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Wings Infonet Customer Feedback Ver 2.0

Wings Infonet Customer Feedback Ver 2.0

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Published by Roshan naidu

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Published by: Roshan naidu on Mar 02, 2011
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Wings Infonet Limited

Customer Feedback Form
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Contact Details
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Wings Product purchased: Wings ERP Wings Accounting Wings Payroll Wings Auto Wings Retail Wings Asset

Product Type : Single User LAN Internet Web


Wings Infonet Customer feedback
1. What kind of business you are into?

2. How did you hear about Wings?

3. Which all ERP product companies you are aware of? a. b. c. d.

4. Why did you choose Wings?

5. How has your business benefitted after using Wings?

6. Which department of your organization is most benefited from Wings? Pls. specify.

7. Is the management getting all the desired information from Wings? If not please specify why?

8. Is the staff comfortable with the data entry and report generation? If not please specify why?

9. What value addition has Wings done to your company?

10.What will you miss if you are not using Wings?

11.Do you feel there are any gaps in Wings offerings? If yes pls. specify.

12.What features do you think should be added to make Wings more user- friendly?

13.What all up-gradation in quality you would want in Wings?

14.Are you satisfied with Wings Infonet after sales service?

15.How was the experience interacting with Wings Sales and support staff?

16.What are your suggestions to improve Wings after sales service?

17.Will you ever shift from Wings to some other companies? If yes pls. specify why?

18.Anything else you feel should be done by Wings Infonet Limited to help you use the software better?

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