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this. is. me. [chelsea lawrence]

this. is. me. [chelsea lawrence]

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Legacy Scholarship _ portfolio presentation
Legacy Scholarship _ portfolio presentation

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Published by: chelslaw on Mar 01, 2011
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[high tech high quality l o f t high design]

design interpretation
straight lines, clear elements. translucency. delicate refraction of light. changes in levels. seamless finishes. effortless flow of water. liquid depths.

sienna [ italy ] 1,490 sq-ft.

master bath

[ ancient roman gardens ] - the presence of water water being essential to life and living. a home designed around the strong presence of water.

[1] concept research

[ the atrium ] - symmetry, measured regularity enclosed by the house, columns surrounding the impluvium & conpluvium system for the collection of rain water in the home. a primitive yet vital system


living room



[form function folding]
. . . inspired by a children’s hand-made fortune telling game

a study of

product design

. human behavior . ergonomics and the human form . Hall’s “proxemics” - the study of space

chair for
sustainable considerations
. minimize packaging designed to “nestle” . reduce transportation/ shipping distance . eliminate single orders . intentional marketing & branding solutions . ease of constructability & increased flexibility . recycled, reclaimed, reused materials
[1] walnut _ reclaimed barn wood re-milled for beauty with non-toxic natural finish for exterior use [2] hemp _ 100% natural fiber fully matured in four months [3] linen _ 100% natural fiber colored with vegetable dye; a healthy alternative to cotton

hand-built model[4]

designed to

sit , feel & be natural



process & development sketches [5]



space planning [6]
[ not to scale ]
restrooms cafe bar & lounge sales floor accessories sales floor

staff restroom

3,767 sq-ft.
vestibule entrance

runway/sales floor storage/staff

dressing rooms

shoe sales floor

[chemical design]
tile mosaic

an edgy retail boutique that transforms into a fashion runway venue, cafe bar, and lounge.

the chemical fusion of science, fashion and the human form concept elements, fundamental structure, and creative conception. chemicalorganic actions and reactions with alterations of physical structure and transforming functions. an equation of technical aesthetic and artistic precision. translucent concrete steps wall graphics

glass courtyard

custom retail display


design interpretation
bold metallic, glass, and high-gloss finishes paired with sleek geometric lines accentuate the organic shapes, materials, and creative processes of the people, products, and ideas generated within. flexible planning and equipment foster easy transformation from retail boutique to fashion runway and exhibition space, supporting local creative minds; shoppers, designers, and socialites.

entrance vestibule


. flexibility and functional transformation . natural daylight from glass courtyard . retail display design . human behavior in retail, exhibition & lounge

[ elevations not to scale ] wall graphics custom retail display custom retail display glass courtyard

[7]A-A' - sectional elevation

translucent concrete steps

custom retail display

elevation [8] B-B' - sectional[#2122]

della terra mountain chateau wedding and event center estes park [ colorado ]


inspirational images

reflected ceiling plan - level 2
[not to scale]

reflected ceiling plan - level 1
[not to scale]


lighting design

lighting concept

[ industrial glamour ] . . . . exploring the juxtaposition and unison of galvanized finishes and crystal elegance. like a renovated warehouse: industrial fixtures and refined by warm, rich light and sparkling visual glow, capturing a unique collision between raw materials and glamorous illuminance.


. two-story atrium with central fireplace . multiple age populations . multi-use and flexible spaces . two-story vaulted ballroom/chapel . flexible hospitality suite lighting . technical stage lighting design . codes for occupant safety

technical applications

. footcandle calculations - illuminance measured by individual room or space . proper light levels determined by spatial use . fixture manufacturer spacing criteria . lamp type and specifications . switching, dimming and flexible light controls . efficient lamps, fixtures, & equipment . luminaire & fixture schedule


chocolate rhythm wooden theatre boutique
metallic encase

chocolate symphony
a chocolate symphony: an experience that encases customers in a delicious boutique derived from the melody of flavor and sensation. By composing the new Godiva environment in a lyrical way, the design will orchestrate a physical, emotional, and cognitive experience synchronized with the idea of song. An intentional and rhythmic design aesthetic provides the same divine proportion that can be found within Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and creates the undeniably alluring quality embodied by Lady Godiva herself.

symphony alluring divine excitement sensation contrast



luxurious fluid


. locally, 66,000 individuals are not receiving treatment for their mental illness


oint ce p n bala
r ente c lth hea

. correlations between mental health and suicide are alarming - federal research shows approximately 90 percent of suicide victims are depressed or have an underlying mental-health disorder

[bamboo shell] aligns with sustainable principles as a renewable resource offers a bright and seamless casing within further heightens the acoustic quality of the cubes

[internal door] links staff office and therapy cubes while still allowing for privacy and security

. nearly 20 percent of the millions of adults who received mental health treatment last year reported needs not met after treatment by professional medical staff

[frosted glass] provides privacy for clients to feel comfortable during therapy sessions

sustainable materials and finishes selections - life cycle analysis from acquisition to end of use option as well as in their performance and low maintenance daylighting techniques to capture and diffuse daylight throughout the building vertical gardens of succulent plants requiring little water that improve air quality and incorporate views of nature

sustainable practices

[the cubes]
[track system] external doors hung on sliding track system for access into cubes from hallway; horizontal sliding doors shall not exceed 50 pounds to slide fully open

a healthcare pod . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

[outer shell] 12” thick high-gloss white acrylic provides acoustically sound shell durability and minimal maintenance supports sustainable efforts

[seamless shelving] garden shelves interject nature to promote the healthy life cycle approach integrated throughout the center

[connect with the natural environment] utilize the benefits of the natural surroundings to foster health by using daylighting and intentional views of nature [provide a high standard of healthcare design] offer accessibility for every identity of user, through means of flexibility and ease of circulation without creating a space that feel institutional [create a new approach for wellness] integrate Eastern and Western medicine through the use of traditional and alternative treatments within a facility centered around holistic health [educate and advocate] actively advocate for mental health awareness through education within the center and the community to erase the stigma surrounding mental illness

[4] [11] [6]

[4] [1]

[not to scale]

[address the local need] create an engaging facility where patient privacy and health care security blend seamlessly into the environment

design goals

space planning

fort collins [ colorado ] 2,485 sq-ft.

[1] waiting lounge [2] reception [3] the oval studio - large multi-purpose studio
for classes, sessions, meetings; bamboo partition wall for flexible division of space; frosted glass allows privacy & natural lighting restrooms - ada accessibly unisex

[4] [5] storage & service rooms [6] the cubes - custom designed prefabricated [7]
staff office & client treatment cube nurse station - centrally located for visual access and security

[10] [8]

[2] [7] [3]

[8] copy & records room [9] staff lounge - personal staff storage; island
bar and kitchenette [10] east studio - small multi-purpose studio for classes, sessions, meetings; primarily used for art, dance, music, and visual therapy [11] west studio - small multi-purpose studio for classes, sessions, meetings; primarily used for support groups and educational sessions

[6] [9] [5] [1]



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