. The Dinners & Braai (BBQ) are casual. On Receipt of registration form.petro21. postponement or delay. Thereafter. Refreshments.com or sonika@glopac-partners. and receipt of payment for the event.com sonika@glopac-partners. South Africa ❑ ❑ Bank Transfer: Account: GPP Energy Advisors Ltd Bank Transfer: Account: Global Pacific & Partners Bank Account: Marfin Popular Bank Public Co Ltd.com Indemnity Where matters beyond the reasonable control of Global Pacific & Partners (The Company) impair or prevent The Company from being able to perform its obligations or deliver a service at or in relation to this Event such as power shortages. Registration Fees do not include Travel & Accommodation. delegates will be liable for full payment due under this contract unless cancellation has been made and duly acknowledged. Visas Please contact your nearest Embassy for a VISA. and re-invoiced. SA registration fees payable by bank transfer or cheque) Payment online by Secure Credit Card Facility on www. with payment in full prior to any Conference and/or Strategy Briefing or separately bookable Dinner event. Health certificates may be required prior to entry including Yellow Fever Certificate please check with your nearest Embassy or Travel Agent.995 Fee $ 995 $ 1. VENUE REgisTER oNliNE www. terrorism.495 $ 150 $ 1. South Africa t: +27 11 880 7052 f: +27 11 880 1798 *VAT: European & South African Companies should provide a VAT number as per new European Regulations & South African Regulations I accept responsibility for Registration Fees payable on receipt of invoice and for any Cancellation Fees incurred by myself or my Company. Luncheons. information provided by you on this form (excluding payment details) may at times be made available to clients/ associated partner for marketing purposes. and Networking Receptions per Event.com BMW Pavilion Theatre corner Portswood and Beach Road V&A Waterfront. the full sum of total fee/s will become automatically due.petro21. Nicosia. Johannesburg.za Signature Dress Code Business or traditional attire is acceptable throughout the event.petro21. To REgisTER coMPlETE ANd fAx To: + 31 70 324 1741 or Register and pay online: www. war. and if still unpaid later than 30 days thereafter.com RIGHT OF ADMISSION REsERVEd BY gloBAl PAcific & PARTNERs Program Updates: All Changes to Speakers. IBAN: CY30 0030 0178 0000 0178 3205 4490 Bank Account: Nedbank Cresta. Suite 125.Africa Economic Forum REgisTER Sub-Saharan Africa Business Briefing Registration Form PAYMENT Booking Conditions & Contract Terms Your booking is invoiced on registration by confirmation. tanya@glopac-partners. PetroAfricanus Dinner Bookings will only be accepted where attendees have registered and paid for other Events within the Week. A letter for Visa purposes will be issued by Global Pacific & Partners only on completed registration form.995 R 595 R 12. amanda@glopac-partners.995 R 9. Regent Place 22 Cradock Avenue Rosebank. if the period indicated for final payment is exceeded and monies due have not been received. Please allow for 3-6 weeks for Visas.Cyprus Account Nr: 178 32 054490. In the case of any time-specific or other Discounts provided. However. Only South African companies may register at ZAR (with 14% VAT as per RSA Law) Registration Fees: ZAR (excluding 14% VAT) 2nd sub-saharan Africa: Business Briefing 5th Africa Economic forum 36th PetroAfricanus dinner All Events (Excluding PetroAfricanus Dinner) Registration Fees: USD DOLLAR 2nd sub-saharan Africa: Business Briefing 5th Africa Economic forum 36th PetroAfricanus dinner All Events (Excluding PetroAfricanus Dinner) Title Name Surname/Family Name Position Company Address City Country Tel Fax E-mail VAT Number* Accountant/Secretary E-mail/Tel Hotel Booking Form Please Send Sponsor Options Please Send Exhibition Options Visa Letter Requested Fee R 5. For Visa letters please contact amanda@glopac-partners. any cancellation (in writing only) made 14 days prior to start of event will be refunded. However. entry and/ or participation.com Conference Fee Includes access to Presentations via our website. The Client shall release The Company from any liability or loss incidental or consequential to this event including costs arising from cancellation.

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