That’s a Wrap

Knitting Needle Keeper

1 Fat quarter 1” x 17” strip of light colored fabric to write the needle sizes on 1” x 17” piece of fusible web Coordinating thread 18 inch length of 1” ribbon Fabric markers Fusible web

1) Iron fat quarter and sew ¼ inch hems on both of the 22” seams.


Fold up bottom seamed edge about 5-7 inches to form pocket. (If you have your DPNs on hand use them as a guide to how long you need your pockets. DPNs used here are 7 inch needles) Iron crease. With bottom folded up, sew a ¼ inch seams on the sides.

3) Mark for needle pockets. You should have about 17 inches to make the needle pockets. I divvyed mine up the following way: 5 - ½ inch pockets, 6 – 1 inch pockets, 3 - 1 ½ inch pockets and 2 – 2 inch pockets. Measure and mark for pockets starting on the left side with the ½ inch and progressing to the right. Sew each pocket marking with a straight stitch.

4) Attach Ribbon tie Ribbon tie will be placed on the left edge on the outside of the wrap in line with the top of the pockets (see black dots in above diagram for reference). Fold ribbon length in half to find the center and sew in to place. Tip: If using a polyester ribbon, singe the ends with a match to keep from fraying. 5) Number the pockets. Attach fusible to light color fabric strip. Cut out 17, 1” squares. Write the size of the DPN on square and fuse to the bottom of each pocket. Fusible Tip: I used Steam a Seam II. It allows you to press the fabric to the fusible to attach temporarily without using heat. All the little bits stay in place while you get everything lined up and then permanently fuse in to place. Tip: for the ½ inch pockets, I wrote the number in the center of the 1” square and then trimmed down to fit in the ½ inch pocket width.

Amy Munson © 2011