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Latihan Soal Bhs Inggris X

Latihan Soal Bhs Inggris X

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1. Percakapan yang diperdengarkan guru: Girl : Hi, Matt. How are you doing? Boy : a. Nice to meet you. b. How do you do? c. I¶m fine, thanks. d. Thank you very much e. I don¶t know what to say. 2. Percakapan yang diperdengarkan guru: Fiona : Dad,I¶d like tou to meet Mr. Bronson, My new math Teacher. Mr Bronson,This my father Mr. Orlando. Mr. Orlando : How to do?

Mr. Bronson : ____________ a. b. c. d. e. My Pleasure How do you do? Have a nice day! How are you to day? Let me introduce myself.

3. Percakapan yang diperdengarkan guru: Girl : Here comes my bus. See you tomorrow, Ajeng Boy : ________________ a. Good luck! b. See you c. Have a nice day d. Nice to meet you too. e. Please come with me 4. Percakapan yang diperdengarkan guru: Boy : Hi,I¶m Joe. I Just moved here. Girl : Hi, Joe I¶m Amanda Boy : ______________ a. Nice to meet you, Amanda b. Please sit beside me. c. Have a nice day, Amanda d. How do you do? e. I¶m very well, Thanks. 5. Percakapan yang diperdengarkan guru: Boy : I,m leaving, Mom Woman : Take care, dear. Boy : I will , Bye ,Mom Woman : ______________ a. Bye b. Good to see you. c. See You. d. How¶s life? e. Good afternoon

6. Dewa : Hello. I¶m Dewa. I just moved here. Astin :_____Let me introduce you to the others. Dewa : Thanks. What should Astin say to respond to Dewa¶s statement? a. How are you? b. Glad to see you? c. Is that you, Dewa? d. See you tom e. Hi, Dewa. I¶m Astin 7. For questions 2 and 3, choose the correct expressions to complete the dialog. Gibson : Hi, Claudia. (2) _____________ Claudia: Hi, Gib. Pretty well, thanks. What about you? Gibson : Me too,thanks. It¶s good to see you again. Claudia: (3) _____________ Gibson : Where have you been lately? Claudia: Well, in Australia. a. How do you do? b. See You c. How are you? d. Have a good time! e. Nice to see you. 8. a. Bye-bye b. How¶s a life? c. It¶s great. d. Glad to see you too. e. Realy like it. This Moorning is for question 9 and 10 Good morning. I am Gordon, Rahadian Gordon. My Father is Indonesian,and my mom is American. I Just moved here. And now, I Study in This school. Thank you. 9. What a. b. c. d. e. is the boy doing? He¶s going to leave. He¶s introducting himself He¶s greeting someone He¶s introducting hid family He¶s introducing his friend.

10. Where does Gordon deliver his monolog? a. At home b. In his neighborhood c. In his classroom d. In his friend¶s house e. On the street. This dialog for question 11 and 12. Silvy : Hi, Oki, Please come in. Oki : Thank you. Your house is nice, Silvy Silvy : Thank you. Er«let me introduce you to my old friend. Oki, this is Amelia. Amelia,this is Oki, my close friend. Oki : Hi, Amelia Amelia : Hi, Oki

11. Silvy says.´Oki, This is Amelia. Amelia, this is Oki, my close friend.´ What does it mean? a. She introduces herself to Oki b. She introduces Oki to her friend. c. She asks Oki to introduce herself d. She asks Oki to let her friend come it. e. Amelia , Silvy¶s old friend,introduces herself to Oki. 12. Where does the dialog occur? a. At school b. In Amelia¶s house c. In Silvy¶s house d. In Oki¶s house e. On the street 13. Jeremy : What time is it? Nick : It¶s ten past two. What¶s up? Jeremy : ________I have to pick up my sister In her school. See you, Nick Nick : O.K, see you. What does Jeremy say? a. I Have to leave now b. I¶m sorry to heart that c. May I ask you something? d. What do you think if we go now? e. Do you have something to do now?

Teks yang diperdengarkan guru: Last month my family and I spent our four-day holiday in Yogyakarta. On the firdt day, we visited Yogya Kembali Monument. Let me tell you this. It was easy to reach the monument. It was only half ±an hourdrive from our inn. We arrived there at 9 a.m. After getting the tickets, we entered the location. We saw two canons in the yard, and also a flag pole. We decided to take some photographs of those two weapons. Then , we walked down. We saw a war memorial, and some attractions, such as flying boom-boom cars, and water bikes. There were food stails as well. We entered the museum first. We entered the museum first. We enjoyed the stories exhibited: when the Commander in-Chief General Soedirman reported to the President of Indonesia, Soekarno, that he decide to lead the guerrilla war against the Dutch, the general attack of March,1,1949, thewithdrawal of the Dutch army from Yogyakarta on June 29, 1949,and many others. Those taught us as a lot. After that,we entered the dontemplation hall and spent half ab hour there. We left the museum when the clock showed 11 a.m. We headed to the playground. I Couldn¶t wait to enjoy all the attractions. The first thing was the flying fox,then the water balloon, the boom-boom car,and the last was the tandem bicycle. Well, we left Yogya Kembali Monumen at about 2 p.m. You know,the experiences rally gave me a great pleasure. You must go there someday. 14. The text is about ««««. a. The speaker¶s family b. The speaker¶s amazing life c. Interesting tourist attraction d. an interesting tourist attraction e. The speaker¶s holiday experience

15. Which is not true about the text? a. There was a war memorial at the front of the monument. b. The speaker stay in a hotel on his/her trip in Yogyakarta. c. There were two canons in the yard of Yogya Kembali Monument. d. The Visitors of Yogya Kembali Monument could enjoy some attractions. e. The speaker learned a lot things on his/ her visit to Yogya Kembali Monument. 16. ³ Those taught us a lot.´ The underlined word refers to «. a. The two canons b. The attractions people could enjoy c. The stories exhibited in the museum d. Some photographs the speaker took e. Experiences the speaker got on his /her trip. 17. The speacker and his/ her family spent«. a. There b. Five c. Seven d. Four e. Six 18. ³««he decide to lead the guerrilla war against «..´. The underlined word can be best replaced by «.. a. To command b. To control c. The protect d. To defeat e. The search This text is for questions 19 to 21 I live in a very old town which is surrounded by beautiful woods. It is a famous and beautiful spot. On Sundays, hundreads of people come from the city to see our town and to walk through the woods. Visitors have been asked to keep the woods clean and tidy. Little baskets have been placed under the trees, but people still throw their rubbish everywhere. Last Wednesday, I went for a walk in the woods. What I saw made me very sad. I counted seven old cars and three old refrigerators. The little baskets were empty and the ground was covered with pieces of paper, cigarette ends, old tires, empty bottles and rusty tins. Among the rubbish, I found a sign which said,¶ Anyone who leaves litter in these woods will be prosecuted!. 19. Which statement is Not True about the text? a. The town where the writer lives is ugly. b. The town is surrounded by beautiful woods. c. People love to walk through the woods on Sundays. d. Dust bins are available under the trees to keep the woods clean e. The writer was very upset knowing that the forest was very dirty. 20. The main idea of paragraph two is ««««. a. a sign which said that anyone will be punished for littering in the woods. b. The reason why many people visited the writer¶s old town. c. The reason why the writer left his hometown d. How the writher felt about the woods e. What people can do in the woods

21. ³ I counted seven old cars and there old refrigerators.´(Paragraph 2) the opposite meaning of the word¶old¶is«««.. a. Young b. New c. Bad d. Beautiful e. Comfortable This tex is for question 22 and 23 Last night thieves broke into the city¶s art gallery and stole two small Van Gogh¶s paintings. Police said that thieves knew the bulding and that they were professionals. The night watchman told the police that he was watching TV when the robbery took place and that he didn¶t hear or see anything unusual. 22. The text is about «««« a. a famous art gallery b. a careless night watchman c. a robbery in the city¶s art gallery d. two priceless Van Gogh paintings e. the night watchman who cough robbers. 23. ³ «.he didn¶t hear or see anything unusual.´ The underlined word refers to ««« a. Van Gogh b. police c. a thief d. the nigh watchman e. the speaker Teks yang diperdengarkan guru: This text is for questions 24 and 25 Your attention,please. Our class will have a one-day study tour in Borobudur Temple. We will practice a lot of things there, including our English speaking skills. * Date *Time : August 29,2010 : 10 a.m -13 p.m

* Expense: Rp 25.000,Please register your name to the secretary Thank you. 24. What a. b. c. d. e. is the announcement about? A one-day tour. A one-day holiday Borobudur Temple Learning speaking skills How to master speaking skills.

25. ³ We will practice a lot of things there«. The underlined word refers to_______ a. Our class b. Our School c. Borobudur Temple d. a temple e. Prambanan Temple

Teks yang diperdengarkan guru: This tex is for questions 26 to 28 Attention, please. Argo Dwipangga head to Gambir Rilway Station Jakarta will arrive in a few minutes. It will enter track 2. It will stop for ten minutes in this station. So please be ready. Check your luggage befor you leave. Thank you.

26. Where do you hear the announcement? a. At a bus stop b. In a public market c. In an air port d. At a harbor e. In railway station. 27. The train Agro Dwipangga willleave for ________ a. Ten b. A few minutes c. Gambir Railway Station d. Track2 e. Some minutes 28. ³ It will stop for ten minutes in this stations.´ The underlined word refers to _________ a. The luggage b. Argo Dwipangga c. Gambir Railaway Statation d. Track 2 e. This station This dialog is for question 29 Fabio Rehan : Hi¶Rehana. How¶s life? : Hi, Fabio. Pretty well, thanks.

Qoestion : Who are talking in the dialog? 29. a. b. c. d. e. A father and his daughter A teacher a student A mother and her son Two staranges Two friends

This Dialog question for 30 Boy : Wulan,please meet my sister, Carol. Carol, this is Wulan, my schoolmate. Wulan Carrol : Hi, Carrol . Glad to meet you too. ; Hi, Wulan. Glad to meet you too.

Quesstion : What is the dialog about?

30. a. b. c. d. e. Introducing onself Greeting someone Leaving someone to another . Introducing someone to another Asking for someone¶s condition.

This text is for question 31 Rexy Pino 31. a. I should leave too. b. Leaving so soon? c. Bye. See you. d. Good day e. Take care This text is for question 32 and 33 To day was my unlucky day. You know why? Let me tell you this. As usual I had a P.E lesson this Thursday morning. Today the boys played a basketball match, while the girls played a volleyball game. You know, I love basketball very much. I got the first turn to play . my tearn played enthusiastically. We could make score every time we had the ball. But then , a bad thing happened. I jumped to make a goal. Unluckily, I landed improperly and I had a cramp. You bet. I couldn¶t continue my play very unfortunate! 32. What did the speaker do morning ? a. He watched a match. b. He had Physical Exercise. c. He won the basket ball match d. He had a football match/ e. He played volleyball game with his friends. 33. Why Couldn¶t the speaker continue his play ? a. He Sprained his right ankle b. He broke hid left leg. c. He made goos score d. He was very exhausted e. He had a cramp. 34. I got angry with my friend this morning. This was because he made he made fun of me. I couldn¶t accept it. I didn¶t understand why he didn¶t it to me. So, I came to him and asked for his explanation. He told me that he just wanted to make a joke. But at last, he apologized to me. How was the writer¶s felling this morning ? a. He was fine b. He was very sad c. He was happy after meeting his old friend d. He didn¶t know what his friend e. He was mad with his friend. : I think I have to go now. So long . Bye. : _________

This tex is for question 35 and 36 Hi, guys! Long time no see. How are you doing? I¶m great,thanks. I hope you¶re fine too. Well, this time I¶d like you meet my new friend. Here he is. This is Jojo. He¶s rom Palembang. Jo,please meet my friends. Itang, Pipin, Nanang and Septian. We always hang out together, especially on weekends. 35. What is the speaker doing? a. He¶s introducing himself b. He¶s introducing his new friend, Jojo c. He is offering Jojo to join his club. d. He is persuading his friends to greet Jojo. e. He is persuading to stay with Jojo. 36. The speaker says,´How are you doing? a. He¶s going to leave his frends. b. He¶s going to say with his friends. c. He¶s asking what his friends are doing. d. He¶s asking how his friends are. e. He¶s telling his friends who Jojo is. This text is for questions 37 and 38 Good morning, students. May I have your attention, please. Before we leave for Parngtritis Beach, allow me to tell you the rules. 1. 2. 3. 4. Pleas wear bright color shirt or T-shirts. Pleas stay in groups. Don¶t go too far from the beach because the waves are big and rough. Keep alert. Thank you.

37. The text is about ________ a. Parangtritis Beach b. A holiday trip c. The school trip¶s rules d. The description of Parangtritis Beach. e. The school rules 38. Which is not true about the text? a. Parangtritis Beach has small waves. b. The students may not wear dark shirts or T-shirt. c. The student are supposed to go in groups. d. The students may not go swimming. e. The students are going to visit Parangtritis Beach.

This text is for questions 39 and 40 Monday , August 9, 2010 7: 20 Math lesson started. Everyone looked exhausted after the flag hoisting ceremony. 7 : 35 Mr. Jack stared at me. He asked me to step forward. I tried to do a mathematic formula. I did it thought I could¶t concentrate 7: 55 The Math lesson was over. Everyone was pleased. We had P.E, then. Horray! 39. The text above is ____________ a. Memo b. A letter c. an invitation d. a diary e. an announcement 40. ³ Everyone looked exhausted after the flag hoisting ceremony´. The underlined word means _____ a. Sad b. nervous c. Happy d. sleppy e. Tired Good morning , everybody ! I would like to introduce myself. I am Agung Mahardika. Please call me Agung. I was born in Surabaya (41) _________August 15, 1994. I have lived in this town (42) __________2001. I have playing football, reading books and travelling. Thank you. 41. a. b. c. d. e. 42. At In On for Since

a. at b. in c. on d. for e. since

I arrived at school very early today. You know, I had a duty to clean the classroom. When I went to the bicycle shed to park my bike, I (43) _______Mr. Itang. He (44) _____the school garden. The, I greeted him. He responded do it warmly.

43. a. see b.is seeing c. sees d.seeing e. saw 44. a. is sweeping b. sweeping c. was sweeping d. sweep e. sweeps My Day I had a terrible day yesterday. First, I woke up an hour late because my alarm clock didn¶t go off. Then, I was in such a hurry that I burned my hand as I was making breakfast. After breakfast, I got dressed so quickly that I forgot to wear socks. Next, I ran out of the house trying to get the 8: 30 bus, but of course I missed it. I wanted to take a taxi, but I didn¶t have enough money. Finally, I walked three miles to my school only to discover that it was Sunday ! I hope I never have a day as the one I had yesterday. 45. Based on the story, to day is ________ a. Sunday b. Monday c. Tuesday d. Wednesday e. Saturday 46. ³ Finaly , I walked three miles to my school only to«.´ ( paragraph 2) the underlined word can be best replaced by ____________ a. At first b. formerly c. In the morning d. At last e. Ongoing

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