The Baby Seal Innocence - your skin, white as snow Precious jewel you are; Born from the

light of the sun Rays richAre you the source of life, That never runs dry. In your dreams You lost custody of the world, Weighs mother icy wind, Awake eyes, Tenderly you.

Screams thundered from rifles. Fire stick - shrililight into the night. Thousand bits rattled the ice, Butcher raw, Impotence - divides the skulls. Nightmare, Pitch black of the night; Tear maternal warmth "From your life" Killed Gone with the Wind.

Skin At Skin Your heart stands still. Steps from the creatures, Blood lust in the faces Horrible distorted; The morning dawns Frigidity Assassins deaf. KRISTIAN GOLDMUND AUMANN AUTHOR04021 ONI ENNAIAUSTRIA