2011 Eyak Corp Internship


On the hunt . . .
360 W Benson Blvd, Suite 210 Anchorage, AK 99503

2011 Summer Internship
The Eyak Corporation is looking for an intern through the First Alaskans Institute for the upcoming summer. This is a ten week intern program to provide Alaska Natives who are college students in good standing with work experience in the intern’s field of study and intensive leadership development training. APPLICATIONS Are Due March 4, 2011! The carefully designed recruitment process will attempt to match an intern with The Eyak Corporation, with the work site to be The Eyak Corporation’s office in Anchorage. The process includes reviewing the student's areas of study and interest, The Eyak Corporation’s needs, and then making a match. Students are paid a competitive wage. If the successful applicant does not reside in Anchorage, travel and related expenses will be provided, but not lodging. During the 10-week internship, interns participate in discussions on relevant topics that: Help interns understand the qualities, characteristics, traits, choices and actions of effective Native leaders; Discuss political, economic, education and social issues and their historical impacts on Native people, politics, and leaders; Help interns understand their own personality traits, their personal interactions and choices, and provide some practical tools for effective planning and decision-making; Train interns in successful management practices for organizations (finance, human resources, communications, planning, board-staff relationships, public relations, politics, etc.); Train interns in the processes of policy formation at various levels of government; Present and discuss current issues in the context of Native cultural values; Familiarize interns with methods and institutions of community service (e.g., volunteering, educational mentoring, child-care and development, Elder care, etc.) This is an exciting opportunity and all shareholders and descendants of The Eyak Corporation in college are encouraged to apply to this Intern Program. If you have any questions, please call Crystal Carlough, Executive Assistant & Director of Services, at (907) 334-6971, ext. 1, or send an email shareholder@eyakcorp.com.

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