HORLICKS : It s Repositioning Strategies

‡ Popular brand in Health drinks category ‡ Invented by James Horlicks and his brother William Horlicks in 1873. ‡ In 1969, the Horlicks brand was sold by British Horlicks Business to the Beecham Group (which became the SmithKline Beecham Consumer Health Care Company in 1981 ‡ In December 2000, SmithKline Beecham Consumer Health Care Company merged with Glaxo to form GlaxoSmithKline Beecham (GSK).

Positioning ‡ An art of creating a distinct image for a product in the minds of consumer Repositioning ‡ Is changing position of brand

Brand Repositioning
‡ Can be done by :  Increasing importance to consumers  Increasing occasions for use 

‡ Drink for elderly and sick helping in quick recovery Drawback : created a strong feeling and positioning in the minds of consumers that the drink was meant only for the sick and the old

‡ Repositioned as Great Nourisher

Positive : Increased Sales Negative :

‡ Repositioned as Drink that could build resistance ‡ Launched Junior Horlicks Reason : Immunity level of children is major concern for mothers

‡ Re launched Junior Horlicks as would help in the development of children's brains and nervous systems ‡ Backed by new ad campaign

‡ Sucheta Govil, General Manager of Nutritional Health Care, stated, "New Junior Horlicks is specially formulated with extra nutrients that help build the internal resistance of 1-2-3 year olds and thus helps them in their natural and uninterrupted growth.

‡ Re launch the brand completely  Introduction of new flavors Vanilla , chocolate and honey  Targeted children below 14 years of age  Packaging was done in bright blue and orange colour  The new version of Horlicks was promoted through the 'Pran chonchol" campaign, which brought about a tremendous change

‡ Reason : In a research conducted by the company, it was found out that children had a strong dislike for Horlicks due to its oldfashioned image

‡ Launched Horlicks Lite

Aimed at the health conscious young female consumer segment Low Fat Drink Rich in vitamins, protein, and calcium

‡ Supported by an extensive promotional campaign including print, point-of-sale, instore displays, product sampling, and coupons ‡ In June 2004, the company launched a health drink for pregnant and lactating mothers under the brand name Mother's Horlicks.

‡ Careful about whom to position ‡ Timely Repositioning is necessary ‡ Tried to change as per changing preferance of people

‡ Go Rural ‡ Promotional activities for children ‡ Sponsor some sports competition ‡ Use better advertisement  Better tag line  Better brand ambassador ‡ Keep innovating

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