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Infosys - Promotion (Vidyasagar)

Infosys - Promotion (Vidyasagar)

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Published by: Rahul_Singhani_9738 on Mar 01, 2011
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Infosys - Promotion Policy

Before 2008, the promotions and salary hikes for employees were directly linked to CRR. CRR (consolidated relative rating) was calculated every year by taking into account the rating obtained in the half yearly appraisals conducted every year for each employee. The CRR is on a scale of 1-4, and a CRR of 1 means best performance. During the global recession, the lowest 5% were put under the review programme. In this process, it is possible for an employee to get a good appraisal rating if they maintained a good rapport with the superior. The promotion policies at Infosys have been changing with times. Since the year 2008, in what has been first such comprehensive exercise in the IT industry, all the 91,000-odd employees of India¶s second-largest IT services provider, Infosys Technologies, have been undergoing certification programmes to get promoted. The certification programme, conducted every March, had been extended across the board and testing the employees' domain expertise, and grading them accordingly to be eligible for promotion. Those who qualified for these certification benchmarks were considered for higher and complex jobs. Infosys also had a bottom performance plan, according to which the poor performers were given a chance to improve their skills. In the year 2009, Infosys introduced a new initiative called µInfosys Roles and Career Enhancement¶. Termed µiRace¶, this new strategy aims to re-map the technology skills of its software professionals and offer them roles based on their current level of experience and technological know-how. Termed µiRace¶, this new strategy aims to re-map the technology skills of its software professionals and offer them roles based on their current level of experience and technological know-how.iRace, implemented by global HR services firm Mercer Consulting, is a career transformation exercise, where employees are given designations based on their domain knowledge and the business units they belong to. The platform defines roles, competencies and proficiency requirements while linking career movement to performance and business focus. iRace essentially is about keeping staff in technical roles for longer durations before moving them into managerial roles. It did not go well with staff at all, and it showed: attrition levels rose in the company. For implementing this, Infosys has created 25 career streams. An employee who does not wish to take up managerial roles but stay focused on technology has to identify positions like technical architect and technical lead till he goes up the ladder to become the Unit Technology Manager (UTO), a position the company just created. And, all business units of the company will have UTOs, who will directly report to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the company. According to this policy ³five bands of assessment ² from A to E ² earlier which have now been increased to eight ² 1 to 8. There is a change in designation as well. For example, a project manager with 3.5 years of experience has been renamed as technical lead and he or she has to work for two more years to become a project manager.´

In an article on the Infosys website.´ So. ³was partly due to iRace and partly due to current job market conditions´ But by that time. After the severe backlash from a small percentage of its employee. has designated a 15-member task group to listen to employees on the µiRace¶ issue and dispel any myths surrounding the exercise. iRace was required as the company¶s service offerings had changed drastically since 2001-02. In addition. the company¶s human resources head TV Mohandas Pai admitted. 80-90% of the IT vendor¶s business constituted of application development and management (ADM). That has today shrunk to 48% while 50% of Infosys¶ business constitutes of new business lines. .senior vice president and global HR head of Infosys. said. the company decided that managers need around eight years of experience.2010 about 2.2010. it has also promoted 8500 employees this year. Accordingly. and offer fungibility in different career streams. Ms Gurjar.2 company.500 have been rolled back to their previous positions. ³Over a period of time they will realise the value of this because we will soon be releasing how they can move up and how they move sideways. Infy lost around 1. NanditaGurjar . After getting such a huge feedback from its employees. against the earlier norm of a project manager having 4-5 years¶ experience.Some employees. different subsidiaries and we were force-fitting our employees into a career structure or a role structure which was largely ADM-based.500 people got lowered in terms of designations because of the iRace implementation. Infosys decided in the April.´ she said. to accommodate the major employee grievances and modify the µiRace¶ program structure to assuage their primary concerns. Infosys which has an employee engagement group of 60 people. over 4. while the other 2. the HR Vice President of Infosys explains that iRace is meant to give employees better depth both in domain and technology. Infosys has seen extremely high attrition over the first 3 months of 2010 and most employees attribute it to the new HR initiative.000 will got till October to perform and get their promotion. Infosys had set up a working group to look into the issue (of iRace) and it has come up with some recommendations. who the company says form 5% of the total workforce. had resisted the initiative. It has already announced a pay hike of total USD 134 million. which. In the early 2000. the alarm bells had gone off since at India¶s No. but with promotions and salary increments announced in April. Infosys will re-evaluate the cuts of 4500 employees who had not been revaluated of their roles last October. After initiating the exercise.000 people in February alone. she writes: ³We had moved into different geographies.

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