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America’s Rise As An Empire

America’s Rise As An Empire

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Published by Sojharo Mangi
This presentation gives the brief history about how America rose as an Empire.
This presentation gives the brief history about how America rose as an Empire.

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Published by: Sojharo Mangi on Mar 01, 2011
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America·s Rise As An Empire

Presentation by : Sojharo Mangi Muhammad Hadir Khan

Following Topics Will Be Covered 
Introduction.  Roots of American Imperialism  Current Impact Of American Imperialism.

America·s Rise As An Empire


Topics To Be Discussed 
   What is an Empire? What is meant by Imperialism? Today s Empire. Why We Are Presenting This Topic.

What Is An Empire and Imperialism? 
Group of states and peoples united and ruled by either a monarch or an oligarchy (Oxford) 

A policy of extending country s power and influence through colonization, use of military force or other.

Today s Empire 
Imperialism and Empires are still here  One most prominent country  According to Arundhati Roy  USA has emerged as today s New Empire

Why Are We Presenting This Topic? 
USA affects the whole world  What if American Imperialism grabs the whole world?  What if America attacks us next?  We must have an insight of what is going on  What will happen next?

America·s Rise as an Empire


Topics To Be Discussed 
America (the beginning and path to glory)  Search for new markets. (start of Imperialism)  Role of America in WWII (Atomic Bombings).  War with Vietnam (Indochina War).  America s conspiracy against Russia In Afghanistan  Post 9/11 terrorist attacks. Attack on Iraq.  War in Afghanistan

America (The Beginning And Path To Glory) 
500 hundred years ago, America was discovered  Natives were made slaves  This was the first act of Imperialism  Thus, the Baby of American Imperialism had taken birth

Search For New Markets 
US industrial economy was growing fast.  Production was more than consumption.  The over abundance of goods led US to search for new markets  Baby of American Imperialism has now become primary school kid

America In World War II 
Perl Harbor Attack  First Atomic Bombings Ever (1945): Hiroshima: 6th August 1945 Nagasaki: 9th August 1945  Introduction of US to Imperial world  Fulfillment of dream to become an Empire

War With Vietnam - Cold War 
Most important war after WWII.  Lasted from 1950-1963.  Ambiguous reasons were provided to defend itself.  Importance of this war : 
USSR and USA were two main contenders to become Super-Power. 

Imperialist invasions.

Conspiracy Against Russia in Afghanistan 
Russia s attack on Afghanistan.  It s attempt to make it s way clear to attack coastal countries  Russia supported communism in Afghanistan  Growing imperialism of Russia and America s reaction (cont.)

Conspiracy Against Russia In Afghanistan (Cont.) 
USA started to arm, train and finance Mujahidin against Russia in Afghanistan  A secret mission of CIA which was code-named as Operation Cyclone (cont.)

Conspiracy Against Russia in Afghanistan (Cont.) 
Pakistan s help was sought  A strong Islamic militant group created  By the help of which, Russia was defeated  Now, USA abandoned further assistance of Mujahidin  Afghan refugees in Pakistan were left alone  USA was the only SuperPower in the world now

But The History Repeats Itself

Terrorist Attacks Of 9/11 
Series of suicide attacks on US by Al-Qaeda  Aim was to attack World Trade Center and Washington D.C.

Sad Day For US And Its Citizens But BLESSING For American Imperialism

Commencement Of Afghan War (2001) 
On October 7, 2001, US with coalition of other countries attacked Afghanistan  This was called military retaliation against September 11, 2001 attacks by Al-Qaeda on US  Now Afghanistan has become military base for US and excellent routes for trade in crude oil

Attack On Iraq (2003) 
Iraq was accused of being involved in 9/11 attacks by US  US also accused Iraq of having large amount of destructive weapons  War on terror had started its work  The main reason behind this was to take control over the oil resources of Iraq  American Imperialism had now grown mature

America·s Rise as an Empire


What Has This Done To World? 
It was considered that, by end of Afghan War, Taliban will decline.  Everything will be settled and war will end soon.  But Taliban emerged in force in 2006 using suicide attacks.  Let s see to what destruction we have been brought.

Casualities in Afghanistan Afghan troops killed Afghan Civilians killed US troops killed Contractors killed Journalists killed 8587 8813 1140 298 19 

Statistics of Causalities in Afghan War
Source http://www.unknownnews.com/casualities.html

Casualities in Iraq Iraqi troops killed Iraqi Civilians killed US troops killed Contractors killed Journalists killed 30000 864531 4414 933 142 

Causalities In Iraq
Source http://www.unknownnews.com/casualities.html 

Increase in Terrorism From 1970-2007
Source: http://1.bp.blogspot.com

And now this war seems to be never ending USA has fallen into its own trap. Nobody knows the future of American Empire

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