Values V

We mus utilize a tw st wo-pronged approach if we wish to objectively study t concep of h h the pt Values. It involves continuously comparin Values t our notio of Belief and its c ng to on f s, ntiating bet tween them gaining in m nsight into w underlying systems and then by differen what drives in ndividual be ehavior.

efs i s ntal without which If we consider Belie to be a part of an individual’s fundamen being w vidual cann be whol defined then it prec not lly cludes that Values are merely an t e the indiv abstract subset of this large class. Thus Values a inherited from our Beliefs and ted o er are d this mea that as our Beliefs evolve so do our Valu ans d ues. The realization that Values are an abstraction of our Beliefs is particularly significant as t e y t very ofte in the pr en rocess of se elf-discover we tend to misinter ry rpret our Be eliefs or ign nore some ch haracteristic underlying details, and end up wrongly de c g efining our Values. It is these sim mple errors in judgme which sk s ent kew our pe erception an result in our Values nd s tending to be more aspiration than rea e nal alistic despi the fact that our Be ite eliefs remain unchang i.e. We see oursel ged e lves as we wish to be seen and n as we tr w not ruly are. Thus our Beliefs are entities we personal identify w and Va e w lly with Values may b thought to be t rt onym to wh hich the oth hers can ea sily relate t Howeve in this to. er be a sor of pseudo seeming unconsc gly cious transit tion from Beliefs to Va B alues not al the releva details a ll ant are carried forward and this must be recognized as a na f d atural phen nomenon. Another important aspect to consider is the effect o time and external s r c of d stimuli on o our Belief Sy ystems and how that in turn resonates with our Values It is not to farfetche to d s. oo ed

does fundamentally affect the individual and alters the moral and ethical balance within. If I were to summarize the above notions of Belief and Values and the exclusivity they enjoy within the individual. the following would more than suffice: Treat others the way they want to be treated. Thus there is an urgent need to revisit and reevaluate our Beliefs and Values from time to time. .imagine that change. in terms of their significance and interpretation. either experienced as a climactic event or as a gradual yet significant stimulus.

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