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Deming's 14 Point - Philosophy A Recipe for Total Quality

Deming's 14 Point - Philosophy A Recipe for Total Quality

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Published by Hendrik Tekayadi
Deming's 14-Point Philosophy
A Recipe for Total Quality

A school work about Software Engineering.
It's philosophy about quality in Software Engineering, but like common philosophy we know..
It's have more to tell to us about living in the real world : management, leadership, improvement, transformation, self quality, etc etc
Deming's 14-Point Philosophy
A Recipe for Total Quality

A school work about Software Engineering.
It's philosophy about quality in Software Engineering, but like common philosophy we know..
It's have more to tell to us about living in the real world : management, leadership, improvement, transformation, self quality, etc etc

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Published by: Hendrik Tekayadi on Mar 01, 2011
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Deming's 14-Point Philosophy

A Recipe for Total Quality

The 14 Points
1. Create a constant purpose toward improvement.
y Plan for quality in the long term.
y Resist reacting with short-term solutions.
y Don't just do the same things better ± find better things to do.
y Predict and prepare for future challenges, and always have the goal of getting
2. Adopt the new philosophy.
y Embrace quality throughout the organization.
y Put your customers' needs first, rather than react to competitive pressure ± and
design products and services to meet those needs.
y Be prepared for a major change in the way business is done. It's about leading,
not simply managing.
y Create your quality vision, and implement it.
3. Stop depending on inspections.
y Inspections are costly and unreliable ± and they don't improve quality, they
merely find a lack of quality.
y Build quality into the process from start to finish.
y Don't just find what you did wrong ± eliminate the "wrongs" altogether.
y Use statistical control methods ± not physical inspections alone ± to prove that
the process is working.
4. Use a single supplier for any one item.
y Quality relies on consistency ± the less variation you have in the input, the less
variation you'll have in the output.
y Look at suppliers as your partners in quality. Encourage them to spend time
improving their own quality ± they shouldn't compete for your business based
on price alone.
y nalyze the total cost to you, not just the initial cost of the product.
y Use quality statistics to ensure that suppliers meet your quality standards.
5. Improve constantly and forever.
y Continuously improve your systems and processes. Deming promoted the
Plan-Do-Check-Act approach to process analysis and improvement.
y Emphasize training and education so everyone can do their jobs better.
y Use kaizen as a model to reduce waste and to improve productivity,
effectiveness, and safety.
6. Use training on the job.
y Train for consistency to help reduce variation.
y Build a foundation of common knowledge.
y Allow workers to understand their roles in the "big picture."
y Encourage staff to learn from one another, and provide a culture and
environment for effective teamwork.
7. Implement leadership.
y Expect your supervisors and managers to understand their workers and the
processes they use.
y Don't simply supervise ± provide support and resources so that each staff
member can do his or her best. Be a coach instead of a policeman.
y Figure out what each person actually needs to do his or her best.
y Emphasize the importance of participative management and transformational
y Find ways to reach full potential, and don't just focus on meeting targets and
8. Eliminate fear.
y Allow people to perform at their best by ensuring that they're not afraid to
express ideas or concerns.
y Let everyone know that the goal is to achieve high quality by doing more
things right ± and that you're not interested in blaming people when mistakes
y Make workers feel valued, and encourage them to look for better ways to do
y Ensure that your leaders are approachable and that they work with teams to act
in the company's best interests.
y Use open and honest communication to remove fear from the organization.
9. Break down barriers between departments.
y Build the "internal customer" concept ± recognize that each department or
function serves other departments that use their output.
y Build a shared vision.
y Use cross-functional teamwork to build understanding and reduce adversarial
y Focus on collaboration and consensus instead of compromise.
10. Get rid of unclear slogans.
y Let people know exactly what you want ± don't make them guess. "Excellence
in service" is short and memorable, but what does it mean? How is it
achieved? The message is clearer in a slogan like "You can do better if you
y Don't let words and nice-sounding phrases replace effective leadership.
Outline your expectations, and then praise people face-to-face for doing good
11. Eliminate management by objectives.
y Look at how the process is carried out, not just numerical targets. Deming said
that production targets encourage high output and low quality.
y Provide support and resources so that production levels and quality are high
and achievable.
y Measure the process rather than the people behind the process.
There are situations in which approaches like Management By Objectives are appropriate, for
example, in motivating sales-people. As Deming points out, however, there are many
situations where a focus on objectives can lead people to cut corners with quality. You'll need
to decide for yourself whether or not to use these approaches. If you do, make sure that you
think through the behaviors that your objectives will motivate.
12. Remove barriers to pride of workmanship.
y Allow everyone to take pride in their work without being rated or compared.
y Treat workers the same, and don't make them compete with other workers for
monetary or other rewards. Over time, the quality system will naturally raise
the level of everyone's work to an equally high level.
13. Implement education and self-improvement.
y Improve the current skills of workers.
y Encourage people to learn new skills to prepare for future changes and
y Build skills to make your workforce more adaptable to change, and better able
to find and achieve improvements.
14. Make "transformation" everyone's job.
y Improve your overall organization by having each person take a step toward
y Analyze each small step, and understand how it fits into the larger picture.
y Use effective change management principles to introduce the new philosophy
and ideas in Deming's 14 points.

Bahasa Inuonesia
ͳͶ poin
ͳǤ Buat tujuan konstan menuju peningkatanǤ
y Beiencana untuk jangka panjangǤ
y Binuaii solusi jangka penuekǤ
y Iangan hanya melakukan hal yang sama yang lebih baik Ȃ temukan hal
yang lebih baik untuk uilakukanǤ
y Pieuiksi uan beisiap untuk tantangan ui masa uepanǡ uan selalu membuat
gol untuk menjaui lebih baikǤ
ʹǤ Auopsi filosofi baiuǤ
y Nencaii kualitas ualam oiganisasiǤ
y Tempatkan kebutuhan customei ualam uiutan peitamaǡ bukan hanya
memenuhi tuntutan peisaingan Ȃ uan uesain piouuk uan seivis untuk
memenuhi kebutuhan konsumenǤ
y Beisiap untuk peiubahan menyeluiuh ketika pioses bisnis selesaiǤ Semua
tentang memimpinǡ bukan hanya memanajemenǤ
y Buat visi untuk kualitasǡ uan implementasikanǤ
͵Ǥ Beihenti menganualkan inspeksiǤ
y Inspeksi membutuhkan uana uan tiuak bisa uianualkan Ȃ uan meieka
tiuak meningkatkan kualitasǡ meieka hanya mencaii kekuiangan paua
y Bangun kualitas ualam pioses uaii stait ke finishǤ
y Iangan hanya mencaii apa yang salah Ȃ hilangkan semua yang Dzsalahdz
y uunakan metoue statistical contiol Ȃ bukan fisikal inspeksi saja Ȃ untuk
membuktikan pioses telah bekeijaǤ
ͶǤ uunakan suppliei single untuk seluiuh itemǤ
y Kualitas beigantung paua konsistensi Ȃ semakin seuikit vaiiasi paua
inputǡ semakin seuikit vaiiasi yang uiuapatkan paua outputǤ
y Anggap suppliei sebagai paitnei ualam kualitasǤ Bukung meieka untuk
menghabiskan waktu ualam meningkatkan kualitas meieka Ȃ meieka
sehaiusnya tiuak beikompetisi untuk bisnis beibasis haiga sajaǤ
y Analisis total biayaǡ bukan hanya biaya awal piouukǤ
y uunakan statistik kualitas untuk memastikan suppliei memenuhi stanuai
ͷǤ Peningkatan secaia konstan uan seteiusnyaǤ
y Tingkatkan sistem uan pioses secaia beikelanjutanǤ
y Tekankan latihan uan penuiuikan sehingga semua oiang uapat melakukan
pekeijaan meieka lebih baikǤ
y uunakan kaizen ሺmetoue peningkatan beikelanjutanሻ sebagai mouel
untuk menguiangi hal yang siaǦsia uan meningkatkan piouuktivitasǡ
efektivitasǡ uan keamananǤ
͸Ǥ uunakan pelatihan ualam pekeijaanǤ
y Beilatih konsisten untuk menguiangi vaiiasiǤ
y Nembangun fonuasi pengetahuan umumǤ
y Nembeii tahu pekeija tentang tugas meieka ualam iencana keseluiuhanǤ
y Nenuukung staf untuk belajai uaii satu sama lainǡ uan menyeuiakan
buuaya uan lingkungan keija tim yang efektifǤ
͹Ǥ Implementasikan leaueishipǤ
y Beihaiap supeivisoi uan managei mengeiti tentang pekeija uan pioses
yang meieka gunakanǤ
y Iangan meiemehkan supeivise ሺpengawasanሻ Ȃ menyeuiakan suppoit
uan iesouice sehingga staf uapat melakukan yang teibaikǤ Iauilah pelatih
bukannya polisiǤ
y Temukan yang uibutuhkan masingǦmasing oiang sehingga meieka uapat
melakukan yang teibaikǤ
y Tekankan pentingnya manajemen paitisipatif uan leaueiship
y Temukan caia untuk meiaih potensi penuhǡ uan jangan hanya fokus paua
taiget uan kuotaǤ
ͺǤ Bilangkan iasa takutǤ
y Biaikan oiang lain untuk melakukan yang teibaik uengan memastikan
meieka tiuak takut mengekspiesikan iue meiekaǤ
y Biaikan semua oiang tahu bahwa gol aualah mencapai kualitas yang
tinggi uengan melakukan lebih banyak hal yang benai Ȃ uan Anua tiuak
teitaiik ualam menyalahkan oiang lain atas kesalahan yang teijauiǤ
y Buat pekeija meiasa beihaigaǡ uan uukung meieka untuk mencaii caiai
yang lebih baik ualam melakukan sesuatuǤ
y Pastikan bahwa pemimpinmu uapat uiuekati uan meieka bekeija uengan
tim untuk beitinuak ualam kepentingan teibaik peiusahaanǤ
y uunakan komunikasi teibuka uan jujui untuk menghinuaii iasa takut uaii
ͻǤ Bilangkan batas antaiuepaitemenǤ
y Bangun konsep Dzinteinal customeidz Ȃ beiitahukan setiap uepaitemen
atau fungsi melayani uepaitemen lain uengan menggunakan output
y Bangun visi beisamaǤ
y uunakan keija sama lintasǦfungsi untuk membangun pengeitian uan
menguiangi peimusuhanǤ
y Fokus ualam kolaboiasi uan konsensusǡ bukan kompiomiǤ
ͳͲǤ Singkiikan slogan yang tiuak jelasǤ
y Biaikan oiang tau apa yang Anua mau uengan jelas Ȃ jangan membuat
meieka menebakǦnebakǤ DzKeunggulan ualam seivisdz sangat penuek uan
muuah uiingatǡ tapi apa aitinyaǫ Bagaimana meiaihnyaǫ Pesannya akan
lebih jelas ualam slogan sepeiti DzYou can uo bettei if you tiyǤdz
y Iangan biaikan kata uan fiase yangǦteiuengaiǦbagus menggantikan
kepememimpinan yang efektifǤ uaiis besaikan maksuu anuaǡ uan puji
oiang teisebut secaia tatap muka untuk keija baik meiekaǤ
ͳͳǤ Bilangkan manajemen secaia objektifǤ
y Lihatlah bagaimana pioses uilakukanǡ tiuak hanya taiget numeiikǤ Taiget
piouuksi menyebabkan output tinggi uan kualitasi ienuahǤ
y Seuiakan suppoit uan iesouice sehingga level piouuksi uan kualitas
menjaui tinggi uan uapat uiiaihǤ
y Nengukui pioses bukan paua oiang ui belakang piosesǤ
Aua situasi uimana penuekatan sepeiti Nanagement By 0bjectives sesuaiǡ contohnya
ualam memotivasi salesǤ Sepeiti yang Beming tunjukkanǡ aua banyak situasi uimana
fokus ualam objektif menuoiong oiang untuk mengambil jalan pintas uaii kualitasǤ
Anua haius memutuskan untuk menggunakan penuekatan ini atau tiuakǤ Iika anua
melakukannyaǡ pastikan bahwa anua beipikii peiilaku objektif anua akan memotivasiǤ
ͳʹǤ Bilangkan hambatan uemi kebanggaan bekeijaǤ
y Biaikan semua oiang membanggakan keija meieka tanpa uinilai atau
y Peilakukan pekeija sama iataǡ uan jangan membuat meieka beikompetisi
untuk uang atau hauiah lainnyaǤ Seiiing waktuǡ kualitas sistem akan
menaikkan tingkat pekeijaan setiap oiang untuk level yang sama tinggiǤ
ͳ͵Ǥ Implementasikan euukasi uan selfǦimpiovementǤ
y Tingkatkan keteiampilan pekeija saat iniǤ
y Bukung oiangǦoiang untuk mempelajaii keteiampilan baiu untuk
peisiapan peiubahan yang akan uatang uan tantangan lainnyaǤ
y Bangun keteiampilan untuk membuat pekeija lebih muuah beiauaptasi
uengan peiubahan uan lebih mampu menemukan uan mencapai
ͳͶǤ Buat Dztiansfoimasidz pekeijaan semua oiangǤ
y Tingkatkan oiganisasi Anua keseluiuhan uengan peningkatan kualitas
masingǦmasing oiang
y Analisis langkah seueihanaǡ uan mengeitilah bagaimana itu cocok uengan
gambaian yang lebih besaiǤ
y uunakan piinsipǦpiinsip manajemen peiubahan efektif untuk
mengenalkan filosofi baiu uan iue uaii Bemingǯs ͳͶ points

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