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(6.3 5 m/m)


". is 'alldy lor tiring.~ the olrlest Irade ma.ing <. th.olJ ..b.the .1" u"".h~---I... The salEty le"e.'1 tQ ta.:..ng posit..!lt: h'.!t.mulating during c~ri._rro)lg<Uine.en hansmitted yruup of workman Those tu<by worke's trom tather whose. in 'slIle>.1.Sf mln ..Iybe 1~.. The knighl of doys gone Many 01 the secreh of by re~ied on his faithul lempe.e slide . pulling it bad v.J chamber.l..s.lg 2. of II". gererillion to u smdl .11 me.nlo the r ut.m" M\d-. I".. p.-. J. to normo!llposition.. shovld be back Ihe slide .ing Iloa m.i. ar...ken "'pad with a miniMlJ'" ot ettorl.<1 100' proal.""odem me/I.kes impossfbie to lire magdli"" th" ~d:.Tbc~ill"ty le~e' as...I ..."p'y ~h". p..erard place 1:1eI" shell . ".J"p".ling .... .nd p'" "...~.' the magaz..k.pa..~ill h..."n be 'emo~ed To assemble.tt""n" PISTOLS <!J"e01 iilvtoMal.ng po~itjl>r1.!'>.c p..1 l.. proving the ope'i!lt:o~ ho!lsbeen conducted in the ... Sab"'!. a~ wi!4t.tion "lte.ng II litt!e 0"'" right. 1.zt..tols.. Signal .nlal/:ring Jrorr.rf9 10 be uled right away. Reledsing the safetyle~er '~. the receil of ". co~k Th"'_~iHr..w '1""01.ch ~Iwl b".em"vell 01 the 3.7'..ke it turn a fillie over one quader lurn to ."...')' faill..anu!acTuring 01 wu.~.J''''' eu~~ as f-'us.suh woul~j he 01 e. iI~ o-f."""'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''.k w..!.J:t1 6...'Jr.01 the pistol levH.~ "" c.""""".!h. This se.qi~.<."e.. Plo!Ices!ide in place.e salel~ le~e' wi.id...~. 11ftiV' THE LlFI: To ".~ Hi~lory."". & I... 'OrzJctt"p...pon~.(jp"lly taken ot t~e.ny weapon. I'Ind then tvrn to the !et/'.s10Is' .-. pldce spring in place lea"ing ill ~L~hl Ihe pol.iggEr "I th"L locb Ihe haT1'mer with 3 positive aC11011.}nul~rlny ..:.~"ku.. p\". cleaning OF b"d J:IRJ.1 ce.. o.:.n the 01 the pistol and e~ed pressvre \oJntil tne c<okh j. inc'''d~in9 <0-"'1'.d. AS fRA The busines1 H-j[. to the Insart the bllrrel.. PLAC~ TH~ CARTRIDGt"S . 11.ni.es milch. lram the magazine Cdn rerl"c~d.. AS1 R A IIlJtomai. Relee-sinc the se. Prcbdbty dn h~"e b"..lIing s!ightly /rom the e-nd ot the bo!lrrel.essir.. R.eputd/ion 01 the Toledo b!lIdeJ hu been kept tor .t ~L~ Wh.e ir'1 the charrber pvt the sately 1ever in il.ighr iO"d then to the lelt..o:.de/" h"ndle m<Jgdzi"" I..mJ moJe..ce I\-e .ll.-.Jr".k known in ILe world i~ the word t T 0 L ~ DOl eng'ilved in tlu.Ihe s<'ll".dl'n1' pin. Th..~J 0/lh8 mosl Il!rro~s krl:qh"s who leu'll.1 are m..ill <:("n" hil.lion it it """ .ccid. """.9n-9~ner.~ely lever the slide ..q ger'1tly inWllrds.e . 61c."9 io exlrdd the e. The blmel comes oul..on.h~olu."j!Qa.~ ad:on.liH. 11.ely Iccb n"t only the +rigger...n Iw t.hed EIr'1d~the o quide.c.." . (J. cull bac_slide Tr.d is still vnequ<llIed. pull To place the li.>s .I.TI". alolll-' r...I..etd 6.md sp.lIous Toledo blade..~es mnLe:the AS T R A pistol p01itivaly well within rellth ot Ihe Ihvmb when the pistol is in 3 rir.l.The g"p sately 4. Tol"Jo ~I. ~h.""" i. 1101 ~". swa.".° ..md \.. """"""""""""""""".we been iu. ~nowledge to :i.to i~e make impossible hammering the on r.n pi.t"".lety .e" cenluries. but tha hllmmer "'~well..""" 'i"Ju~lry a~old . in the Crusades iI thousand yea's ago.jjl it is I.the oislo1.. aulomalk . 1\-£0lirst cartridge laken in the so!lfety pos.~ I. TI.Iy all l.."...i~ Me-n 01 loday Cd" ASTRA.. THR~~ SAt=ny d"v. in 'H~~ Ihnn fi~e secon'... iI..<:-kby the snle-ry le~er.'''''''''''''''''' A STRA IN S PAIN the .. ..e one by one. ...

Jg"zine. pin.. p!. Sc. 1238. Bu"otmllo~lIolin. indicates. Firing pin )prin~. pjn ot firing pin. Thumbselety. Spring of rrag8l. 227.. V\. .'iih '.ue. ~~::~. 1229. 234. 226. ...j.'jt 201.. 1239.1242.:fo::~~rod. 217. 221. 203. 200 \ ASTRA P.ignol pin prolruding that {iring chamber is. 1224. 207.cwsiorhandl.. Pin ot Firing pin....Jgazine ulety..e I"fe~ pin Tr~~:.luse sprin'). 220.m. toadJP' and is cocked lor the trigger pull.l. 214. 232. M. 233. S.. !.I~.25" Receiver. 01 grip ufely. 225. pl. hammer The N I G H T . 212. Mod.lely.vie.tol."loring 235. 243. 204.catch. 241. 202.4 ha!'\d~. 228. 202 in silve'plalted finish. Signal pin. ~~~: 217. ~~::~. higge.. $<'!ofetyCllid-. llodothamrr. I-r<tmmerr. BiI~.h L.clor pin.~~: ~i e~mf'Mont p"W " ASTRA' . 213.M~c~$m-of the i\"SrRA P. Slid. H. Pin 0 I trig 9 e r Grip Spring s<'Ilety rod. 1219. 1-13mm. e"Ii6.. Sign<ll pin spring.t'f V. .pliltes rod.He o~h. Righi h<'lnd!. Adion Spring. 1 connecting 248. "J) A Y AND seen Of fel.ine s.... SPring. B. of the chamber discern able. 211. 210.mmer r. Trigger iprir'Cj..oJfriCf(3e'sprin<J Grip 3iale+yle"er.1.n'n<J"> j!.25 " S TR A " from rear ol J. M.s'/"ci. Mod.1 .. i~ always candi/ion readily . HiJmmer 5prinq..slet230.ide. Magazine cllte"" Hllmmer pin. Rod.s'"i.. 215. ~i tI. Rod 01 firingpiR.. " A e"Ii/.'ol.~: 1 A{~".t..r spring. 218..I 200 231.ne eng'..~m.

: J .' .. 231 238 ".231 211 =<Oi 213 ~ ~ 2'2 I = 214 -.III' ~ 204 ~~/ 226 .. \ 233 234 . 224 215 J . 223 ~ 235 ' :If' ~l"""'~"'" ....203 ~~~ - 207 208 209 tF.. 2 3Z - Ij 220 221 :!l ~~~ 222 '.. ~[':'lfHg. 202 2 30 ~.I 22B ' ... 229 . - j i ~ I . ~ 2?6 . \ 217 I~ '- 242 239 U1 . i . t .. I'''~ - . . 2~3 -.