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Bird Insect Collection

Bird Insect Collection

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Published by: Shane Stockham on Mar 02, 2011
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Created by Amanda Bird

‡ Adequate the amount of water used and control use of chemicals because that kills off their enemies and makes them bolder. place diatomaceous earth around the bottom of the house . ‡Since earwigs like damp places. To repel them from the household. put a damp rolled up newspaper near a plant with suspected earwig activity. ‡ They either suck the plant or they eat it with their whip-like mouthparts. Then you can either discard it or shake it out.Spider mites and Earwigs ‡ Can cause leaf loss or even death of plant in an adult stage. ‡Earwigs will eat the plant¶s soft tissue with their pincers in an adult stage.

chickens. and ground beetle will eat this worm. Flood fields for at least a month in sunny weather to eliminate the wireworm. ‡ Lady bugs. .Aphids and Wireworms ‡ Aphids suck the plant juices. Gardeners should stay away from using insecticides that could be harmful to the plant ‡Wireworms will cut off underground roots of young plants. birds and other fowl and insects will prey on the aphids. ‡Birds. At the same time they are injecting saliva into the plant. Both young and adult will do this. Both young and adult will do this.

‡They can be controlled with Microbial insecticides. They are an internal borer. ‡They will chew holes in the leaves and they may also bore into the head of the cabbage. . They will work their way into the tissue of the plant. Keep the are free of weeds and you will do pretty good at keeping the weevils away.Banana Weevils and Cabbage Loopers ‡ Starting in larval stage a weevil will tunnel into the pseudo-stem. ‡ Ants are a good predator of the weevil.

And will transmit plant-infecting viruses.Grasshoppers and Leafhoppers ‡ A grasshopper can devour half of its body weight in one day on plants. ‡Floating row covers are one way to control the leafhoppers. Other insects like ladybugs will protect the plant by eating the leafhoppers . That should and will take care of the majority of them. ‡They will suck the life juice from a plant. ‡ You can control them with insecticides.

t.Leaf miners and Potato Beetles ‡ They are an internal borer. making long tunnels in the leaves of a plant. . on the potato beetle. ‡ You can either pick and destroy infected leaves or you can put a registered insecticide on the plants. ‡You can use two strains of B. ‡They will chew on the foliage of a plant.

‡ Larva will feed in the leaf margins of rye and corn. ‡ I was not able to find any information on how to control blister beetle attacks.Blister Beetles and Armyworms ‡ Blister beetles will feed on the cultivated plants. ‡ You can do a lot toward getting rid of armyworms by attracting bird to the area and raking our dead foliage. .

‡ To control use yellow sticky traps and minimal use of insecticides. snail .Snail/slug and White Fly ‡ Snails will eat the seeds and foliage of a plant. slug ‡ White flies suck out plant juices and will transmit deadly diseases to the plants in turn. ‡ A good way to get rid of snails/slugs in to get rid of where the can hide in the day or you can handpick them off of the plants.

Mealy Bug and Corn Earworm ‡ Mealy bugs will eat the roots of a plant. ‡ To control mealy bugs. They can eat about half way down the ear before they are finish with the larval stage. . spray a strong jet of water on the infected spot. That is the most effective way ‡ Depending on the stage of the corn when the earworm attacks depends on how much damage is done. ‡ Bird and ladybugs are a good natural enemy to have around. They are subterranean because they live underneath the soil.

spider mites. . like aphids. mites.Western Damsels and Lady Beetles ‡ Western Damsel will feed on any soft bodied insects. ‡ Lady Beetles will eat adult aphids. and leafhoppers. ‡ These are a good insect to have around because they will protect the plant. They are also a good insect to have around your plants. and mealy bugs.

Says Stink Bugs and Prying Mantis ‡ Says stink bugs will eat newly blooming fruit from the trees. ‡ I wouldn¶t worry about controlling them they are very helpful. . ‡ They can be controlled with insecticides ‡ They feed on flies and aphids.

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