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Published by: lama51 on Mar 01, 2011
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A survey on 25th Feb 2009 by University of
Maryland at the USA found that, Muslims
expressed their opposition to US military
presence in Muslim countries. Asked about
whether Islamic ummah approves the goal to
“the remove the presence of US and its bases
and its military forces from all Islamic
countries,” large majorities endorse this goal-
including 87 percent in Egypt (83% strongly),
64 percent in Indonesia (21% strongly), and 60
percent in Pakistan (38% strongly). In
December 2006 72 percent endorsed the goal
(37% strongly) in Morocco when asked this

The same survey asked specifically about the US naval forces based in the Persian
Gulf. It found widespread opposition across the Islamic world, though it is
strongest in the Middle East. Respondents in eight Muslim countries were asked
“Overall, do you think having US naval forces based in the Persian Gulf is a good
idea or a bad idea?” On average, 66 percent said it was a bad idea; only 13 percent
called it a good idea. Opposition was largest in Egypt (91%) and in Palestine (90%),
followed by Turkey (77%), Jordan (76%), Azerbaijan (66%), and Indonesia (56%).
In Pakistan opposition was lower (45%) but only 1 percent said it was a good idea.

Hatred against Muslims

Paper to Readers: Sorry for
Portraying Muslims as

TIME Tuned In 14th Sep, 2010

First, it was offensive and
insensitive to build an Islamic
center two blocks away from
Ground Zero. Now it's offensive
and insensitive to publish
photos of American Muslims
peacefully praying, on or
around 9/11.

The Portland Press Herald has
apologized to its readers for
publishing images of Muslims
celebrating the end of
Ramadan, which this year
coincided with the 9/11

Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 97

Moreover, on an average, 71 percent majorities in the Middle East disapprove of
US bases in the Gulf; only 14 percent approve. This perception was strongest in
nations in or near the Middle East 83 percent in the Palestinian territories; 77
percent in Egypt and Azerbaijan; 74 percent in Turkey; and 71 percent in Jordan.

Moreover the survey found widespread majority believing that, the United States
seeks “to weaken and divide the Islamic world,” and this belief seems at least as
strong now as it was two years ago. In Egypt 87 percent said they thought this was
a US goal (82% definitely a goal). In Indonesia, 62 percent said so, though they
were less categorical about it (22% definitely a goal). In Pakistan, 74 percent said it
is a US goal (55% definitely). In late 2006, 78 percent of Moroccans said this was a
US goal (49% definitely). This question was also asked in four other Muslim
nations. Large majorities everywhere saw weakening and dividing Islam as a US
goal: 87 percent in the Palestinian territories, 82 percent in Turkey, 80 percent in
Jordan, and 65 percent in Azerbaijan.

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